How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on Lead

How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on Lead

11th October 2021


Categories: Behaviour

Do you struggle to walk your dog, does it pull on the lead, take no notice of you, react to cars, people, and other dogs? Don’t panic, as most of these behaviours can be corrected, you just need to know how.


Having your Dog Walk Nicely on Lead is a Cornerstone of Good Dog Training

If you have watched our videos on you then you will understand the importance of the ‘following state of mind’ and how it can affect you and your dog in daily life.

Walking on lead is an important exercise as it is part of the ‘following state’. If a dog pulls on lead in an excitable manner it creates excitable energy which can cause stress for you and your dog. 

Reactive dogs tend to pull on the lead and scan the horizon looking for people and dogs to react to. The last thing they are thinking about is you, and they are clearly not in the ‘following state of mind’.

When you are walking your dog on a lead and it is already pulling into the lead when there is no distraction, then by the time you come across a distraction, you have already lost control.

What Does a Good Dog Walk Look Like?

Ideally, you should walk your dog on a loose lead, feeling relaxed, having no tension in your body and no tension in theirs. The ‘following state of mind’ on lead, translates to a ‘following state of mind’ off the lead. This allows for better recall training and generally a much more pleasant experience when walking your dog.

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