Dog Boot Camp Residential Training

We Train Your Dog For You

Our Dog Boot Camp Residential Training is a custom package where a dog can stay in our home or clean and comfortable kennels for a minimum of three weeks, whilst spending every day and as much time as is necessary with the Vislor Dog Training Team addressing general obedience needs such as:

  • Dog or Handler Aggression.
  • Coming back when called - recall.
  • Paying attention to you - attentiveness.
  • Unwanted behavior such as jumping up, biting, nipping, mouthing, barking.
  • Learning commands such as sit, stay, wait and walking nicely to heel on a loose lead.
  • Learning to be calm around children and in every day situations.
  • Your dog will also have plenty of exercise and interaction with our own dogs.

We do progress reports to keep you updated and reassured that your pet is safe and well. We do video clips and publish them on our social media sites.

How Residential Dog Training Works

Minimum stay is three weeks, with one week fee payable upon booking and the balance upon commencement of the stay. You can meet with one of our trainers for a chat prior to booking residential dog training so that you can be confident in leaving your pet with us. This also enables us an opportunity to assess the suitability of your dog for this type of training.

Handover Session

An inclusive hand over session will be carried out when the residential dog training is complete. It is beneficial to do the handover at your home so that you can assess your dog’s progress within its own environment (travel expenses to and from your home will apply). We will demonstrate what has been achieved, accompany you on a dog walk and teach you how to keep on top of what your dog has learned.

It may be possible for you to visit us at the Vislor Training Center during the 3rd week of training. You will be able to see first-hand what has been achieved so far and provides an opportunity to identify any areas of the training that we may need to concentrate on.

To advance the training even further you can book additional top up lessons or future residential stays; perhaps when you next go on holiday rather than your pet being stuck in boarding kennels.

£ 460


VISLOR are highly recommended

Our Residential Dog Training Programme is an extremely successful and effective training option .

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Vislor Training Options

one to one dog training


No need for months of attending group sessions. We teach you how to train your dog.

working & sport dog training

Sport dog training

Training dogs for work and sport is our specialty at Vislor - Award winning IPO Trainers

puppy training advice

Puppy training advice

Our initial 1 hour consultation offers a sold foundation for training your new puppy.

Dog Boot Camp Residential Training Reviews

Matthew Gough & Hunter (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Matthew Gough and his GSD Hunter.

Mo is the quintessential dog whisperer you NEED to work with if your dog is in need of some professional, effective dog training.

We approached Mo as Vislor after our two year old GSD’s excitement levels began to make every day activities more and more difficult.

After much research, we opted for the three week residential stay and were confident we had made the right choice as soon as we met. One week later it is clear to me that it was perhaps one of the best investments I have ever made in my life.

Hunter is now home and is a changed dog for the better. Walking is an absolute dream and is 100% stress free and incredibly enjoyable for the first time since he was a pup. We actually wake up excited to take him out to see the new behaviours in action!

I understood that this three week period wasn’t a magic pill, nor would it inherently change my dogs natural instincts. Mo helped us understand that dogs will be dogs and that the aim should be to control and manage certain behaviours with simple, effective and humane methods.

By the end of the stay you can expect fundamental improvements of course, but the real magic is the resources, tools and training methods taught during the handover for you to be able to effectively continue the training yourself with a dog primed and ready to learn and please. This is as much a learning experience for you as much as it is for your dog.

Mo sends regular video updates which we really appreciated, and has made himself available on the phone or via text at any point if we have any questions or concerns.

If your car breaks, you call a mechanic. If your dog needs training, you call Mo at Vislor. Professionals are there for a reason, and it is to provide knowledge and expertise of tried and tested methods they know can work. If you are considering this route as a potential option for you and your dog, rest assured this service is second to none.

Mal & Bear (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Mal & Bear the German Shepherd Dog.

I have a GSD, at 6 months hold he had a slow start with being out in the world with lack of training due to the covid situation and first lockdown. Our GSD was what we would simply describe as a nightmare at 6mths. The biggest concern was he would not listen. He was reactive. He was biting, full of negative energy. We reached a point where we needed help. On recommendation we spoke with Lorraine and with our desperation we visited Travis and his team straight away. We opted for the boot camp. This needed to be our saviour.

Our GSD Bear spent a weeks with Mo and during this time we was given regular updates. Bear has never bitten since. He is a changed dog. We still need to do some ground work with recall and reactive behaviour but thats our responsibility. More than anything however we now have control. He listens at home. He has never bitten since. We can now enjoy our dog. He has a lovely nature, everyone loves him. Don't give up if you are struggling, go and invest in these guys!

Thank you Lorraine, Travis and most of all Mo!


Molly Tagliaferro & Rolo (14 month Cockapoo)

Rolo the Cockapoo

We sent our 14 month old Cockapoo off to Tom & Sharne for the 3 week residential training and it was worth every penny. Before rolo went he had 0 training because of lockdown we had no control over him and he definitely thought he was the boss! They sent updates with photos and videos on a regular basis which was lovely to see his progress. I was unsure whether rolo would go back to his old ways as soon as he come home but he hasn’t the process they taught rolo has stuck and we have managed to use it to get other bad habits under control.

The training has made life for us so much easier we can take rolo anywhere with us now and it be enjoyable rather than a nightmare! I would 100000% recommend:) xx

Colin Talbot & Pippa (2 yr old Springer)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Sharne with Pippa - Springer

Our 2 year old Springer (Pippa) was a nightmare to walk on the lead and when let off it was nearly impossible to get her back close enough to put the lead on. We were at our wits end.

After getting in touch with Tom via the Vislor website we arranged for the three week residential training option. Initially, we were concerned about Pippa being away from home for 3 weeks but meeting Tom and Sharne helped reassure us that all would be well. To be honest, we missed Pippa terribly but Tom sent us regular video updates and it helped immensely to see the excellent progress that Pippa was making and how happy she was doing it.

At the handover Tom and Sharne instructed us in using the same easy to follow commands they had used to train Pippa. We were delighted with the progress they had made. Pippa was a dream to walk with on the lead and her recall was excellent. Now, two weeks later, Pippa still walks perfectly on the lead and her recall is also very good. Worrying about what she will do next and getting your arm nearly pulled off is a thing of the past and taking her out for a walk and a run in the fields is now a real pleasure.

We can’t recommend Tom and Sharne enough, so its definitely 10 out of 10 for both the friendly service and professional training results they delivered.

Ali Evason & Zelda (8 month GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Ali, Zelda (GSD) & Craig at Dog Boot Camp handover

We acquired Zelda our beautiful GSD at the age of 9 weeks old. We had waited 6 years after losing our previous GSD at an amazing 14 years old. We considered ourselves to be experienced as we have had 3 over many years but Zelda changed our opinion of ourselves. She was the most fabulous dog in the house. We have never experienced any chewing or mess and she is wonderful with our grandchildren.

This all changed dramatically as soon as you put on her lead to take her out. She would start barking furiously as soon as she got outside...... just in case someone was there. It didn't matter if anyone was or not. She would pull so hard on the lead that your arm would feel like it was coming off. She would lunge at anything on wheels, cars, vans, bikes, scooters. You name it, if it had wheels she just had to go for it. Then if we saw another dog coming we felt we had to change direction or hide as she would rear up and bark trying to get to the other dog. We had tried training but nothing seemed to work, she was getting no better. We now know as it was group training it was never going to. We were advised by one trainer to use a Gencon collar but this only made matters worse. We were by now at our wits end having spent a lot of time and money to no avail.

This is when we discovered Vislor and I am so thrilled that we did.Zelda was 8 months old by now and a very big boned dog, already weighing 28 kgs. She had pulled me over going for another dog and I had suffered a broken finger. From the first contact with Lorraine the whole experience has been amazing. She responded so quickly and put us in touch with Mo to have Zelda assessed. Mo put us at ease immediately and made us feel so much better by assuring us that it wasn't our fault or anything we were doing wrong. We had actually got to the point where we were feeling that so his reassurance really helped.

Mo recommended 3 weeks residential training with Craig and Kate in Salisbury and it is the best thing we ever did. We were kept up to date with videos and messages which helped enormously as we missed her so much. We met Craig and Kate for the handover in our local park. We had thought it would be a quick handover with a few pointers but how wrong were we? We were not rushed and we walked together for a good hour whilst we were shown how to carry on with the training so that the progress gained would not be lost. The change in Zelda is truly amazing. She walks nicely to heel, no pulling. She now walks past dogs with no reaction. She even ignored squirrels yesterday!! I am thoroughly enjoying my time out with her now.

There is still a lot of work to do from our end but Vislor and Craig and Kate have been wonderful and I would very highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling as there really is no need to. We have already booked another week with Craig and Kate for July plus they are always there to take our call should we be unsure of anything. Absolutely so grateful for everything you have done.

Thank you and a big thank you from Zelda too

Sam Grant & Copper (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

We picked up our 16month old GSD just before lockdown hit. Things were going great as I have always had dogs in my life I had a good understanding of basic training etc.. no one quite knew what was coming with the pandemic and the world closing meant life for a dog changed dramatically. We live rurally so finding other people and other dogs was a chore at the best of times let alone with the world locking itself indoors. This meant for our poor dog socialising was non existent as was any type of socialising classes or chances to meet with friends and family. Month 6 rolled around pretty fast and before we knew it Copper's behaviour was rapidly changing, a bad Experience with an off lead dog on a walk in which Copper got bit changed the way he behaved towards his surroundings forever… or so we thought. Things quickly became uncontrollable with Copper's behaviour deteriorating by the day, he was highly reactive to just about everything and would do just about anything to protect our home and us by lunging at cars, people and any animal we came across. He meant no harm and never came across as aggressive but the fear of the unknown meant we had to take action.

Most trainers we spoke to were either not taking on clients due to the pandemic or simply said Copper's behaviour was too intense that training him would take years to change whether they could even change it at all. We knew that Copper needed a very special type of trainer, one that would take time and understand our very needs. This is when we found Vislor, in particular Craig, we quickly learnt that Craig lives in a very similar environment to ourselves surrounded by animals and children in the home (very important to us woth little ones running riot Within our family) so we knew we had found the perfect match. We wasted no time and got it booked.

From the off Craig filled me with confidence that we could get copper where he needs to be. After week one the videos began to roll in with Craig showing us incredible behaviour changes and a dog we barely recognised. Unfortunately midway through week 3 Copper became very ill and a phone call from Craig meant training had to stop immediately and Craig had to bring him home and emergency vet appointment booked. We discovered Copper had a digestive condition causing tummy upset and Craig was always ringing for updates and it was so apparent how much love he had for dogs. A few days later with Copper on the mend and on antibiotics Craig returned to our home and did the sessions from our house instead which in hindsight was a blessing in disguise as Copper was so much more relaxed with this. We honestly could not believe the change in his behaviour, we finally had the family pet we always wanted.

Craig and his wife have well and truly changed our lives and that is no exaggeration. My partner dreaded coming home to a dog that would bark at her, bite her continuously and make life hell. All of this has vanished and the behaviour is only getting better by the day. If you are struggling with a pet and you think there is no hope, look no further than Craig. Trust the process and your lives will never be the same again.

So from us, Thank you Craig for reminding us to never give up and for giving copper the second chance he deserves, we are eternally grateful.

Tina Langdon & Zero (Dobermann)

Positive: professionalism, value, reliability

Tina, Craig & Zero the Dobermann

Had a three week residential course with Craig from Visor Dog Training for my 16 month old Dobermann. Craig was amazing from the start and reassured me that Zero would be ok, as we have never been separated before! I was nervous in sending him away but I knew it was the correct thing to do for Zero. Craig kept me up to date with phone calls and messages. Also sent me little videos of how Zero was doing. It was great to see Zero happy with his tail up and enjoying the training with Craig.

Zero came home after the three weeks and the change in him is amazing. Craig showed me how to carry on with the training while at home. Craig is also on the end of the phone anytime that I need that extra encouragement or help while I continue to train.

I would definitely recommend Craig to anyone who wants their dog baby trained! Thank goodness I found Vislor and Craig, as I would never have trained Zero the way Craig has trained him. I also have a younger Dobermann, that I will be sending to Craig as soon as the puppy is old enough. Can’t wait to be walking with two well trained and obedient dogs that won’t pull on their leads and have that perfect recall. Craig has done that for Zero. He is an absolute pleasure to take out and walk anywhere.

Thank you Craig.

Ester & Bart (Malinois Puppy)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Mo & Bart (Malinois Puppy) at Vislor Dog Training Center

I took my Malinois puppy, Bart, over to see Mo as he was becoming aggressive when meeting new people. Mo quickly recommended the residential training course to me and despite warning me that it was expensive it is without a doubt the best investment I have ever made! Bart has learnt so much in just 3 weeks and so have I, I now feel confident to continue training with Bart and take him out and about as I’ve always wanted.

Mo is a fantastic dog trainer and a lovely guy, I can’t recommend him enough!

Lisa Walsh & Lexi (Border Collie) & Harley (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, value

Lexi & Harley during residential dog training

We put our white German Shepherd and Border Collie (both a year old) in with Tom and Sharne for the residential training. Our reason for this is they were both really reactive (one to other dogs and one to cars/traffic) and pulling so much on the lead. It got to a stage where we would not enjoy taking them out of the house and had to avoid other dogs. We tried various reward-based trainers and behaviourists but there was no change.

Tom and Sharne gave us regular updates throughout the 3 weeks and we felt reassured they were in safe hands. We had our handover last Saturday when the 3 weeks was finished and could not believe the difference in both dogs. Walking on the lead was a doddle. They gave us easy to follow commands and advice to continue training them/correct their behaviour.

Fast forward one week and both dogs are only reacting to cars/dogs 1 out of 10 times (and are easily corrected out of this behaviour if they do react) and we can even walk both dogs at the same time (one each side) - something we have never been able to do before. Walking and taking them out is now something to look forward to, not something to avoid.

I can’t recommend Tom/Sharne and Vislor enough.

Sarah Hancock & Marley (Labradoodle)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Sarah Hancock & Marley the Labradoodle Vislor Dog Triaining Salisbury

If you are on this website, reading these reviews, then you know what it’s like to have a reactive dog and are probably at your wits end. We rescued Marley, our labradoodle a year ago, having not been given his full background we quickly found out he was very reactive to dogs, people, moving vehicles. We got a basic trainer, but that soon proved that Marley needed more and this is where Vislor quite literally turned our lives around. I had done extensive research in residential training, but none quite had what I was looking for. I then found Vislor, their videos of them training other reactive dogs, who behaved just like Marley, straight away made me feel like I had found the right place. I contacted Lorraine, who promptly got in touch and provided me with all the info. Within weeks Marley was off to stay with Craig, his wife and their family.

The moment we met Craig, we knew he would be so good for Marley. Even though I was handing over my fur baby, yes I did cry, he was very reassuring and I knew he would be well looked after. We were sent messages to keep us updated and it is not an exaggeration to say that by the first video of Marley with other dogs, I was blown away by the progress he had made! We looked forward to all the following videos and it was so exciting to see the transformation in Marley.

The handover was so good, Craig will not rush you and will stay as long as you need until you feel confident. Craig was also really good at explaining all the things that were in place for Marley, answering any questions. Marley has a been home with us for three weeks now. We can walk Marley anywhere we like, anytime. I no longer have to turn and hide from other dogs. Marley is a new dog, a pleasure to walk. He walks beautifully by my side, no pulling. We can go past people, children and vehicles no problem. Marley will always be aware of other dogs, but we know now he is anxious, the difference being Craig has made it possible for Marley to relax and know that we are in control, this making the walks enjoyable- something I never thought would happen!! We still chat with Craig and we know that he and the Vislor team will be there for us at anytime.

I cannot recommend these guys enough and will happily send Marley back to Craig, not only for top up training but because I know how much Marley has enjoyed his time with Craig and the family.

Thank you ? ?

Jo & Archie (GSD)

Jo & Archie GSD

It’s not an exaggeration to say we were desperate for help when we turned to Vislor. We had an 11 month old German Shepherd who was jumping up, mouthing us, walking him was becoming impossible and dangerous he pulled so much and was very reactive to other dogs. He hit life at 1000mph all day long and was experimenting with and indeed pushing every boundary. He spent just over 3 weeks with Craig and his family and the dog Craig returned to us was honestly non recognisable. Archie walks now beautifully on a loose lead, he’s not reactive to other dogs , he’s been calm in the house and finally understands 2 essential commands .... no and down (lie down). Just these 2 words have given us back control of a head strong, full of life, young GSD who is now asleep on the kitchen floor in front of me, definitely a calmer and happier dog and a calmer and happier owner.

Thank you Craig and Vislor you really are amazing - thank you from Archie to.

** PS **

To be honest I couldn’t properly articulate in writing just how amazed and grateful we are. It’s too incredible to believe. Archie has never sat on his mat in the kitchen without a chew used for bribery and once he’s eaten it he’s up and off again. We brought him into the kitchen and he was calm and took himself to his mat and just played with a teddy ( not destroyed it in a frenzy) and fell asleep. I wanted to check he pulse to make sure he was still alive. Mind blowing. I can’t express how grateful we are. I understand he may push boundaries again but we now have the training to use the tools and advice given. I’m excited about the future now with Archie.

Brad James (GSD)

German Shepherd Vislor Dog Boot Camp

After months of wasted time with other trainers we finally found Vislor- thankfully! Our German shepherd dog had overtime become highly reactive, extremely vocal and difficult. We decided, with a heavy heart we would be best to send him for the residential training. We met with Mo and had a good conversation about the training he would receive, we left with a clear understanding about the training and our minds were put at ease knowing that he would be well looked after By Mo! Our dog went to Mo for full residential training for three weeks. Mo kept us updated regularly with messages, calls and videos. At week 2 we observed our dog in training and participated in some training with Mo and our dog. Week 3 was handover, upon handover we had a good debrief from Mo and again did some further training.

From the regular updates we were able to see, even as soon as day 2/3 the improvements that were being achieved from the training, by week 3 the contrast in behaviour had improved even further. Mo has been incredible, he has provided us with continued support with the training since completing the residential. Mos continued help, clear directions and easy to understand explanations have provided us with great foundations to continue with our dogs training. We are now able to take him out for walks with a much greater confidence and whilst we still have a long way to go we are making progress which is a miracle in itself.

We wasted valuable time with other training companies and not one of them had the knowledge and understanding that Mo and Vislor have.

As I am sure you can gather, we highly highly recommend Vislor for training. Mo - you are amazing and we cannot thank you enough for the training, support, confidence and encouragement you give us!!

We are looking at continuing 1-1 sessions regularly and have already booked a further residential stay for further training with Mo.

Scott Parks & Diego (Doberman)

Positive: quality

Scott Parks & Diego (Doberman) - 3 weeks obedience training
Mo at Vislor dog training had my doberman Diego for a 3 obedience week corse, I am over the moon with the progress he is now walking really well and listening to commands. The whole team at Vislor are professional and enjoy what they do. I carnt wait to see the results when he completes his full corse soon!

Kieran Byrne & Max (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Kieran Byrne & Max German Shepherd Dog Boot Camp training

After looking for a dog training service in our area we found Vislor dog training with brilliant reviews. On approaching Vislor we were referred to Tom and Sharne with our 6 month old GSD. We are pleased we were!

Our GSD Max had anxiety issues and reactivity problems with other dogs and animals along with lead pulling. We had a very good handover when the day came for Max to go on his residential and a very good informative chat with Tom and Sharne with regards to the training Max will receive and how it will be done.

We were updated throughout his stay with his progress and his general wellbeing and Max settled in very well and was made to feel at home by Tom and Sharne.

We are extremely pleased with the progress that max has made, he now walks perfectly on lead and is not reactive at all to other dogs/animals. He seems more confident in general and very willing to learn and please, a total change in how he was before.

We are really pleased with his progress all round with Max and would recommend without hesitation Vislor dog training and in particular Tom and Sharne, an excellent result in Max and now up to us as owners to keep it going and further his training to see how he can progress. 10/10 all round!

Jay & Maximus

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Jay during dog boot camp training

We initially enquired about vislors residential dog training as we were having a very difficult time walking our dog Maximus. He was very nervous and reactive towards people and dogs when walking on lead, pulling and barking at them. We we ended up taking him on walks in the middle of the night just to avoid seeing anyone! We had our initial meeting with Mo and Tom both of whom were very knowledgable and understanding towards the issues that we were having. Mo recommended that we proceeded with a 3 week residential stay with Tom. Tom got in contact with us promptly and was very positive that a big difference could be made. When dropping Max off for his residential stay I was understandably anxious. Tom and his partner Sharne were very patient and understanding - they explained everything to me, ensured me that Sharne would give Max lots of love and that they would keep me updated with pictures, videos and messages. I felt very relieved and knew he was in good hands!

During Max’s residential stay the communication was fantastic! Tom would frequently update me as to how Max was getting on, send me pictures of him relaxing after a days training and send professional training videos - my partner and I were very impressed. The handover was very informative. Tom went through all of the training thoroughly and gave us the knowledge and confidence to continue this training at home. Max has been back home less than a week and the change is extraordinary. We are now able to take him on a mid day walk past people and other dogs with no reaction. We are amazed with what Tom has been able to achieve in these 3 weeks. Tom has let us know that we can always contact him if we are having any issues and has kept supporting and communicating with us post handover. We could not recommend Tom and Vislor dog training enough. We are now having an enjoyable time walking Max and he seems like a happier dog too!

Thank you so much Tom!

Al Leeming & Pansy

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Al Leeming & Pansy dog boot camp handover

Ashley performed wonders with our dog. We were struggling with her training due to her stubborn, bullheadedness. Ashley was able to break through this and set her training on track. We were amazed with what he achieved.

"Hi Lorraine. Yes, couldn't be happier. Hand over was brilliant and the results Ash has achieved are just outstanding! We're so happy!"

Clare Grice & Polly

Positive: professionalism, punctuality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Polly rescue dog 3 week residential dog training
Polly, our rescue dog from Greece, is just back from a 3 week training residential with Mo. We think Polly is around 2 years old; she clearly had never been walked on a lead before, and probably never wore a collar. So going on walks with her was hard work as she pulled so much (my shoulder was agony!) and would lurch at anything moving! But Mo has worked his magic, and my walk with Polly this evening was brilliant as she walked by my side for 5 miles with no pulling whatsoever! My arms loved that! I can’t believe what Mo has achieved in such a short space of time. He is fantastic, and I have so much respect for him. Polly clearly loves him! I am really looking forward to Polly continuing her training with Mo. Thanks Mo and Vislor Dog Training!

Debbie Taylor & Oscar (Cockapoo)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Oscar Cockapoo residential dog training
Oscar our 2 year old Cockapoo has just completed a 3 week residential training with Tom. We had a very in depth handover and training session to enable us to transfer the skills over for bringing Oscar home. Oscar has been home only a matter of days and we can already see a massive change. Oscar’s attentiveness is incredible compared to how it was before. We would highly recommend Tom and Vislor Dog Training.

Sarah & Milo (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality

Sarah & Milo after completing Vislor Dog Boot Camp
Our GSD Milo went to Tom for a residential stay for 3 weeks. I couldn’t believe the change in his behaviour when he came home. It was so difficult to walk Milo because he would pull on the lead and chase everything that moved. Tom worked so hard with him and he’s come home a much calmer dog who is a pleasure to walk. Thank you Tom! Sarah

Joanne & Finlay

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

We first met Trav who assessed our dog Finlay and recommended that we use Tom who was happy to take him on a three week residential basis. Finlay was highly reactive, lunged at cars, tractors basically all moving vehicles. We didn’t know what to do with him or how to help him change his behaviour. Tom was great, he gave us regular updates on how he had settled in, and his progress. We couldn’t be happier, even though we know this is the beginning of our journey to a better relationship with our dog, Tom was very clear about instructing us how to get the most out of the training, what we needed to do etc. Tom has also assured us he’s on hand if we run into problems in the future. It was obvious to us that as well as training our dog Tom had struck up a great bond with Finlay and had his total attention. Thanks Tom and Vislor, we couldn’t have hoped for better from this experience.