Dog Boot Camp Residential Training

We Train Your Dog For You

Our Dog Boot Camp Residential Training is a custom package where a dog can stay in our home or clean and comfortable kennels for a minimum of three weeks, whilst spending every day and as much time as is necessary with the Vislor Dog Training Team addressing general obedience needs such as:

  • Dog or Handler Aggression.
  • Coming back when called - recall.
  • Paying attention to you - attentiveness.
  • Unwanted behavior such as jumping up, biting, nipping, mouthing, barking.
  • Learning commands such as sit, stay, wait and walking nicely to heel on a loose lead.
  • Learning to be calm around children and in every day situations.
  • Your dog will also have plenty of exercise and interaction with our own dogs.

We do progress reports to keep you updated and reassured that your pet is safe and well. We do video clips and publish them on our social media sites.

How Residential Dog Training Works

Minimum stay is three weeks, with one week fee payable upon booking and the balance upon commencement of the stay. You can meet with one of our trainers for a chat prior to booking residential dog training so that you can be confident in leaving your pet with us. This also enables us an opportunity to assess the suitability of your dog for this type of training.

Handover Session

An inclusive hand over session will be carried out when the residential dog training is complete. It is beneficial to do the handover at your home so that you can assess your dog’s progress within its own environment (travel expenses to and from your home will apply). We will demonstrate what has been achieved, accompany you on a dog walk and teach you how to keep on top of what your dog has learned.

It may be possible for you to visit us at the Vislor Training Center during the 3rd week of training. You will be able to see first-hand what has been achieved so far and provides an opportunity to identify any areas of the training that we may need to concentrate on.

To advance the training even further you can book additional top up lessons or future residential stays; perhaps when you next go on holiday rather than your pet being stuck in boarding kennels.

£ 460


VISLOR are highly recommended

Our Residential Dog Training Programme is an extremely successful and effective training option .

We have many happy customers - read our independent highly rated reviews on GOOGLE and FACEBOOK

Vislor Training Options

Dog Boot Camp Residential Training Reviews

Victoria Callicott, Tilly & Alfie (Jack Russell Terriers)

Jack Russell Terriers Tilly & Alfie at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Staffordshire

I cannot recommend Sharne and Tom highly enough.

I have two Jack Russells and I was unable to walk them together for over a year. They were both highly reactive on walks when they saw other dogs and I was struggling to control them. My friend recommended Tom and Sharne to me, as she had similar issues with her dog.

I booked my dogs in for the 3 week residential course with Tom and Sharne and it was the best thing I have ever done. They helped my one dog gain more confidence, and the other to stop being so protective over her.

The transformation has been nothing short of mind blowing (which everyone who knew us before has commented on as well). Tom and Sharne kept us updated on their progress and sent lots of videos showing their improvement.

We did a detailed handover session where they showed us how to implement the techniques they had taught the dogs. Since they returned to us, we’ve been keeping up the techniques and I have been able for the first time to walk my dogs together every day without any reactivity and without the usual fear and anxiety I had. The dogs enjoy the walks and are happy and so am I.

The difference it has made to all of our lives is just incredible and I owe Tom and Sharne the world to have my happiness back for walking. The dogs are doing so well and I am so proud of them.

If you have a reactive dog and walking is full of fear, book them in with Tom and Sharne. You’ll be so thankful you did!!!

Thank you so much Tom and Sharne!!!!!!!!!! Xxxx

Rachel Stewart & Selkie (Labrador)

Labrador Selkie with Tom during Residental Dog Training - Vislor Staffordshire

Everything that Selkie learnt whilst away with Tom and Sharne has made our walks with her such a joy.

Cannot thank them enough!

Avril Shaw & Spartan (GSD)

Our 8 month old German shepherd Spartan went to stay with Craig and his wonderful family for three weeks residential boot camp training. It was the hardest decision I’d had to make to leave him as I’d never left him before, but Craig and Kate reassured us that he would be fine and the results would be worth it.

So Spartan’s story began. His puppy training with me was going great until he reached the dreaded adolescence!! Then just like over night BOOM!! He wouldn’t do a thing he was told! He became reactive to everything-dogs, birds, cats even leaves blowing in the wind, no aggression he just wanted to play but it became very dangerous when he was pulling me like a freight train, reactive and lunging at traffic, it was only a matter of time before he would pull me in front of a car or worse. His general behaviour was naughty in the house, counter surfing, and cheekily misbehaving to get a reaction, his puppy biting had stopped but if we did anything he thought was unacceptable ie: taking him by the collar to put in crate for unwanted behaviour he would mouth.

It was hard without him with me for three weeks but Craig sent us regular texts, pictures and video updates of his progress, and handover was fantastic. Everything explained and demonstrated and then Craig taught me how to walk him like he does, plenty of time on handover not rushed at all. Craig calls us regularly also to see how the training is progressing.

Spartan has been home a few days now and his behaviour has dramatically changed for the better. He is much more chilled in the house and listening to me again. His lead walking is second to none! He walks on a lose leash by my side and never pulls, what a joy our walks are now! No reactivity! His personality is the same cheeky boy he always was, just behaving now. I have even taken him to our local pets at home store and he’s perfect in the shop, before he would pull me to the pick n mix and help himself to biscuits, yay!! he’s welcome in the shop again with no fear of shelf surfing.

Thanks to these wonderful DOG GODS our future with our cheeky Spartan is looking the best ever, he can come anywhere and everywhere with us. He has always been cheeky and strong willed but now with expert training in place, training equipment and following Craig’s instructions checking him if he needs a reminder we have the delightful GSD he was always meant to be. We will be staying in touch with Craig and attending more training together to further advance Spartan.

We highly recommend Craig and his family at Vislor training, I don’t know where we would be without them. So if you are struggling with training or may be walking your dog early mornings and late evenings to avoid other dogs and people, look no further, get in touch with Vislor training, they WILL change yours and your dogs life!


Ian Taylor & Digby (Labrador)

Ian Taylor and his Labrador Digby

We have had Digby back now for 2 weeks after spending 3 weeks away with Craig & his family for Residential Dog Boot Camp.

I got Digby when he was a 6-month puppy from a kennel while in KSA, had him at home for 3 months, but was in the process of switching jobs, the idea was to place him back in a dog hotel/ compound for 4-5 weeks max, and do a quick visa run back to the UK… not so simple Covid kicked in, it took me over 13 months to finally get Digby into the UK, so all this time, he’s been having the time of his life, no real control, bouncing around with other dogs & a young lioness (yes it true).

At this point, he’s the best part of 2 years old, with no training !!, not the best start for him. I tried for the best part of a year to work with him, but the gains weren’t worth noting, zero recall, overexcited with anything that moved, no attentiveness, jumping up on people, etc.

Then I came across the Vislor website and read some of the reviews, I was very impressed, but part of me thought, maybe it was a little too late for Digby as he’s now approaching 3yrs old. (2nd May 2022) Spoke to Lorraine about my issues and booked him in. If I'm honest, I didn’t really expect too much, but would have been happy with him being easier on the lead, and not jumping up on people. but WOW what a difference.

I can easily say, what Craig and his team have done in 3 weeks, I could never have done in YEARS. Digby is so calm now on his walks, even to the point he's off the lead over the fields, the jumping up on people has stopped, he generally seems a lot happy with himself as he can interact with other dogs and have a good run. His recall will always need a little work, but that’s more between us both to learn the boundaries, etc. Craig recommended two different collars for Digby which have helped with his continued training.

I don’t know what to say that hasn't already been said by the other posts, but if you ever think it's too late, please don’t, get in touch with Craig and his team, it’s the best decision Ive ever made.

Laura Fenton & Buddy (GSD)

Laura Fenton's Germa Shepherd Dog Buddy

Fantastic trainers.

Behavioural issues addressed:

  • Jumping up
  • Over excited
  • Chases tail when phone rings
  • Reactive lunging at cars & dogs

Sarah Reynolds & Buddy (GSD)

Sarah Reynolds and her German Shepherd Dog Buddy

I can not recommend vislor enough.

They have transformed our lives, my German shepherd is 3years old and after other trainers we felt he was a lost cause. Extremely difficult to walk, very anxious and aggressive towards people and dogs.

We had the pleasure of working with craig who start to finish was amazing. From our first meeting he shared his knowledge and explained every inch in detail of the process. He definitely gave me comfort and confidence. Within two weeks my boy was handed over in craigs capable hands, 3weeks of tears passed. But i had videos, messages and calls always updating or answering any of my questions.

The day came and instead of just handing him back again craig went into grate detail informing how to carry on and how everything had gone, he also walked and trained me lol (poor guy). These guys are expert's, they care and they are professional. The best in my opinion, the training continues, the change in my beautiful is incredible and we can now enjoy our walks together

❤ i will forever be grateful to them all.

Kate Hardwick & Loki (Lab x Beagle)

Kate Hardwick & her Lab Beagle cross at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Salisbury

Our 10 month old Lab X Beagle Loki went to stay with Craig and his family for residential training after months of us struggling to manage his behaviour.

Despite looking like a Labrador, Loki is definitely a Beagle at heart and can be very stubborn! He constantly pulled on the lead when we walked him and reacted to other dogs and people by jumping up on his hind legs and wanting to play. It got to the point where walking him was a two person job and we dreaded taking him out as he was so strong and difficult to control. We were deliberately walking him after dark in order to avoid other people and dogs as it became very stressful trying to walk him otherwise.

Before going to stay with Craig, Loki had no off switch. Even after long walks he wouldn’t settle and we spent our evenings trying to stop him mouthing us, chewing sofa cushions, counter surfing and generally running riot around the house. If we put him in his crate to calm down he would persistently whine and cry which wasn’t much fun either. We had attended puppy classes and tried several different trainers and training methods but no amount of treats or training seemed to work, we could never get him to listen or pay attention to us.

Fast forward to now and Loki has been home a couple of weeks. Although he’s still the same cheeky chap, he’s honestly a different dog! He walks to heel beautifully when we go out and we really enjoy taking him out and about with us. He no longer reacts to other dogs the way he did before and is generally much calmer and more attentive. We’ve been able to take him to the pub with us and he sits really nicely despite there being other people and dogs around which we would never have been able to do previously. When he’s at home, he lies down and goes to sleep so we can relax in peace. Craig has also taught him the word “No” which is an absolute miracle!

The handover with Craig was very thorough and we feel confident with what we need to do going forward to continue Loki’s training at home. The WhatsApp group has been really useful for any questions we’ve had since Loki’s been home and Craig has kept in touch with us to check in on our progress and make sure we’re happy with everything.

We cannot thank Craig and his family enough for the work they have done with Loki and would highly recommend to anyone considering the residential bootcamp or training in general.

Abbey Cooper & Vinnie (Cocker Spaniel)

Abbey Cooper & Vinnie her Cocker Spaniel at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Salisbury

I took my (at the time 6 month old) Cocker Spaniel, Vinnie, to see Craig for an initial consultation and 1-1 training session and wanted to find out a bit more about the residential training. Vinnie is not a 'bad' puppy, but I was struggling with walking to heal, recall and a few general manners and felt really hopeless whenever I took him out as I wasn't enjoying it. I was unsure if what I thought I was doing in terms of training was right, when in fact I was reinforcing the wrong behaviours.

After my initial consultation with Craig and lesson which helped after one day with on the lead heal work, I decided to book Vinnie in to stay with Craig for 3 weeks. I was incredibly apprehensive about leaving him and it felt like the longest three weeks of my life!! Craig is very upfront, transparent and honest about what to expect and what not to expect so you feel at ease knowing what will and won't happen.

I can also safely say that it was the best thing I did - the changes in Vinnie were noticeable the second I took him out. He walks to heal nicely, he will automatically sit and wait at the door until I say he can go and when recalled he comes back to his name and automatically sits near me to wait for his next command. He was never a problem with other dogs or people, but he is just naturally a lot more attentive to me. It gave me such a confidence boost and really kick started me in the right direction.

Vinnie has been home for around 2 months now and keeping everything up. I've followed up with Craig for a few 1-1 sessions to continue working on his recall to get it 100% and find it massively helps keep me on the straight and narrow, more so than my dog!

I'm so glad I found Craig to help - I would definitely recommend

Chris Dayus & Frankie (Belgian Malinois)

Jack Dayus & Frankie the Belgian Malinois at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Salisbury

Our son sent his 12 month old Belgian Malinois to Craig as we were having difficulty walking her as she would lunge aggressively at other dogs. Her recall was good until 7 months of age then she would only come when she was ready!

Craig has done an amazing job, we can all walk her now on a loose lead, she’s much better with other dogs but still a little work to reinforce as she’s a nervous dog. Her recall is now second to none, we don’t have to wait for 2 hours until Frankie is ready to come!

When we had the handover when Frankie came home, Craig and Kate were really informative and showed us how to continue with what she had learnt. They were unconcerned how long the handover took and have been really helpful since.

I would definitely recommend Vislor Salisbury

Bernadette Sherwood & Hope (GSD)

Tom & Hope the GSD at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Burton

Hope is a beautiful girl; she came to us through a rescue centre. She was fine with us to begin with but slowly, very slowly she became very bad mannered.

She developed guarding issues with my husband. She did not like to be apart from him and would whine and cry, it was heart-breaking. She began barking, snapping and snarling when someone approached him. She began pulling on her walks, I was finding it difficult to her, my husband is a strong chap, but she was even becoming difficult for him. When asked about her we would say “She pulls like a chuffing train”

We tried a lot of different avenues, asked many people for ideas, watched videos and lots of programmes. All to no avail, then one day we received a text message from a family member with the link to “Vislor training” A whole new world opened to us. I read the website cover to cover, read all the reviews and even watched instructional videos that Vislor had produced and uploaded to the web. We talked about it for quite some time. Having our Hope go away for three weeks was a big thing in our lives, but if Vislor could help surely it would be worth it.

We made contact and were directed to Tom and Sharne. We met up a week later and introduced Hope to them. She was true to form, so they had a good idea of what they were taking on. Tom and Sharne wanted to know what we were hoping to get out of the three weeks of “Bootcamp” for Hope. A better-behaved dog and one that doesn’t pull on the lead.

Tom and Sharne made us feel relaxed about leaving Hope with them. They recognised that we were worried about leaving “our little girl” They talked us through the whole thing, assured us that they would stay in touch, and we would get regular updates. We took Hope on a little holiday and then she went to Tom and Sharne a week later. They were great, they could see how upset we were about leaving her, they gave us plenty of time to say goodbye, reassuring us that she would be well cared for. Everything about Tom and Sharne felt knowledgeable and professional, and we were right because Step back, this is a new dog.

Tom and Sharne have done an amazing job with her. She is walking on a loose lead, she is paying attention to Tom, she is ignoring everything going on around her, she is following direction. We think we got more than we asked for and we are extremely grateful.

We got to work with her before they gave her back, this showed us the work they had done with her and the work she had put into it. Hope has come on leaps and bounds. Yes, she still barks a bit at people passing the house. But on the lead, she ignores everything, its just us and her. We are still learning and Hope still tests us, but with a small correction she is back on track.

We wasted so much time before we found Vislor and Tom and Sharne. Look no further your answer is here in the form of two very professional, knowledgeable, kind and caring people. Oh, and they fix your dog as well.

What more could you ask for?

Meryl Wozencraft & Rio (GSD)

We sent our German Shepherd Rio for three weeks residential training with Tom and Sharne. Rio was very reactive to cars and meeting other dogs as well as anything which moved. Walking on a lead was also a real battle with him pulling all the way. When we collected Rio we were shown how to continue with the training and handover took as long as needed and was not rushed in any way.

The training has made a huge difference and walking on the lead is now a pleasure and not a pulling battle, he walks calmly by our side. Reaction to other dogs is now not a problem and he walks by quietly and can also meet with them nicely if we stop. The reaction to cars has also greatly improved and we are continuing to train him as shown by Tom and Sharne.

We had regular updates throughout his training and would highly recommend Tom and Sharne as they have done a great job.

Thank you both!

Ellie Hossack & Paddington (Golden Retriever)

Firstly...congratulations on finding VISLOR and your answer to a happier life.

Before we found vislor, our 10 month old golden retriever Paddington was out of control, he had no manners what so ever and it was impossible to walk him on a lead. He was pulling us over and causing injuries on walks, he had no recall so we were always so reluctant to loose him off. His walks were becoming progressively more dangerous, he would try lunging into traffic whilst walking on main roads, he would pull to get over to other dogs, and would not listen to us at all when trying to pull him away from distractions. He had no patience and would not sit when asked too. On one of his walks, I said to my sister "I wish there was a boarding school for dogs to send them away for training!" We laughed it off, but on the way home I searched the Internet and I found...VISLOR. The reviews were outstanding and I instantly sent an email to get some more info, I was contacted within 24 hours and received a telephone call to book an initial meeting to find out if they could help us.

We had the meeting within 48 hours and was greeted by Mo. He was so professional, informative and answered any questions we had whilst reassuring us that they could help Paddy. After the meeting we booked Paddy in and the waiting time was only one week which was amazing. We were informed Paddy would be staying with Tom & Sharne who were excellent from start to finish. On the drop off day they reassured us that Paddy was going to be looked after and cared for and that they would do there absolute best to help us. We left and had no concerns that Paddy was in the best hands. Tom and Sharne created a WhatsApp group and sent regular updates, including photos and videos of Paddy's progress and messages to reassure us that he was comfortable and settled which we were so thankful for.

For 3 weeks, Paddington went intense training and the results are incredible. He is now walking by our side on walks, listening to the commands we say, no longer pulling us over, he doesn't lunge at other dogs anymore, will sit down without being asked and he seems so much happier in himself. We had doubts that Paddington would ever be able to walk by our side like a normal dog, but Tom and Sharne are a credit to their profession and amazing trainers.

We honestly couldn't recommend this company enough, our only wish is that we had found you sooner!! We are so grateful, and will forever be in your debt for giving us our life back and making Paddington so much happier 👏

Thankyou again, no words will ever be enough to express how much you have helped us! We can't wait to send Paddington back to you when we go on holiday for further training 😊😊

Emma Thomas & Frank (Frenchie)

I adopted frank the Frenchie when he was a year old - he was described by his previous owners as great off the lead, good with kids and generally a happy lazy dog. What I ended up with was a dog with no recall, jumps up and nips anyone and everyone, but also a dog who was overweight and bored. I was making progress with Frank until we had to unexpectedly move in with my parents 2 months ago and he just regressed and got worse and worse.

I decided to book him in for the 3 week Vislor Bootcamp after meeting with Mo, I dropped him off on New Year’s Day and he was taken home by Sharne and Tom. I got updated on franks progress and training with pictures and videos and by week 3 frank was walking like a dream and understood no. Frank is a typical stubborn bulldog but Sharne didn’t give up and gave him consistency in training which we continue now at home.

He has come back much calmer although he’s still got that Frank sass! He wasn’t particularly affectionate in the weeks leading up to bootcamp but came back full off sloppy kisses and snuggles and clearly loved his time with Sharne. It’s so much easier to walk him now and he’s in such good shape we do 4 miles through the woods no problem. I was worried he would hate me for abandoning him for 3 weeks but I genuinely think he had a great time- he almost knocked me out with all the kisses on the day I picked him up.

Would definitely recommend the Bootcamp for anyone struggling with their dogs behaviour.

Sunita Mistry & Alfie (Fox Red Labrador)

Sunita Mistry and her Labrador Alfie at Vislor Residentail Dog Training - Salisbury

We got our fox red Labrador Alfie at 8 weeks during the lockdown at the start of 2021. Whilst he was a wonderfully obedient puppy in the first few months at home, at ten months of age as adolescence kicked in, he became difficult to manage outside of the house on walks because he was reactive towards strangers by barking and especially towards children by lunging and barking. This was incredibly worrying for us and after a lot of online research, we came across Vislor’s website.

From the initial chat with Lorraine, to the first no obligation meeting with Craig, we were instantly made to feel comfortable. It was not easy leaving our boy for four weeks, however Craig, Katie and their amazing family looked after him well and provided updates on how he was getting on. Craig identified Alfie as being a very nervous dog who reacts out of fear. The handover was detailed, not rushed and Craig has stayed in touch since Alfie returned home, providing helpful advice as we take over the training.

In the two weeks that he has been home, we can’t believe the change in him. He’s walking wonderfully on the lead without pulling. He’s more in touch with what we are doing by looking up to us to check-in when we are out walking. Most importantly, he seems comfortable on the whole around strangers, now voluntarily approaching to say hello as opposed to being terrified and barking. We can confidently take him to busy places, on buses and trains and know how to handle him if he ever does react.

Thank you Craig, Katie and family for helping us and Alfie, we’ll forever be grateful for everything you have done.

If you have any problems with your dog, we’d highly recommend contacting Vislor, you won’t regret it!

Neil Munns & Lavina (Dutch Herder)

neil Munns & his dutch Herder Lavina after Vislor Residential Dog Taining Salisbury

My experience with Vislor has been amazing, i was very lucky to have found Craig and his family to support and offer me an exceptional service with my Dutch Herder who had some very bad habits.

She showed bad reactivate problems towards other dogs and small children on bikes. Her behaviour in the car when travelling was just so stressful, it was never pleasant to take her out with us as all she did was bark and jump at the windows trying to get to anything she saw. I had sort a lot of advise from other behaviour dog specialists prior to me contacting Craig and his team... All i ever got was silly prices quoted and everything just seemed a choir to them when telling me so many different ways of approaching this problem i had.

When I met Craig for the first time, his approach was just so different, there was no stressful moments when he done his initial observation on my dog. All was calm and there was no feeling that my dog was a massive problem, it was solvable with the right input. We agreed for my Herder to attend residential for four weeks and that further training, input and commitment would be needed from me to continue her journey afterwards.

Since we have had our Herder back she has been truly amazing, she is a complete different dog.(Honestly) I truly cannot thank Craig and his family enough for what they have done for her. There is no aggression towards Children on bikes anymore and travelling in the car is just a pleasure now, she is such a calmer dog and more focused towards me. The reactivate behaviour has gone towards other dogs, and she is a joy to take out now without being stressed before I leave the house.

The ongoing training from myself is going really well and it is a joy to feel confident and proud of my dog now. If your considering to place your dog in residential for professional training and input, do not look any further!

Craig and his team (family) are just 100% COMMITTED, they keep you updated with videos and texts everyday whilst you dog is in there care.

Thank you again for making a big difference


Barbra Jones

Absolutely amazing residential.

Our jack riddle was terrible at walking and aggression when out walking, Tom and Sharne had him for the three weeks and what a difference!!! We know can enjoy walks and he knows the commands ask.

Would highly recommend to anyone that is finding it hard walking there dogs!!

Anthony James & Harper (GSD)

Harper (GSD) following Vislor Residential Dog Training - Salisbury

Excellent results achieved within a short period of time. Our German Shepherd was boisterous, highly reactive to other dogs and unruly on the lead which made taking her out stressful and a chore which nobody wanted.

After her training she has come back a totally different dog when out and much calmer when in doors without losing any of her personality. She now seems a much happy and content dog and responds to all the commands she was taught for us.

Can not thank Craig and his team enough for what they have achieved for us and our dog. We are now a happy content family once more.

Alison Burton & Maximus (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Maximus aka Max Max is our big boy German Shepherd. At around 6 months, literally overnight he became highly reactive to other dogs. As he grew, he’s a big boy averaging 45-47kg, this became unmanageable accompanied by a growing general lack of obedience as he learnt to use his weight and size.

A year and a half of different trainers/behaviourists, large hole in our bank accounts but most importantly complete heart ache that we had to be extremely careful where we walked him, we finally found Vislor in August last year.

Our journey started with a couple of 1:1 sessions with Travis. Max, myself and husband learnt the importance of the following state of mind and experienced immediate progress. We then joined Mo’s reactivity group to build on our 1:1 sessions and were able to be comfortable in an environment where we could share experiences with other owners with similar problems, make mistakes and continue to learn how to manage Max’s reactivity and improve his obedience.

It’s here where fellow owners shared their success stories with the residential training, a really tough decision but we went for it having seen continued progress and knowing how well they would care for our big boy. Max went to stay with Craig and Kate and there were openly communicated reservations by all as to whether they could help further. Those reservations were misplaced.

It is hard to put into words the impacts they had. Max is now respectful, walks ‘steadily’ by our sides, his obedience has increased, and our family members are convinced he’s another dog! He is so much calmer and it is an absolute pleasure and joy to play with him. I now have the confidence to walk him alone in certain places and am building on my own and Max’s confidence by continuing with the training.

We cannot recommend the whole team highly enough; their training is bespoke and their approach kind, welcoming, attentive and has transformed our lives. Our individual training with Max continues together with our journey with Vislor on and off site, they are always a Whatsapp chat away.

Lucy Crane & Kassie (GSD)

Kassie - 2 year old GSD at Vislor Residential Dog Boot Camp - Burton Dog Boo

My 2 year old GSD, Kassie went to stay with Tom and Sharne for 3 weeks of residential training and what a huge difference it has made.

Kassie is incredibly reactive to other dogs on or off lead, and very unpredictable. Walking her was a total nightmare. Even when no dogs were around, she had no manners, would pull like a train and was completely disconnected from me. Around dogs, even in the distance she would bark, lunge, run and become completely unmanageable in these situations. She pulled me over on numerous occasions and was becoming a real stress for me walking her to the point I would dread taking her out.

Since her stay with Tom and Sharne she has learnt boundaries and learnt to respect her handler. She walks to heel and is far less reactive to other dogs in the vacinity. It is a long road still, but they have both given me the confidence to walk my own dog without fear of being pulled over and above all else control her when she does react badly.

Simple commands and structure to our walks have aided this tremendously and dare I even say it, she has focus on me and realises I'm not just there for the ride and to be dragged along. It was seriously getting to the point of no return with Kassie and as much as I love her, I was at the end of my tether. Tom and Sharne have explained to me that it is very common and I am definitely not alone.

I wouldn't hesitate to send Kassie to them again for further training as she came back happy, calm and with a new sense of respect for her handler (me!). She's still hard work but I now have the tools to control my own dog which is just a godsend.

Thanks guys x

Mark & Jayne Dorril – Taz (Collie Huntaway)

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, reliability

Taz the Collie Huntaway at Vislor Residential Dog Bootcamp - Burton

Tom was absolutely brilliant with Taz a collie hunter way. Taz was extremely nervous of traffic and would try to lurch at vehicles passing him. Would also pull like a train when walking. After three weeks with Tom and his lovely wife sharne he has come back a pleasure to walk. And definitely better with passing traffic.

Would recommend them 100% Wish I would of gone to them sooner.

Jayne Dorril. And a very happy Taz.