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About Vislor

From breeding, to competing, to training.

Find out how VISLOR got to where they are today.


Starting Vislor

Travis and Lorraine began their involvement with dogs over 30 years ago at the age of 18. Their first dog was bought as a family pet, but the breeder's infectious enthusiasm had them hooked on training and showing their dog. They became breeders of German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) and registered their kennel name “Vislor” with The Kennel Club. They showed their GSDs at Open and Championship events, shortly followed by their introduction to the training side of working dogs for tracking, obedience and protection. During this time, Travis earned a Grade A Decoy License in the first ever Decoy licensing event in Great Britain, allowing him to work at the highest level of National events. For several years Travis concentrated on his Decoy training at club and National level for IGP (Schutzhund, IPO) and Ring Sport as well as presenting seminars and helping Police Forces around the country. He also worked as a Security Dog Handler.

From Competition to Companion

This experience gave Travis a strong foundation for training dogs, and ultimately saw him recognised as the seventh best dog trainer in the world at the WUSV World Championships in 2012. Since then, Travis has taken his vast experience and applied it in the best way he knows – helping dog owners of all breeds to improve their relationships with their dogs and dealing with behavioural problems through his renowned Following State of Mind methodology.

Vislor’s flagship training centre is in a lovely private, safe location in the Midlands, having easy access from Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, Bewdley, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Warwickshire. Vislor has further training centres across the country and welcomes clients from all corners of the United Kingdom and beyond, including as far away as Mumbai! One thing that all Vislor’s clients agree on is that the experience, expertise and honest advice provided by all the trainers made it well worth the trip. We think that our reviews speak for themselves.

We can be contacted to discuss and arrange your dog training lesson or residential Bootcamp via our Contact Form; we look forward to helping you with whatever dog training or behavioural problem you have or to make your family pet, no matter what breed, safer or more pleasurable to live with.

Our Dogs

Historically, Vislor specialised in breeding and training German Shepherds, but Travis has owned and trained other breeds over the years, including the first working Malinois in Great Britain from the world-renowned Jotunheim Kennels. Later came Pig, an incredibly special Rottweiler from the Hartwisens kennel named Adolf, who qualified to Schutzhund 3 with the highest scores of the time.

The Big Screen

As a result of his reputation, Travis has worked with specialist Stunt Dog agencies, taking parts in major television and film projects, TV and music videos with our trained dogs and other animals. You can find out more about Vislor’s work in front of the camera, including Vislor Antilly, better known as Brandy from the hit Netflix series ‘After Life’ on our TV & Film page.