Tom - Vislor Dog Trainer - Staffordshire

Tom - Vislor's Staffordshire Dog Trainer.

Tom’s passion for dogs started with his Grandad’s Golden Retriever called Polo. His earliest memories are teaching Polo tricks and going on long walks with Grandad. Growing up Tom was fascinated by his family’s Gun Dogs working in the field on shoots with his Uncle.

Tom’s own journey into dog training started in the show ring with German Shepherds, where he trained and qualified show line GSDs to compete in the working class. One of his females won best protection work at the biggest German Shepherd show in the country in 2017, which quickly lead him into IGP sport.

Tom is an active member of Team Marches and is one of the GSDL licensed helpers for the club. He has a consistent proven track record in helping club members and clients with training their own dogs, both at club and at his own dedicated training facility in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.

Tom doing dog sport

Passionate About Dogs & Dog Training.

Tom portrait
Tom sat with a black GSD

Tom - Vislor Dog Trainer

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Tom's Dog Training Reviews

Luke Phillips & Mika

Positive: professionalism


When we got Mika we knew it would be a challenge with a lot of much needed patience and dedication. We started our journey great but as she grew older and more confident, we soon realised we were out of our depth, she suddenly turned deaf to any commands and went about her business without a care.

Walking her became stressful, to a point where we would avoid walking her at certain points of the day which inevitably meant she wasn’t getting the exercise she needed. Then the destruction started, demand barking and lunging at everyone who walked through the front door, (Never aggressive thankfully) we were at our wits end.

We called upon many dog trainers, but they never really seemed to get anywhere. Months later and a lot of money spent we found Vislor, and we thank the lord we did! We connected with Tom & Sharne who explained everything from drop off to collection and beyond.

It was daunting to let go of our baby for 3 whole weeks, but this was eased when we knew she would live with them as part of the family for the duration of her stay. We had updates of her progress with pictures and videos and were amazed with how well she was doing. Fast forward to now, she’s calmer, happier and an absolute joy to be around. We’ve been on some amazing walks with her, her focus is spot on.

Completely changed our lives. We cannot thank you enough for giving us the furry best friend we dreamt of having.

Paula Jones, Kobe & Coco

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, reliability

Paula Jones and her 2 dogs Kobe & Coco at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Staffordshire

We cannot recommend Sharne and Tom highly enough. We had a holiday booked and were going to cancel until we heard about the 3 week training programme. Our littermate puppies Kobe and Coco went away when we did, we were kept updated with photographs and messages the whole time we were on holiday and the highlights of our days were updates on their progress.

The puppies were in a lovely environment, a real home from home and came back to us completely happy and having learned to walk much better on their leads. Tom and Sharne have been so supportive with our learning to manage 2 puppies and have been on hand with advice and tips since they have come home.

If you are in anyway unsure, don’t be - we are looking for another holiday soon and won’t hesitate to send our babies back to their second home.

Paul and Paula Jones

Sally Conlon & Logan (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Dog trainer Tom with German Shepherd Logan at Vislor Dog Boot Camp

Couldn’t recommend Tom & Sharne more! They have completely changed our life and also our German Shepard’s life too. He’s completely different puppy but still so loving, he has so much more confidence in himself which helps us so much.

The communication with Tom & Sharne was perfect, updates throughout the 3 week course & seeing his development was amazing for us and made us feel at ease. I can’t thank you enough!! I’ve attached a photo of Logan from the other day, this is the first time in a year I’ve been able to walk him on my own and feel in control.

Life changing!

Francis Taylor & Austin

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Tom with Frances Taylor's dog Austin at Vislor Dog Training Center - Burton

I can’t praise Tom and Sharne enough for the transformation in our dog Austin since he stayed with them this summer. Before his 3 weeks stay, Austin had severe fear-led aggression toward other dogs. When we rescued him from Spain, he was already an anxious dog but after a bad encounter with an aggressive German Sheppard on our first walk, he was terrified to go outside. Every time he saw another dog, he would either try to run or go into attack mode. As he is a large dog, it became impossible to walk him safely.

We tried two trainers over a 9 month period but nothing worked and we were seriously considering rehoming him. That would have broken our hearts but we couldn’t see any way out. Then I found Vislor.

They have been amazing from the start, answering all our queries promptly and offering advice before we even paid a penny. We were really worried about Austin being away from home for 3 weeks but it was the best decision we have made for him.

Tom and Sharne worked so hard to get him into a place where he is now keen to go out and can even walk past another dog without reacting. Tom kept in regular contact throughout Austin’s stay with update videos and positive comments about his progress and continues to support us now with any issues we have. We are planning to book him in next summer for more training as we know that Tom and Sharne have so much more that they can teach Austin.

Thank you both so much.

Kate Reynolds, Mabel & Winnie

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Kate Reynolds' dogs Mabel & Winnie at Vislor Dog Training Center Staffordshire.

My girls Mabel & Winnie have just come home from their first stay with Sharne, Tom & their new friend Louie. They’ve very obviously had a lovely time. Sharne kept us updated with great pictures throughout the week and they’ve come home happy, healthy and very well looked after.

Will be booking them in again very soon.

Can’t recommend them highly enough 😊

Helen Chrimes & Bentley

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, reliability

Vislor Trainer Sharne with Helen Chrimes' dog Bentley at Residential Dog Training.

This is the 2nd time Bentley our Frenchie has stayed with Sharne & Tom while we have been away. On both occasions he has come back happy, healthy & definitely well fed. He is also now able to walk nicely on a lead without pulling my arm off!

I can honestly say I don’t worry about him when he’s with them as I know they love & look after him like he’s their own. Sharne sends lots of texts & photos whilst he’s with them & even when he’s not she still texts to see how he is.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would, I can’t recommend them enough.

Helen Dillon & Rocky (Cockapoo)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Tom with Rocky the Cockapoo at Residential Dog Training Vislor Burton

Our 9 month old cockapoo Rocky just spent 3 weeks with Tom and Sharne. Before going to them Rocky had become almost impossible to walk. He was jumping and barking uncontrollably at cars as well as jumping and barking at cyclists/joggers/other people and other dogs. We could only walk him ridiculously early in the mornings or in empty fields. Even then it was still really stressful - we were constantly on edge looking out for cars or anything else he might react to. My children couldn’t hold his lead any more because he’d pulled them over or into the road in the past and we couldn’t take him to parks/play areas because of him jumping or barking at other kids. We felt like we weren’t experiencing any of the ‘nice parts’ of having a dog and that Rocky was living a really limited life of short, boring walks and being left behind on family days out.

We tried online training classes and then hired a behaviourist but nothing seemed to work and Rockys behaviour was getting worse. I contacted Vislor after searching for trainers online and I had a meeting with Mo (who was lovely) and talked through our options (including residential training). We decided to go with residential as it was obvious Rocky needed something more than we could manage at home. I was nervous about handing him over for such a long time, particularly as we hadn’t met Tom at that point. Tom was really flexible and we worked it out for Rocky to start his stay on a date where he would have been going into kennels for 4 days while we were away.

We missed him during the 3 weeks but Tom kept us updated with lots of videos and it was great to see his progress. On pickup day we had a detailed handover with plenty of time to learn the techniques they had used and ask any questions.

Rocky has been home for 2 days and the difference is amazing. Our children think Tom gave Rocky a ‘magic potion’ and I’m inclined to agree! He walks beautifully on a lead now past any/all distractions. Previously he couldn’t cope with seeing a car pull slowly off a drive. This morning I walked him along a busy A-road at rush hour with no problems. We’ve been to the park where he sat nicely beside the play area and he’s been off lead with great recall. Walking him is a pleasure now and something we look forward to (rather than a nightmare we all dreaded).

I hope we can keep up the excellent work Tom & Sharne have started and its good to know we can contact them with any questions. We can’t thank them enough.

William Graydon & Chunk

William Graydon (A.K.A 220 KID) with his Puppy Chunk at Vislor Puppy Residential Training

What a great experience this was for both me and my puppy chunk! I was also nervous about him going away for puppy camp residential but Sharne was always in communication daily updates videos and photos.

Chunk has come back a really well behaved boy the proof being first day we were out walking (he walks to heel and doesn’t ever pull) a dog off its lead jumped for him and tried to cause a scene and chunk calmly ignored it and walked off. A really reassuring moment and proof of the training. Everyone always comments on how well behaved and calm he is which for me with my work is so important.

I’m so glad I chose to send him to Vislor and they treated him as their own, he was definitely sad to leave but we will be having some more classes in the future to keep developing the great skills they have taught him. It has transformed his life for the long term good! Bringing out the absolute best of him. They even went above and beyond to teach him some extra obedience tricks which was a brilliant surprise and he loves practicing these.

Marilyn Coulton & Frank (9 month Beagle)

Marilyn Coulton and her 9 month Beagle Frank

Hi there, we took our 9 month old puppy beagle Frank to be looked after by Tom and Sharne. We felt really nervous leaving him for 3 weeks and wondering had we done the right thing. We knew very little about Tom or Sharne only what we had seen on the website, although we had met Tom once but still a massive step to take.

In the time we have had him back we cannot thank them enough for the change we have seen in Frank. Before he went, he was unable to walk on his lead without pulling us over, he would not come back on recall, and generally the control and dominance seemed to lie with him rather than us. I cannot thank them enough for their time and dedication to Frank, and the difference they made. I actually feel great walking him now, without any stress.

If anyone is thinking their dog is causing issues that are beyond what you can do then don't hesitate to spend the money and go to Tom and Sharne.

Molly Tagliaferro & Rolo (14 month Cockapoo)

Rolo the Cockapoo

We sent our 14 month old Cockapoo off to Tom & Sharne for the 3 week residential training and it was worth every penny. Before rolo went he had 0 training because of lockdown we had no control over him and he definitely thought he was the boss! They sent updates with photos and videos on a regular basis which was lovely to see his progress. I was unsure whether rolo would go back to his old ways as soon as he come home but he hasn’t the process they taught rolo has stuck and we have managed to use it to get other bad habits under control.

The training has made life for us so much easier we can take rolo anywhere with us now and it be enjoyable rather than a nightmare! I would 100000% recommend:) xx

Colin Talbot & Pippa (2 yr old Springer)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Sharne with Pippa - Springer

Our 2 year old Springer (Pippa) was a nightmare to walk on the lead and when let off it was nearly impossible to get her back close enough to put the lead on. We were at our wits end.

After getting in touch with Tom via the Vislor website we arranged for the three week residential training option. Initially, we were concerned about Pippa being away from home for 3 weeks but meeting Tom and Sharne helped reassure us that all would be well. To be honest, we missed Pippa terribly but Tom sent us regular video updates and it helped immensely to see the excellent progress that Pippa was making and how happy she was doing it.

At the handover Tom and Sharne instructed us in using the same easy to follow commands they had used to train Pippa. We were delighted with the progress they had made. Pippa was a dream to walk with on the lead and her recall was excellent. Now, two weeks later, Pippa still walks perfectly on the lead and her recall is also very good. Worrying about what she will do next and getting your arm nearly pulled off is a thing of the past and taking her out for a walk and a run in the fields is now a real pleasure.

We can’t recommend Tom and Sharne enough, so its definitely 10 out of 10 for both the friendly service and professional training results they delivered.

Lisa Walsh & Lexi (Border Collie) & Harley (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, value

Lexi & Harley during residential dog training

We put our white German Shepherd and Border Collie (both a year old) in with Tom and Sharne for the residential training. Our reason for this is they were both really reactive (one to other dogs and one to cars/traffic) and pulling so much on the lead. It got to a stage where we would not enjoy taking them out of the house and had to avoid other dogs. We tried various reward-based trainers and behaviourists but there was no change.

Tom and Sharne gave us regular updates throughout the 3 weeks and we felt reassured they were in safe hands. We had our handover last Saturday when the 3 weeks was finished and could not believe the difference in both dogs. Walking on the lead was a doddle. They gave us easy to follow commands and advice to continue training them/correct their behaviour.

Fast forward one week and both dogs are only reacting to cars/dogs 1 out of 10 times (and are easily corrected out of this behaviour if they do react) and we can even walk both dogs at the same time (one each side) - something we have never been able to do before. Walking and taking them out is now something to look forward to, not something to avoid.

I can’t recommend Tom/Sharne and Vislor enough.

Kieran Byrne & Max (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Kieran Byrne & Max German Shepherd Dog Boot Camp training

After looking for a dog training service in our area we found Vislor dog training with brilliant reviews. On approaching Vislor we were referred to Tom and Sharne with our 6 month old GSD. We are pleased we were!

Our GSD Max had anxiety issues and reactivity problems with other dogs and animals along with lead pulling. We had a very good handover when the day came for Max to go on his residential and a very good informative chat with Tom and Sharne with regards to the training Max will receive and how it will be done.

We were updated throughout his stay with his progress and his general wellbeing and Max settled in very well and was made to feel at home by Tom and Sharne.

We are extremely pleased with the progress that max has made, he now walks perfectly on lead and is not reactive at all to other dogs/animals. He seems more confident in general and very willing to learn and please, a total change in how he was before.

We are really pleased with his progress all round with Max and would recommend without hesitation Vislor dog training and in particular Tom and Sharne, an excellent result in Max and now up to us as owners to keep it going and further his training to see how he can progress. 10/10 all round!

Jay & Maximus

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Jay during dog boot camp training

We initially enquired about vislors residential dog training as we were having a very difficult time walking our dog Maximus. He was very nervous and reactive towards people and dogs when walking on lead, pulling and barking at them. We we ended up taking him on walks in the middle of the night just to avoid seeing anyone! We had our initial meeting with Mo and Tom both of whom were very knowledgable and understanding towards the issues that we were having. Mo recommended that we proceeded with a 3 week residential stay with Tom. Tom got in contact with us promptly and was very positive that a big difference could be made. When dropping Max off for his residential stay I was understandably anxious. Tom and his partner Sharne were very patient and understanding - they explained everything to me, ensured me that Sharne would give Max lots of love and that they would keep me updated with pictures, videos and messages. I felt very relieved and knew he was in good hands!

During Max’s residential stay the communication was fantastic! Tom would frequently update me as to how Max was getting on, send me pictures of him relaxing after a days training and send professional training videos - my partner and I were very impressed. The handover was very informative. Tom went through all of the training thoroughly and gave us the knowledge and confidence to continue this training at home. Max has been back home less than a week and the change is extraordinary. We are now able to take him on a mid day walk past people and other dogs with no reaction. We are amazed with what Tom has been able to achieve in these 3 weeks. Tom has let us know that we can always contact him if we are having any issues and has kept supporting and communicating with us post handover. We could not recommend Tom and Vislor dog training enough. We are now having an enjoyable time walking Max and he seems like a happier dog too!

Thank you so much Tom!

Debbie Taylor & Oscar (Cockapoo)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Oscar Cockapoo residential dog training
Oscar our 2 year old Cockapoo has just completed a 3 week residential training with Tom. We had a very in depth handover and training session to enable us to transfer the skills over for bringing Oscar home. Oscar has been home only a matter of days and we can already see a massive change. Oscar’s attentiveness is incredible compared to how it was before. We would highly recommend Tom and Vislor Dog Training.

Sarah Jones & Milo (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality

Sarah & Milo after completing Vislor Dog Boot Camp
Our GSD Milo went to Tom for a residential stay for 3 weeks. I couldn’t believe the change in his behaviour when he came home. It was so difficult to walk Milo because he would pull on the lead and chase everything that moved. Tom worked so hard with him and he’s come home a much calmer dog who is a pleasure to walk. Thank you Tom! Sarah

Joanne Darrant & Finlay

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

We first met Trav who assessed our dog Finlay and recommended that we use Tom who was happy to take him on a three week residential basis. Finlay was highly reactive, lunged at cars, tractors basically all moving vehicles. We didn’t know what to do with him or how to help him change his behaviour. Tom was great, he gave us regular updates on how he had settled in, and his progress. We couldn’t be happier, even though we know this is the beginning of our journey to a better relationship with our dog, Tom was very clear about instructing us how to get the most out of the training, what we needed to do etc. Tom has also assured us he’s on hand if we run into problems in the future. It was obvious to us that as well as training our dog Tom had struck up a great bond with Finlay and had his total attention. Thanks Tom and Vislor, we couldn’t have hoped for better from this experience.