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Tom - Vislor Dog Trainer.

Tom - Vislor Dog Trainer

Tom’s passion for dogs started with his Grandad’s Golden Retriever called Polo. His earliest memories are teaching Polo tricks and going on long walks with Grandad. Growing up Tom was fascinated by his family’s Gun Dogs working in the field on shoots with his Uncle.

Tom’s own journey into dog training started in the show ring with German Shepherds, where he trained and qualified show line GSDs to compete in the working class. One of his females won best protection work at the biggest German Shepherd show in the country in 2017, which quickly lead him into IGP sport.

Tom is an active member of Team Marches and is one of the GSDL licensed helpers for the club. He has a consistent proven track record in helping club members and clients with training their own dogs, both at club and at his own dedicated training facility in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.

Sharne - Vislor Dog Trainer

Sharne grew up surrounded by animals having owned and trained horses when she was young in a family that bred Samoyed dogs.

As is the case with all of our Vislor trainers she has experience training GSD’s in IGP Dog Sport as well as showing her dogs to a high level and being involved with organising show rings.

Sharne has been training pet dogs for Vislor with her partner Tom, bringing a lot of natural empathy in alongside considerable dog sport experience to her work.

Sharne has been actively involved in developing Vislor's Puppy Residential Training Scool. She has successfully trained several of our clinet's puppies, helping them transistion into well balanced and trained family pets.

Sharne - Vislor Dog Trainer
Tom doing dog sport
Tom sat with a black GSD
Sharne with dog

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Vislor - Staffordshire Dog Training Reviews

James Fellows & Enzo (Vizsla)

Enzo (Vizsla) with Vislor Dog Trainer Tom - Burton.

Tom and Sharne have been absolutely tremendous with helping us to be better dog owners and by training our younger Vizsla to be the best he can be. My wife takes him walking alone and off the lead without issue which she’d never have done before as he can be very head strong.

It’s made such a difference to our family.

We can’t thank them enough.

Stephen Richards & Monty (Retriever)

Monty (Retriever) at Vislor Dog boot Camp - Burton

Being honest, my expectations of what could be achieved in 3 weeks were low. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was absolutely amazed (dare o say gobsmacked!) at what Tom achieved with Monty in that time, walking by my side on a lead, no pulling and ignoring other dogs. I can’t sing Tom’s praises high enough and will definitely recommend him to anyone looking to have a well trained and well behaved dog in their life.

Monty came back well looked after and with a waggy tail.

I can’t recommend highly enough. Just so impressed.

Thank you!

Emma C & Rodney (mixed breed Greek rescue)

Rodney (mixed breed Greek rescue) at Visor Dog Boot Camp - Burton.

We’ve taken a few months to write a review as we wanted to see if the training was a short term fix… I can honestly say the residential training was the best decision we’ve ever made! I only wish we had found Tom and Sharne sooner.

What started off as random reactivity to people and dogs at around 18 months old become so frequent that it was impossible to enjoy a walk, we had tried various trainers but just ended up avoiding more and more situations. On a daily basis we were upset and frustrated.

After meeting Tom and Sharne and asking lots of questions, we decided to go ahead with the 3 week boot camp whilst we were going on holiday in Jan/Feb 22. We were kept fully updated on Rodney’s progress during his 3 week stay and we were able to enjoy our holiday too without having to worry. We actually laughed at the progress videos of him walking around busy pavements looking relaxed, saying that can’t be our dog!

We had a great handover session in which we were told how to continue the training. Once home, he still had occasional days where he pushed the boundaries but for the first time we were calm and confident knowing we had the tools to deal with any bumps. From here it has just gotten better and better, to the point that we are now on holiday with him walking around a busy town and on a beach and people are commenting on what a good boy he is. We wouldn’t have dreamt of doing this 6 months ago. I couldn’t be prouder of him! We’re back to enjoying walks and holidays and we are all relaxed and happier.

We can’t thank you enough!

AC & Storm (German Shepherd)

Storm (German Shepherd) at Vislor Rsidential Dog Bootcamp - Burton.

Highly impressed with the results my Stormie has achieved with Sharn & Tom.

Storm is now a much calmer dog who can walk almost perfectly on leash whereas she would constantly pull before. Storm now knows the meaning of no and as a result is a lot more obedient in 90% of situations. I am unsure if Vislor offer an "after service" for general advice following the 3 week residential course, but if not this is something they should consider factoring into the price..... Eitherway I think intend to continue Stormies training with Tom and Sharn and will definitely be sending Storm to them again when needed.

10/10 recommend.

For 2x the cost of a kennel you cannot go wrong.

Andrew Walker & Daisey (Border Collie Rescue)

Daisey the Border Collie rescue at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Burton.

Our rescue border collie Daisy was very reactive to dogs. It meant that walking her was quite stressful for us and her and we’d often take her for walks at odd times and to places with no one else around so that we would avoid seeing other dogs. Daisy would also pull on a lead and lunge at traffic.

After a residential stay with Tom and Sharne we feel much more confident and comfortable in walking Daisy. She no longer pulls on a lead and we no longer try and hide when we see another dog approaching.

Tom and Sharne have been great in training Daisy and we were sent regular updates and videos on her progress.

We cannot thank them enough for all the help they’ve given us!

Esther Piggot & Dexter ( 9 month old Vizsla)

Dexter (Vizsal) at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Burton.

We can’t recommend Tom and Sharne highly enough. They have worked miracles with our 9 month old vizsla Dexter.

Dexter is so full of energy and excitement and this was so hard to walk him or take him out and about. He would pull so hard on the lead and if we saw other dogs or people he would leap into the air and lunge and pull. We couldn’t take him off lead as he would run and jump all over people and dogs Walking him was turning into a nightmare.

After 3 weeks residential training with Tom and Sharne he is like a different dog to walk. He walks to heal with very few corrections. He walks past other dogs and people calmly and it’s so enjoyable to walk him now.

We can’t thank them enough for the hard work they put into him. They stayed in touch the whole 3 weeks sending videos and updates. Dexter also really bonded with them and had a great time learning.

Highly recommend!

Perrine & Dusty (Golden Retriever)

Dusty the Golden Retriever with Visor Dog Trainer Sharne

I cannot recommend Sharne and Tom more.

They have done an incredible job with our Golden Retriever Dusty. At 18 months old, Dusty was unmanageable outside the house/garden. He was pulling constantly, barking towards dogs and people, and jumping on people. In short, he was extremely agitated and used his strength to get to what he wanted. As a result, I was not able to go out safely with him and only my husband has walked him over the last 6 months.

After a phone call with Lorraine and an assessment with Sharne and Tom the following Saturday, it was decided that a 3-week residential training was the best option for us. During these 3 weeks, we regularly received news and videos of his progress.

During the handover session in real conditions (crowded park), they explained in detail what Dusty has learned, how we should walk him for now on and how to continue his training. I was able to walk Dusty myself during this session without any issue. They have worked with Dusty on walking nicely on a lead, ignoring distraction and recall. The result is just amazing and gives us a solid base to continue his training by ourselves.

A big thank you to Sharne and Tom

Victoria Callicott, Tilly & Alfie (Jack Russell Terriers)

Jack Russell Terriers Tilly & Alfie at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Staffordshire

I cannot recommend Sharne and Tom highly enough.

I have two Jack Russells and I was unable to walk them together for over a year. They were both highly reactive on walks when they saw other dogs and I was struggling to control them. My friend recommended Tom and Sharne to me, as she had similar issues with her dog.

I booked my dogs in for the 3 week residential course with Tom and Sharne and it was the best thing I have ever done. They helped my one dog gain more confidence, and the other to stop being so protective over her.

The transformation has been nothing short of mind blowing (which everyone who knew us before has commented on as well). Tom and Sharne kept us updated on their progress and sent lots of videos showing their improvement.

We did a detailed handover session where they showed us how to implement the techniques they had taught the dogs. Since they returned to us, we’ve been keeping up the techniques and I have been able for the first time to walk my dogs together every day without any reactivity and without the usual fear and anxiety I had. The dogs enjoy the walks and are happy and so am I.

The difference it has made to all of our lives is just incredible and I owe Tom and Sharne the world to have my happiness back for walking. The dogs are doing so well and I am so proud of them.

If you have a reactive dog and walking is full of fear, book them in with Tom and Sharne. You’ll be so thankful you did!!!

Thank you so much Tom and Sharne!!!!!!!!!! Xxxx

Rachel Stewart & Selkie (Labrador)

Labrador Selkie with Tom during Residental Dog Training - Vislor Staffordshire

Everything that Selkie learnt whilst away with Tom and Sharne has made our walks with her such a joy.

Cannot thank them enough!

Laura Fenton & Buddy (GSD)

Laura Fenton's Germa Shepherd Dog Buddy

Fantastic trainers.

Behavioural issues addressed:

  • Jumping up
  • Over excited
  • Chases tail when phone rings
  • Reactive lunging at cars & dogs

Bernadette Sherwood & Hope (GSD)

Tom & Hope the GSD at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Burton

Hope is a beautiful girl; she came to us through a rescue centre. She was fine with us to begin with but slowly, very slowly she became very bad mannered.

She developed guarding issues with my husband. She did not like to be apart from him and would whine and cry, it was heart-breaking. She began barking, snapping and snarling when someone approached him. She began pulling on her walks, I was finding it difficult to her, my husband is a strong chap, but she was even becoming difficult for him. When asked about her we would say “She pulls like a chuffing train”

We tried a lot of different avenues, asked many people for ideas, watched videos and lots of programmes. All to no avail, then one day we received a text message from a family member with the link to “Vislor training” A whole new world opened to us. I read the website cover to cover, read all the reviews and even watched instructional videos that Vislor had produced and uploaded to the web. We talked about it for quite some time. Having our Hope go away for three weeks was a big thing in our lives, but if Vislor could help surely it would be worth it.

We made contact and were directed to Tom and Sharne. We met up a week later and introduced Hope to them. She was true to form, so they had a good idea of what they were taking on. Tom and Sharne wanted to know what we were hoping to get out of the three weeks of “Bootcamp” for Hope. A better-behaved dog and one that doesn’t pull on the lead.

Tom and Sharne made us feel relaxed about leaving Hope with them. They recognised that we were worried about leaving “our little girl” They talked us through the whole thing, assured us that they would stay in touch, and we would get regular updates. We took Hope on a little holiday and then she went to Tom and Sharne a week later. They were great, they could see how upset we were about leaving her, they gave us plenty of time to say goodbye, reassuring us that she would be well cared for. Everything about Tom and Sharne felt knowledgeable and professional, and we were right because Step back, this is a new dog.

Tom and Sharne have done an amazing job with her. She is walking on a loose lead, she is paying attention to Tom, she is ignoring everything going on around her, she is following direction. We think we got more than we asked for and we are extremely grateful.

We got to work with her before they gave her back, this showed us the work they had done with her and the work she had put into it. Hope has come on leaps and bounds. Yes, she still barks a bit at people passing the house. But on the lead, she ignores everything, its just us and her. We are still learning and Hope still tests us, but with a small correction she is back on track.

We wasted so much time before we found Vislor and Tom and Sharne. Look no further your answer is here in the form of two very professional, knowledgeable, kind and caring people. Oh, and they fix your dog as well.

What more could you ask for?

Ellie Hossack & Paddington (Golden Retriever)

Ellie (Retriever) at Vislor Residential Bootcamp - Burton.

Firstly...congratulations on finding VISLOR and your answer to a happier life.

Before we found vislor, our 10 month old golden retriever Paddington was out of control, he had no manners what so ever and it was impossible to walk him on a lead. He was pulling us over and causing injuries on walks, he had no recall so we were always so reluctant to loose him off. His walks were becoming progressively more dangerous, he would try lunging into traffic whilst walking on main roads, he would pull to get over to other dogs, and would not listen to us at all when trying to pull him away from distractions. He had no patience and would not sit when asked too. On one of his walks, I said to my sister "I wish there was a boarding school for dogs to send them away for training!" We laughed it off, but on the way home I searched the Internet and I found...VISLOR. The reviews were outstanding and I instantly sent an email to get some more info, I was contacted within 24 hours and received a telephone call to book an initial meeting to find out if they could help us.

We had the meeting within 48 hours and was greeted by Mo. He was so professional, informative and answered any questions we had whilst reassuring us that they could help Paddy. After the meeting we booked Paddy in and the waiting time was only one week which was amazing. We were informed Paddy would be staying with Tom & Sharne who were excellent from start to finish. On the drop off day they reassured us that Paddy was going to be looked after and cared for and that they would do there absolute best to help us. We left and had no concerns that Paddy was in the best hands. Tom and Sharne created a WhatsApp group and sent regular updates, including photos and videos of Paddy's progress and messages to reassure us that he was comfortable and settled which we were so thankful for.

For 3 weeks, Paddington went intense training and the results are incredible. He is now walking by our side on walks, listening to the commands we say, no longer pulling us over, he doesn't lunge at other dogs anymore, will sit down without being asked and he seems so much happier in himself. We had doubts that Paddington would ever be able to walk by our side like a normal dog, but Tom and Sharne are a credit to their profession and amazing trainers.

We honestly couldn't recommend this company enough, our only wish is that we had found you sooner!! We are so grateful, and will forever be in your debt for giving us our life back and making Paddington so much happier 👏

Thankyou again, no words will ever be enough to express how much you have helped us! We can't wait to send Paddington back to you when we go on holiday for further training 😊😊

Emma Thomas & Frank (Frenchie)

Frank the frenchie at Vislor Residential Dog Boot Camp - Burton.

I adopted frank the Frenchie when he was a year old - he was described by his previous owners as great off the lead, good with kids and generally a happy lazy dog. What I ended up with was a dog with no recall, jumps up and nips anyone and everyone, but also a dog who was overweight and bored. I was making progress with Frank until we had to unexpectedly move in with my parents 2 months ago and he just regressed and got worse and worse.

I decided to book him in for the 3 week Vislor Bootcamp after meeting with Mo, I dropped him off on New Year’s Day and he was taken home by Sharne and Tom. I got updated on franks progress and training with pictures and videos and by week 3 frank was walking like a dream and understood no. Frank is a typical stubborn bulldog but Sharne didn’t give up and gave him consistency in training which we continue now at home.

He has come back much calmer although he’s still got that Frank sass! He wasn’t particularly affectionate in the weeks leading up to bootcamp but came back full off sloppy kisses and snuggles and clearly loved his time with Sharne. It’s so much easier to walk him now and he’s in such good shape we do 4 miles through the woods no problem. I was worried he would hate me for abandoning him for 3 weeks but I genuinely think he had a great time- he almost knocked me out with all the kisses on the day I picked him up.

Would definitely recommend the Bootcamp for anyone struggling with their dogs behaviour.

Barbra Jones

Absolutely amazing residential.

Our jack riddle was terrible at walking and aggression when out walking, Tom and Sharne had him for the three weeks and what a difference!!! We know can enjoy walks and he knows the commands ask.

Would highly recommend to anyone that is finding it hard walking there dogs!!

Lucy Crane & Kassie (GSD)

Kassie - 2 year old GSD at Vislor Residential Dog Boot Camp - Burton Dog Boo

My 2 year old GSD, Kassie went to stay with Tom and Sharne for 3 weeks of residential training and what a huge difference it has made.

Kassie is incredibly reactive to other dogs on or off lead, and very unpredictable. Walking her was a total nightmare. Even when no dogs were around, she had no manners, would pull like a train and was completely disconnected from me. Around dogs, even in the distance she would bark, lunge, run and become completely unmanageable in these situations. She pulled me over on numerous occasions and was becoming a real stress for me walking her to the point I would dread taking her out.

Since her stay with Tom and Sharne she has learnt boundaries and learnt to respect her handler. She walks to heel and is far less reactive to other dogs in the vacinity. It is a long road still, but they have both given me the confidence to walk my own dog without fear of being pulled over and above all else control her when she does react badly.

Simple commands and structure to our walks have aided this tremendously and dare I even say it, she has focus on me and realises I'm not just there for the ride and to be dragged along. It was seriously getting to the point of no return with Kassie and as much as I love her, I was at the end of my tether. Tom and Sharne have explained to me that it is very common and I am definitely not alone.

I wouldn't hesitate to send Kassie to them again for further training as she came back happy, calm and with a new sense of respect for her handler (me!). She's still hard work but I now have the tools to control my own dog which is just a godsend.

Thanks guys x

Mark & Jayne Dorril – Taz (Collie Huntaway)

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, reliability

Taz the Collie Huntaway at Vislor Residential Dog Bootcamp - Burton

Tom was absolutely brilliant with Taz a collie hunter way. Taz was extremely nervous of traffic and would try to lurch at vehicles passing him. Would also pull like a train when walking. After three weeks with Tom and his lovely wife sharne he has come back a pleasure to walk. And definitely better with passing traffic.

Would recommend them 100% Wish I would of gone to them sooner.

Jayne Dorril. And a very happy Taz.

Georgia Rowney & River (Huntaway)

Positive: professionalism, reliability

Huntaway dog River with Tom from Vislor Dog Training - Staffordshire

We can't thank Tom & Sharne enough for their work with our Huntaway. Our dog was very reactive towards other people, dogs, cars, and livestock. This made it difficult for us to walk him at certain times of the day. After researching different dog trainers in our local area, we eventually decided to look into Vislor's residential training service.

After meeting with Tom, we decided to go ahead with the course. Throughout our dog's stay, we were updated with pictures and videos of him out and about on different walks. We were amazed at his progress.

Our handover session was detailed and both Tom and Sharne made sure we were confident walking him on our own. He's been back at home for a couple of weeks now and we are delighted with his behaviour. We can now confidently walk him past traffic, people and dogs. He will have an occasional reaction to dogs, but this is now a lot easier to manage.

We would recommend Tom & Sharne to anyone struggling with their dog's reactivity.

Thank you!

Christina Bent & Marley

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, reliability

Sharne & Marley at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Burton, Staffordshire.-

I can’t thank Vislor enough, Marley went to stay with Sharne for 3 weeks to correct his negative behaviours, walking on a lead and aggression. Throughout Sharne kept me updated with messages, pictures and videos. Even down to the handover Sharne spent her time ensuring we were comfortable with Marley and how to handle him. Also checking in after his training was complete.

Weeks later his a totally different dog. His a pleasure to have around, we’ve had a full house over Christmas and he has been golden. His walking on the lead is amazing however still try’s to test us haha.

Couldn’t recommend Vislor training enough’ so so happy. Thank you!!! Xx

Luke Phillips & Mika

Positive: professionalism


When we got Mika we knew it would be a challenge with a lot of much needed patience and dedication. We started our journey great but as she grew older and more confident, we soon realised we were out of our depth, she suddenly turned deaf to any commands and went about her business without a care.

Walking her became stressful, to a point where we would avoid walking her at certain points of the day which inevitably meant she wasn’t getting the exercise she needed. Then the destruction started, demand barking and lunging at everyone who walked through the front door, (Never aggressive thankfully) we were at our wits end.

We called upon many dog trainers, but they never really seemed to get anywhere. Months later and a lot of money spent we found Vislor, and we thank the lord we did! We connected with Tom & Sharne who explained everything from drop off to collection and beyond.

It was daunting to let go of our baby for 3 whole weeks, but this was eased when we knew she would live with them as part of the family for the duration of her stay. We had updates of her progress with pictures and videos and were amazed with how well she was doing. Fast forward to now, she’s calmer, happier and an absolute joy to be around. We’ve been on some amazing walks with her, her focus is spot on.

Completely changed our lives. We cannot thank you enough for giving us the furry best friend we dreamt of having.

Paula Jones, Kobe & Coco

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, reliability

Paula Jones and her 2 dogs Kobe & Coco at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Staffordshire

We cannot recommend Sharne and Tom highly enough. We had a holiday booked and were going to cancel until we heard about the 3 week training programme. Our littermate puppies Kobe and Coco went away when we did, we were kept updated with photographs and messages the whole time we were on holiday and the highlights of our days were updates on their progress.

The puppies were in a lovely environment, a real home from home and came back to us completely happy and having learned to walk much better on their leads. Tom and Sharne have been so supportive with our learning to manage 2 puppies and have been on hand with advice and tips since they have come home.

If you are in anyway unsure, don’t be - we are looking for another holiday soon and won’t hesitate to send our babies back to their second home.

Paul and Paula Jones