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Starting Vislor

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We began our involvement with Dogs over 30 years ago at the age of 18. Our first dog was bought as a family pet but the breeders infectious enthusiasm had us hooked on training and showing our dog.

We became breeders of GSD's and registered our kennel affix name “Vislor” with The Kennel Club. We showed our GSD's at open and Championship Shows, then came our introduction to the training side of working dogs for tracking, obedience and protection which gave a good foundation for training pet dogs of all breeds and dealing with behavioural problems. Trav became a licensed decoy or helper and was licensed as an A grade helper in the first ever helper licensing event in Great Britain, licensed to work at the highest level of National events.

Our Dogs

We specialise in German Shepherds but we have owned and trained other breeds over the years including the first Working Malinois to come to Great Britain from Jotunheim Kennels. We then had our very special Rottweiler ‘Hartwisens Adolf’, affectionately known to all as “The Pig”. who qualified to Schutzhund 3 with the highest scores of the time, Pig was a Rottweiler in a GSD world, there was no opportunity to take him to National competitions as there would be today, his legend lives on and is still talked about after all these years amongst Rottie enthusiasts.

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Dog Training

For several years Trav concentrated on his Decoy training at club and National level for Schutzhund (IPO, IGP) and Ring Sport as well as presenting seminars and assisting Police Forces around the country. He also worked as a Security Dog Handler.

Trav then started to work for specialist Stunt Dog & Animal Companies taking parts in tv, adverts, films and a pop video with our trained dogs and other animals, to name but a few: Faithless video of a riot scene on We Come One, Batman The Dark Knight Rises, The Worlds Toughest Army, several appearances on Midsomer Murders & Father Brown, Skoda & Jaguar adverts, the only time he was star struck was when meeting Sir Michael Caine on location for The King of Thieves movie where he had to chase him across the grounds of a mansion, and he can be seen with very different animals on Disneys Beauty & The Beast where he is a village peasant looking after the sheep & geese, and more recently working on Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Developing as a Dog Trainer

Throughout all of these years we have visited many dog training clubs and attended dog training seminars throughout Europe, learning new techniques, but always developing his own style of training which is to tackle any problem head on and correct them rather than ignoring or papering over the cracks. He thinks out side the box, developing new techniques and tweaking all exercises to perfection and being prepared to work and work until the exercise is to his full satisfaction no matter how long it takes.

We were two of the founding members of Birmingham Schutzhund (IPO, IGP) Club, which later changed name to Team Marches Dog Sport, Trav Head Trainer and myself Secretary, we have hosted local and national competitions and seminars with other world class trainers. Trav’s second Schutzhund (IPO, IGP) 3 dog Xantos Von Der Sagmuhle, again was trained to a top class level, unfortunately forced into retirement before reaching his potential due to a serious back problem.

In 2009 we moved to Herefordshire to build and launch Vislor Dog Training Centre, our Son Ashley joined us to help with running our new business, he produced the IPObservations series of videos, which can be seen on YouTube, the videos are loved by dog sport enthusiasts and used throughout the world for educational purposes or running on the big screens in stadiums at National Events. We started to offer dog training and behavioural lessons to help people with their dog training and behavioural problems with their family pets on one to one private lessons where we teach the owner how to train the dog or residential training where we train the dog, we also work with people within the sport of Schuntzhund (IPO, IGP) who wanted to improve their general level or to tweak points ready for their own competitions, check out our review pages.

​ 2012 was dedicated to Trav and his third IPO3 (Schutzhund, IGP) dog Kai, as a team the three of us and Travs training partner Mo set about our quest to qualify and represent Team GB in the WUSV World Championships in Austria, you can see all of Kai's competitions and much of his training on our many YouTube videos. Trav and Kai qualified in style winning the Team GB Qualifying trial in first place, going on to reach the highest ever position to date for Team GB at the WUSV World Championships, achieving an astounding 7th place.

We have produced several working GDS litters with our superb females Carlsbro Quinta IPO3 and Nikita von der Mohnwiese IPO2 imported from Germany, Notspol Gilly IPO 3 Travs 4th IPO3 trained dog, most of the Vislor puppies are in working homes ranging from Family Protection, Search & Rescue, Security and IGP (Schutzhund, IPO) sport dogs including our superb male Vislor Bulmer IPO3 who is available at stud to suitable health checked GSD females. We always health check and qualify our own dogs before breeding in order to produce the best puppies that we possibly can, Vislor puppies or litters sired by our Males are occasionally available for sale.

2016 was dedicated to training and competing with our fabulous German Imported male Korky vom Barbatus, who achieved BH, IPO1,2 & 3 qualifications with Trav at the youngest age permitted, his training and competition videos can be seen on our YouTube channel. Korky was sold to Four Times WUSV World Champion Ronny Van Den Berghe from Belgium, together they became Universal Sieger in 2018, with us cheering them on all the way! 2018 also saw the birth of our F litter from which we have Vislor Fabio, he will start to do his IGP qualifications during 2019 Fabio also assists Trav with our private lessons with pet dogs where they need to be worked alongside other dogs to overcome their particular problems, helping to make them calm and a pleasure to live with.

Our training venue is in a lovely private, safe location near to Kidderminster, having easy access from Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, Bewdley, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, though we have had clients from all corners of GB and beyond including as far away as Mumbai! One thing they all agree on is that it was well worth the trip to work with Trav and get his expert training and advice. I can be contacted to discuss and arrange your dog training lesson or residential Bootcamp , we look forward to helping you with what ever dog training or behavioural problem you have or to make your family pet no matter what breed safer or more pleasurable to live with.

Our Team

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Travis Foster

Head Trainer

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Lorraine Foster

Business Administrator