Dangerous Dog Act Section 3 And You

Dangerous Dog Act Section 3 And  You

15th January 2019


Categories: Legal

Are you aware that the Dangerous Dog Act concerns every dog, their owner and the person in charge of the dog.  It is a criminal offence for any breed of dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place and private property including front and back gardens.  Dangerously out of control means any occasion on which there are grounds for reasonable apprehension that a dog will injure any person, so the dog does not have to have actually bitten someone to be deemed as dangerously out of control, only that the person thinks that the dog may injure them and they are frightened, so your dog could be classed as a Dangerous Dog.  Therefore ensuring that your dog is properly trained and fully under control is essential.  Through our One to One Private Dog Training lessons or whilst on Residential Dog Training Bootcamp we can help you with problems that could put you and your dog at risk, with stopping your dog from jumping up, lunging or barking at people or other dogs, showing aggression towards people and other dogs, running away and not coming back to you when called.  Contact us to book a lesson or to enquire about the next available Residential Boot Camp start date.

Dangerous Dog Act – Section 3