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Travis Foster - Vislor Head Trainer.

Travis Foster - Vislor Head Trainer

With a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning over 30 years, Travis Foster is one of the U.K.’s foremost respected dog trainers.

He has competed successfully at the highest level of dog sport. In 2012 he qualified in first place for the Team GB Qualification trial. Subsequently, he achieved the highest ever position to date for Team GB at the WUSV World Championships.

He is a licensed competition track layer and was in the first-ever group of helpers in the U.K. to be awarded the prestigious A Grade Helper License enabling him to work at the highest level of National and World Championship qualification trials.

Always happy to share his knowledge, Travis has presented seminars and assisted Police Forces around the country.

Travis has also worked with Stunt Dog and Animal Companies. He has appeared in several films, tv, adverts and pop videos together with his trained dogs.

Travis now devotes a significant amount of time towards mentoring our hand-picked Vislor trainers. It is of the utmost importance to him that Vislor maintains its reputation and continues to deliver the first-class service that our clients expect.

Film & TV Credits: Batman The Dark Night Rises, The Worlds's Toughest Army, The King of Thieves, Midsomer Murders, Father Brown, Disney's Beauty and the Beast & Bohemian Rhapsody (to name but a few).

Mo - Vislor Dog Trainer

Mo has been training with Vislor for over 13 years, participating in IGP Dog Sport with his own dogs and assisting Travis with the running of Team Marches Dog Sport having recently taken over as head trainer.

Mo has experience training many breeds of working dogs including Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Presa Canario, Malinois, Dutch Herders, English Bulldogs and American Bully.

He has up to date Animal First Aid and Welfare qualifications, experience conditioning working dogs and learning training techniques for high level Dog Sport competitions.

Still active in dog sport and always updating knowledge by attending seminars of some of the most accomplished trainers in dog sport, Mo has also always been dedicated to maintaining a well mannered companion and will bring his wide range of experience to achieve this goal for clients.

Mo is always happy to show clients his own personal dog, the exercises and training methods he has used and the relationship they have.

Mo - Vislor Dog Trainer
Mo and Fabio dog sport
Mo and Fabio obedience

Vislor Dog Training - West Midlands

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Vislor - West Midlands Dog Training Reviews

John Langley & Fabio (German Shepherd)

John Langley with his new Vislor pre-trained German Shepherd Dog Fabio

Having reached my 4th decade and having been a dog lover my whole life, I find myself watching a highly rated streaming series which stars a very well know British comedian ‘from’ Slough and an incredible GSD.

I do my research and find what I am looking for. I make the phone call and the welcoming tones of Lorraine Foster greet me. I declare that I know she is the breeder of the animal in said series… she is bemused by my compliments. I make the suggestion that I purchase a Ridgeback pup and let Vislor train him for 12 months. We talk about my breed favourites and what I am looking for in a dog. I admit that a GSD would be second on my list of choices.

One of the trainers from Vislor owns a Son of the GSD and he is preparing to let him go to the market. Photos and videos start coming through. The boy is stunning. Incredibly well trained in good manners, high level obedience and a qualified protection dog. I arrange to meet with the dog and other members of the Vislor team. I am very impressed. Travis insists on showing me the full ability of Fabio – this includes the dogs protection ability. I am stunned and now nervous. The animal is a thoroughbred. I am not even a beginner. Travis declared “you will not find a better dog”. I wondered if he was attempting to moonlight as a salesman. I was wrong. Travis was right. To Lorraine I said something like “Forget everything I have ever said about a Ridgeback – this dog is the right dog for me and my family”

For the next four weeks I was like an expectant first time mum, running around preparing for the new arrival. At every step Lorraine or Craig were on hand to help and make things simple. Little did I know that in the background the police, military, private security, and families looking for protection dogs are also expressing interest in MY dog. Vislor had made their decision; they wanted the animal to come to me and have a family life with me. They stuck to their word.

I am not going to type verse and line on every aspect of the three day handover to introduce Fabio to my family and myself and to teach me how to handle, play, exercise and continue with his ongoing training. However the commitment and professionalism was to a level that I don’t think can be beaten. So where am I now? My wife greets the dog every morning with a smile and admits that he is better than we could ever have planned or expected (Travis was right). The children love him. He is so reliable it is startling. He is the best behaved in the family – including the adults. My PA suggest that she has never seen me so complete and content. I am constantly stopped and complimented on the incredible animal by my side.

Yes, I am in love however my affection, admiration and gratitude to Vislor is as boundless as my former love of Ridgebacks. Regarding Vislor, I simply cannot thank Travis, Lorraine, Mo and Craig enough. They have gone above and beyond on everything. I would never entertain a Pup in the future without first consulting with them and then committing to some sort of residential training.

Their pre trained animals are pure investment and tremendous value for money

Tim Lewis & Beau (Malinois)

Tim Lewis and his Malinois Beau at Vislor Dog Training - West Midlands

If you love your dog and want the very, very best for them - go and see Travis and Vislor.

He teaches you in a relaxed, non judgemental way, encourages and doesn't mince his words when necessary - which we needed!

If there was another star, I'd have given it.

Lee Spindler

I would like to say that my experience with Vislor dog training was a pleasant one for both myself and my Hungarian vizsla. It was easy to book the lessons with Lorraine over the phone, and you get confirmation via text message. The trainer Travis was extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

We chose the five lesson puppy class on a one-to-one basis. Travis explained that he dealt more with problem dogs than the puppies. That being said, it’s more about reinforcing good behaviour from the start and not developing bad behaviour in your young dog. We both enjoyed the lessons and felt that we got value for money.

If you have got either a puppy or an adult dog I would highly recommend Vislor training

Tina Rose & Koda

Tina Rose's gog Koda on his mark

Travis has been helping me get better focus from my dog and also with foundation training for dog sports - I recommend him 100%.

He works with the partnership in front of him, both dog & human, to overcome stumbling blocks and get the best out of both. He’s given me plenty of tips & techniques that I’ll continue to use moving forward, along with wise words and encouragement that I’ll remember when things don’t quite go to plan (such is dog training!)

I’m confident Travis has given me a great starting point for the dog that I have so it’s up to me to put into practice what I’ve been taught.

I won’t hesitate to book future sessions as we (hopefully!) progress.

Lauren Griffiths & Crunchie (American Bully)

Lauren Griffiths and family with their dog Crunchie

If you get the opportunity to train with Trav then I would 100% recommend you do! I honestly cannot put into words the difference Trav has made to my approach to training. The change in my dog has been incredible and we can now do things with ease that I'd have never thought possible or even attempted previously.

We thoroughly enjoy our sessions and am super thankful for all the knowledge that Trav has passed on.

Massive thanks from me and Crunchie 🐶🐾💖

Benjamin Whitehouse & Milo (Cocker Spaniel)

Just had my second lesson with Trav today and I cannot speak too highly of his approach and expertise. My dog has been struggling with basic obedience training and in his interactions with other dogs. But after Trav’s guidance and advice, he has made considerable progress already. Not only is he less reactive when seeing other dogs on walks, but I feel as though I have the tools and knowledge to now continue his training and have no doubt I will continue to see massive improvements.

Anyone considering one to one training with their own dog should look no further!

Harry O’Hara

When I first found out about the IGP dog sport, I then contacted Vislor Dog Training and they were very quick to respond, I then had my first session with Trav and I have enjoyed training my dog for the sport from the very first lesson, Trav is very helpful and has more than one way of training dogs depending on the dog which has helped me develop a lot more and helps me to identify what works best for me and my dog.

I would 100% recommend Trav and the team at Vislor as they are all very helpful and will help get the best out of your dog!

Eva & Max (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Eva & her GSD Max at Vislor Puppy Taining Package - West Midlands

I can not rate Vislor dog training highly enough! Especially Mo!

I took my GSD Max to Mo at 14 weeks old, it was the best decision. At 6months he is a joy to walk. Mo is always on the end of the phone with advice. The only real issue I have encountered with Max, is his excitement levels with my dad’s dog- he would not focus or listen to me. I decided to just not walk with my dad until the puppies were older but Mo said no, we will sort it- and he did in about 10 mins flat!

He’s an absolute genius! His knowledge is abundant and I will continue to go to Mo for guidance through mine and Max’s journey through adolescence.

If you’re thinking of using Vislor, do it, you won’t regret it!

Thank you Mo- you’re ace.

Howard Jones & Bryn (Spinger/Labrador)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

We were referred to Mo at Vislor Dog Training when we were at our wits’ end with our 22 month old Springer/Labrador cross, Bryn, who has a very high prey drive and was off at the slightest scent or sight of wildlife completely deaf to our commands. It is no exaggeration to say that this was the dog’s last chance after eight months of training with two other trainers having had very limited affect.

Three weeks, and two sessions with Mo later; the change is remarkable. Bryn now walks to heel calmly, on and off the lead, and recalls immediately. We are already progressing to more challenging environments with greater distractions, confident that his recall is becoming firmly embedded.

Mo is a very approachable and knowledgeable trainer. He put us at ease immediately, understood our problem, came up with a ‘no nonsense’ solution and put us to work. We left that first session with plenty to practice at home and Mo gave us plenty of back up with phone calls, videos, and messages daily if needed. As a result we could see Bryn developing the ‘following state of mind’ from day one.

Our second session, a fortnight later, built on the progress we had made and we left Mo with a plan, the skills, and the confidence that soon we will have a dog that we can control reliably in all circumstances.

We are now a week further on and we are working through our training plan, safe in the knowledge that Mo is only a phone call or text away if there are any problems or if we want to share the little successes with him! There is still daily improvements and our friends are amazed at how calm and settled Bryn is now.

Nicky Jayne Wyatt & Zulu (GSD)

Jayne & Zulu GSD at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - West Midlands

What can I say about Vislor? Flipping amazing !!

My boy went for a residential stay with Mo,I had been struggling for a while getting Zulu out and about,I had a fracture in my back and the slightest jolt put me back to square one with my recovery,I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia where sometimes my legs refuse to work,but Instead of asking for help I let time go on,wallowed in self pity and ended up with my lad being anxious in new surroundings, pulling on the lead etc.

Mo was amazing and seriously went above and beyond with Zu,It’s not all about the money and getting as many dogs through the door with these guys,from the phone calls,messages and videos I recieved from Mo I can see he really loves and cares about the clients and their dogs too and I can’t thank him enough!! Now Zu is back home it doesn’t stop! Mo and I are still in frequent contact as to what to do next step by step.

The training and support doesn’t stop when your back home,and this is what I’m loving! After Christmas Zulu and I will be continuing to train with Mo and I’m excited for our future! Oh and my backs healing nicely lol!!

Merry Christmas from myself my family and of course Zulu❤️

Jamie Pritchett

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Jamie Pritchett and his working GSD

Trav gave me the training foundations and understanding of what was required for my first working dog. I'm now back with my second working dog.

If you want some of the best dog training in the country go to Vislor dog training.

Liz Smith & Rolo (Labrador)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Liz Smith & Rolo 1-2-1 Dog Training Vislor - West Mids

We took Rolo our 14 month chocolate Labrador to Travis for 1 to 1 lessons as we realised he was ‘different’ to our previous labradors and we were struggling to get him to respond to any kind of command!

He recognised immediately that he was exciteable and that this could lead to aggression. After one lesson he was walking much better on his lead and taking notice of our commands!

Travis trained us rather than Rolo! We have learnt to keep him calm and controlled (most of the time!)

After 5 lessons we can enjoy walking him on and off the lead!

Sukey Fenwick & Pipas (Boston Terrier)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Vislor Dog Trainer Mo with Boston Terrier Pipas

Our little Boston Terrier spent 3 weeks with Mo for residential training. The results have been amazing. She was very reactive to other dogs, livestock, birds, people and pretty much everything. We were convinced her adrenal gland was too big for her body 😂.

Since coming back we can happily walk past dogs and other animals with out her pulling on the lead at all.

Mo has done such a great job and whenever we have a question or issue he’s always on the other end of the phone.

Annalise Wills & Henry

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Annalise Wills and her dog Henry

We took our puppy Henry to see Trav with quite a unique case, straight away Trav knew how to handle it and advised the best route to take with Henry. Three sessions later and Henry is where he needs to be for us to continue his training at home.

I couldn’t be happier with the results and would highly recommend Vislor Dog Training Centre. Thanks again.

Daniel Watterson & Milo (Cocker Spaniel)

Daniel Watterson and his Cocker Spaniel Milo

Wish I had taken my cocker spaniel sooner!

Very professional & responsive team from first web contact through to the first session! I had Mo to help me with recall and lead pulling!

Mo talked me through the session and wanted to know about Milo before we started.

I wish I had gone a year ago! It is now a pleasure to walk Milo and everybody who knows him is shocked at the difference after the first session.

Would highly recommend the team!

Daniel Timmings & Bella (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Daniel Timmings GSD Bella

After only two lessons with Travis we are already seeing a much calmer and obedient dog, he is an exceptional trainer, professional with a warming personality.

We was referred to Vislor and Travis by two previous customers and I fully recommend them to others. Lorraine is also fantastic, very responsive to messages, professional and courteous in all of our dealings.

We can't thank the guys at Vislor for what they've done for us and our four legged friend. Exceptional service.

Alison Burton & Max (GSD)

Alison Buton and her dog Max at Vislor Dog Training - West Midlands.

Our journey with Vislor started around a few months ago. After only a few 1:1 sessions with Travis and the Reactivity Group with Mo we have achieved amazing results, not just with our adorable German Shepherd Max but also ourselves.

The journey is set to continue as we have been inspired and motivated by our own and others results and truly feel part of the Vislor family.

A big thank you and shout out to Lorraine who quietly but very effectively deals with everything in the background. 😍

John B & Bailey

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, value

Travis Foster with John B and his dog Bailey having one to one training at Vislor Dog Training Center - West Midlands

I have been with Vislor since Bailey was 3 months old (he is now 12 months). Trav is a very professional amazing trainer with the knowledge to match, there’s nothing he don’t know! When we first took Bailey we couldn’t even get him to walk properly on a lead, first lesson and Bailey was walking wonderfully on the lead. He really is helping me achieve my goals with Bailey, working initially on his obedience, and continues to do so.

Having just completed the reactive course Mo, we couldn’t be happier with Baileys progress. Mo is truly a fantastic trainer who has so much passion for what he does, and it really shows.

Despite being part of a group, Mo gives everyone 121 time, and although some of us were at different levels with our training, Mo was able to tailor the training to meet each of our needs. He really goes above and beyond for you!

Would highly recommend the course, it was a lot of fun and hard work, but it’s worth it! Just make sure you do your homework!!

I would recommend Vislor to anyone with a dog who needs help, you honestly can’t get better than these guys!

Richard Mileson & Henry

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, value

Richard Mileson & his dog Henry One to One Dog Training at Vislor- West Midlands

I was really struggling with my dog despite trying hard and spending lots of time with training. The improvement in behaviour started from the first session with Travis. We still have a long way to go but I feel confident we will get there using the new skills and techniques learnt from Travis.

Thank you to both Travis and Lorraine.

Sighir Khan & Fynn

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness

Sighir Khan & Sog at Vislor Sport Dog Training

Spent some time with Travis Foster at Vislor Dog Training Center to learn the art of IGP with my dog Fynn. I have had a handful of lessons and my dog has come on leaps and bounds. But this time the problem was me. For some strange reason I seemed to be very anxious which manifested itself by me going 100mph like a bull in a China shop. Travis spotted the problem straight away, calmed me right down and got me back on track.

I can't recommend Travis enough, he truly is a world class instructor. It's not just about reading the dog, it's about being able to read the handler as well.