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Craig - Vislor Dog Trainer.

Craig - Vislor Dog Trainer

Craig was raised in the New Forest where his parents bred German Shepherd dogs. From an early age he has been surrounded by animals. Craig developed a passion for looking after the dogs which inspired him to become a breeder himself and now has over 30 years’ experience.

After graduating from Agricultural College, Craig spent several years farming livestock. During the early 90s he founded his own security business. Craig trained and bred security dogs and supplied general security solutions to businesses across the UK.

In 2000 Craig returned to farming and breeding German Shepherd dogs on his own small holding. Following an introduction to Vislor, he developed a passion for IGP and quickly fell in love with the dog sport. Craig now has his own dog training facilities in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Kate - Vislor Dog Trainer

Kate has been involved with dogs her whole life. Her father was a security dog handler and there were always plenty of dogs around the family home in Hampshire. Kate’s passion for animals inspired her to run a small holding in Scotland while raising her family.

Kate married Craig in 1991 and together they ran a security business as well as breeding German Shepherds and Rottweilers. They now live on a farm in Wiltshire together with their family.

Kate utilises her extensive experience and knowledge to ensure Vislor achieve the best possible outcomes with even the most challenging of dog behaviour.

Kate ensures that clients are kept informed on their dog's progress with regular picture and video updates. Together Craig and Kate have accrued many 5 star reviews from happy clients across the U.K.

Kate - Vislor Dog Trainer

Darrel - Assistant Dog Trainer.

Darrel - Vislor Trainee Dog Trainer

Darrel was brought up on a farm with his parents breeding German Shepherds and from a young age helped out with taking care of the animals.

Darrel finished school and joined the army. After his time in the army Darrel then returned to helping run the family kennels and training dogs.

He has found a love for dog sport and enjoys working alongside dad Craig to train his dog in IGP dog sport.

Lucy - Assistant Dog Trainer.

Lucy - Vislor Trainee Dog Trainer

Lucy grew up around animals and they have always been a big part of her childhood. Having successfully completed three years at Sparsholt College studying animal management where she gained valuable knowledge and experience in kennel management, training and behaviours of animals.

Lucy continued her studies and qualified as a dog groomer and now has her own dog grooming business.

Lucy is further developing her skills working alongside the family as a dog trainer. She also has a passion for training her own dog in dog sport.

Craig sat with a GSD
Craig training GSD 1
Craig training GSD 2
Craig training GSD 3

Vislor Dog Training - Wiltshire

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Vislor Wiltshire Dog Training Reviews

Becky Magee & Nala (German Shepherd)

Darrel has been brilliant helping with our German Shepherd Nala.

She was reactive with most dogs making my life extremely difficult to take her out particularly on my own. Within two lessons with Darrel, Nala is so much better and her reactivity issues are no more! She now comes everywhere with us including busy pubs with lots of other dogs and she is amazing.

Couldn’t recommend enough, has helped us out so much and made my life so much easier.

Patrick Phipps & Asha (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

We bought our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Asha, during lockdown and had real difficulty socialising and training her. We tried a personal trainer and eventually classes when they reopened, all too little, too late! Asha had already become the ‘Alpha’ in our family, jumping up visitors, pulling on the lead, lurching at other dogs and generally doing what ‘she’ wanted to do! My wife couldn’t walk her without a figure of 8 haltie and even then she would still lurch and pull.

This is where Craig and Vislor training proved invaluable. We met with Craig and he explained where we were going wrong and how at Vislor they train dogs. We left Asha with Craig for 5 weeks (initially it was going to be for 4 weeks as Ridgebacks are notoriously stubborn, and she definitely was!) - what a change!

Asha now walks to heel on a loose lead, sits and lies down on command, we can walk past people and other dogs without worrying about her reaction. All together a totally different dog behaviourally, and an absolute pleasure to take for a walk! We still have some more work to do and are continually reinforcing the training Craig started but we now have a dog who listens and reacts to commands.

Thank you Craig and Vislor we will be back for some top up training!! Thankyou

Alice Hall & Olive (German Shepherd)

Olive went to stay with Craig and his family because she was nervous and reactive with dogs, people and bikes (anything that moves).

She came back walking well to heel and much improved on her walks. My mum can now walk her past dogs, cars and people (even screaming children!).

We will definitely need to keep up with the consistent training that they have started to ensure she maintains the level of obedience that she has reached.

Thanks Craig and team.

Frances Carroll & Daphne (Labrador)

Frances Carrol & her Labrador Daphne - Vislor Residential Dog Training - Salisbury

My 10 year old labrador Daphne has always suffered to some degree from anxiety and reactivity when on the lead. These issues worsened following the loss of her "housemate" and mum Ruby in January of this year.

After a lot of research I approached Visior in Salisbury to see if they could help both Daphne and I to address these issues, acknowledging that her age would probably be an issue. After an assessment visit, we enrolled Daphne on the three week residential course. Well, Daphne and I are proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks!

Both Daphne & I are now enjoying calm walks around the village and at home she is much more relaxed. She is walking on a lovely loose lead, head up and focusing on me .Daphne has made some new friends and I am feeling so much more confident with her out on our walks.

I have been very impressed with the whole team at Visior Salisbury. The whole process from initial contact, booking, administration, progress reports to follow up has been excellent.

I would not hesitate in recommending them for training and I will be using them in the future for boarding.

Lynne Grealey & Zeus (Belgium Malinois)

Our 7 month old Belgium Mallinois Zeus was highly reactive to other dogs making going for a walk stressful and wanting to avoid the situation. He did 4 weeks residential training. We can now walk him with the knowledge that he will behave and even if he has a little wobble can be controlled.

His loose lead walking is great and it is now a pleasure to go for walks.

Thanks Craig and team.

Vicky Jones & Rocky (German Shepherd)

Craig and his team at Vislor have worked wonders with our 1 year old German Shepherd Rocky who before their input was totally out of control.

Rocky was impossible to walk in public without him becoming aggressive to anyone who came near us and would not allow anyone in the house. Rocky spent 3 weeks living with Craig and his team and following intensive training he a totally different dog who is enjoyable to walk and responds well to all his commands.

Vislor have continued to support us following Rocky's return home and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Monika Nicholson recommends Vislor Dog Training

Monika & Lance Nicholson with their German Shepherd Max at Vislor Residential Dog Training handover - Salisbury

Had a super positive experience using Vislor dog training, Craig was training our German Shepheard Max, and results were noticeable even after 3 weeks.

The main problems we were having was leash aggression towards other dogs and people if they were getting too close, however the training has seemed to really help his behavioural problems. Still progress to be made, he is by no means fixed but definitely on the right path to becoming a well trained dog.

Consolation we had before hand was very informative, we got a lot of info about the process and all different methods that would be used to get the most effective response, the exchange at the end of the 3 week period was also helpful as we got more information about how to continue with the training so our dog wouldn't go back to old habits.

Would highly recommend Vislor dog training for anyone contemplating getting some obedience training for their dog.

Just want to thank Craig for working with Max, he did a great job, and would happily use his help again in the future.

From Lance, Monika and Max 🙂

Jo Sturgess recommends Vislor Dog Training

Jo Sturgess and her Border Terrier Hilda at Vislor Dog Boot Camp Residential - Salisbury

We decided to take our Border Terrier 'Hilda' to vislor Training in Salisbury. Over the course of almost a year she was becoming gradually more reactive to dogs. Not just dogs that were off lead or close up, but dogs from way off in the distance and even on TV. She was barking, growling and pulling on the lead, and becoming stressed and anxious in the car.

It wasn't untill we had a family holiday in April down near Wales that we noticed how bad she had become. She struggled adapting to the change in the environment inside the holiday home and outside. There were dogs everywhere! so we were struggling to walk her and in the end had to hire the use of a dog walking paddock locally just so we could exercise her. We decided after that holiday that it wasnt just affecting us as a family, but her as she clearly wasn't happy. We had heard about Vislor through a friend, had a look and decided to reach out.

Correspondence has been brilliant throughout. We arranged an initial meet up/consultation at Salisbury where I took Hilda along for them to meet her. They even let her see one of their dogs so that they could see her reaction. We had a thorough chat about what would happen over the course of the three weeks and the types of training techniques and methods they would use to train Hilda. Lucy was really friendly and seemed confident that they could help. I left feeling really positive and hopeful.

We booked the 3 week training and a month later I was back dropping Hilda off. I had no worries or concerns and completely trusted that they would look after Hilda as well as their own dogs. A WhatsApp group was created and after the first night they let me know how she was settling in. We had contact over the three weeks, photos and videos of her walking and training alongside the other dogs and it was so lovely to see her. She seemed completely happy and at ease.

After the three weeks we met at a local park for a handover. We were reintroduced and I was then shown how to walk her and what to do. I was able to ask questions. All about different scenarios we might find ourselves in, what to do and how to manage Hilda. Any worries or concerns I had etc etc It wasn't rushed at all and once I felt confident about what I had to do I left. She has been home exactly a week today!

The change in her is Amazing. She is still 'her' but so much calmer,and really chilled. I have been walking her everyday. Taking her to different places with different environments. Exposing her to all sorts of things and she has walked calmly, by my side with a loose lead. She has seen dogs, and occasionally her ears prick up, but she hasn't barked or lunged or growled. We took her to Cotswold Wildlife park at the weekend with the family and she was an absolute pleasure and I'm so proud of her. I was nervous when I started taking her out, but over the course of the week my confidence in her has grown, and I am sure it will continue to do so.

I just want to thank the whole family at Vislor Salisbury who helped look after and train Hilda. They have done an incredible Job. Hilda seems so much happier because of it and we as a family feel the same way.

I would recommend Vislor to anyone they are literally Miracle workers!!!x

Jonathan Mulroy & Tuddy (German Shepherd)

Jonathan Tuddy & his German Shepherd Tuddy at Vislor's Puppy Package Training - Salisbury

We collected our new German Shepherd puppy, Tuddy, in December 2021. The breeder recommended that we engage the support of a German Shepherd Specialist Trainer as soon as practicable. This was excellent advice, since Tuddy soon proved to be rather a ‘challenge’!

We were so lucky to find Craig, Kate and all the Team at Vislor Training based close to us in Wiltshire. We started our lessons in mid-January this year, and we have learned so much – and we have enjoyed it all enormously. Craig and his Team work so well together in order to provide an excellent training environment. Amie does a wonderful job running the administrative support, and we are often welcomed to the centre by Kate, always with a big smile and encouraging words about our puppy’s progress. Our main trainers have been Craig, Daryl and Lucy, and we have also had Danny involved in many of our lessons.

In the first instance, Craig ‘set the scene’ for the way our training would progress. Thereafter our training has been carried out by Craig as well as Daryl and Lucy: this has been an excellent approach, since all three bring different skills to our lessons. It is quite obvious that they all have an absolute love of dogs, German Shepherds in particular, and their knowledge of training methods and their execution is beyond impressive.

During the past six months we have made real progress with our puppy – now a strapping 35 kilos in weight. Whilst we still have some way to go, we are so pleased with the way he has developed: he now a well-disciplined dog, friendly and affectionate, and a wonderful pet to have as part of the family. We are so grateful to Craig and the Team, and will continue our ‘journey’ with them for some time to come. In summary, this has been a great success and has been much enjoyed.

The friendship, encouragement, advice and guidance we have experienced have been beyond our expectations.

Thank you to Craig and all the Team!

Eileen Sweeney & Coby (Cockapoo)

I have a year old cockapoo. He is a lovely dog, but had serious guarding issues. I was bitten twice trying to retrieve things from him .so was my husband. It was so extreme I had to get a trainer. I tried one to one treat based training , but it didn’t work.. Then I decided with a very heavy heart I had to send him away to training boot camp with Craig and Kate. It was so hard to leave my lovely boy there. I was so appreciative. I needn’t have been. I got updates and a training video.

Craig and Kate were in touch all the way through. When we pickeD him up three weeks later, I couldn’t believe the difference. To say he came back a different dog is a understatement. We have had him back almost three weeks now. We leave shoes socks etc out for him to pick up. He hasn't touched them! He walks nicely with no lead pulling at all. He is very responsive to the word no. He really is a joy to have now. We are keeping up the training, and still have access to support from Craig and Kate.

Thank you so much Craig and Kate, for all the hard work you did to train my bo If you are thinking of going to a dog trainer I cannot recommend Craig and Kate highly enough is now been seven months since Coby came home. We kept up the training as we were shown. Coby no longer guards things, picks things up or bites . He walks perfectly with no.lead pulling. His recall is excellent! He is not reactive to other dogs.All in all we have a perfect family pet, thanks to Craig and Kate. Once again I highly recommend them.

Micheal Garner (mixed breed Romanian rescue)

I can't speak highly enough of Craig.

He took our very anxious, fearful and reactive rescue dog and, in a few weeks, transformed him - he now walks confidently at heel through towns where there are many dogs, can relax at a cafe and even took part in a local dog show, none of which would have been conceivable before.

More relaxed, he is much happier.

B Fox & Bowie (German Shepherd)

Sam & Ben Fox with their GSD Bowie at Vislor Dog Boot Camp Training - Salisbury

Our 14-month-old German Shepherd, Bowie, was really reactive to other dogs and it meant that daily walks were no longer enjoyable, but a chore. We would spend every walk trying to avoid other dogs as she would react by barking and lunging even from a such a distance. For 8 months we tried various training methods but her reactivity just seemed to get worse.

The initial consultation with the Vislor team really demonstrated the level of their expertise and we booked Bowie in for a 3-week residential training in April.

Since having her back our lives have changed so much and we can now enjoy family walks along the beach on a busy Saturday (something we never imagined). We take her so many more places and she loves being part of the family again!

Thank you so much to Craig, Kate and the team for all your help, it was honestly the best decision we even made contacting you!

Adi Culiuc & Anna (GSD)

German Shepherd Dog Anna at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Salisbury

Simply the best.

Martin Randerson & Wilson (Sprocker)

Martin & Sian Ranserson with their Sprocker Wilson at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Salisbury

I've waited a while to post this review because I wanted to see if the training stuck or was a short term thing. We had a lovely dog but he had problems with waking up early entry morning, refusing walks, eating plants in the garden etc and just being a bit of an unruly teenager.

He spent three weeks with Vislor, now we just have a lovely dog.

Can't commend them highly enough.

Leanne Stewart & Nuke (Laizhou Hong)

Leanne Stewart & Nuke at Vislor Puppy Training Package - Salisbury

Where to start?... We met Craig and Fam after booking up Nukes Puppy training package (5x1hour 1-1 lessons). I had an initial puppy training advice meet while waiting for Nukes vaccinations to kick in. Then, after being terrorised by our Laizhou Hong puppy Nuke, for 4 weeks, we knew we’d made the right decision to book the package and that we needed help from someone with a lot more knowledge and experience than my partner and myself had – and that’s absolutely what we were met with.

Craig is friendly, direct and explains everything in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. The knowledge and experience he has is second to none.

After the first 1-1 I left there feeling so much more confident as I knew where we were going wrong and I’m pretty sure Craig can actually speak dog and asked Nuke to go easy on us! Haha.

Fast forward the 5 sessions and we have a puppy that is a pleasure to be around. He isn’t dragging us around, eating our limbs or terrorising anything we pass on walks. He walks to heel, he’s calm, his doesn’t try and eat us and he really enjoys the other 1-1 lessons we now attend.

Absolutely would and do recommend Vislor and Craig (and the family) to anyone who has a new puppy or struggling with training.

Avril Shaw & Spartan (GSD)

Our 8 month old German shepherd Spartan went to stay with Craig and his wonderful family for three weeks residential boot camp training. It was the hardest decision I’d had to make to leave him as I’d never left him before, but Craig and Kate reassured us that he would be fine and the results would be worth it.

So Spartan’s story began. His puppy training with me was going great until he reached the dreaded adolescence!! Then just like over night BOOM!! He wouldn’t do a thing he was told! He became reactive to everything-dogs, birds, cats even leaves blowing in the wind, no aggression he just wanted to play but it became very dangerous when he was pulling me like a freight train, reactive and lunging at traffic, it was only a matter of time before he would pull me in front of a car or worse. His general behaviour was naughty in the house, counter surfing, and cheekily misbehaving to get a reaction, his puppy biting had stopped but if we did anything he thought was unacceptable ie: taking him by the collar to put in crate for unwanted behaviour he would mouth.

It was hard without him with me for three weeks but Craig sent us regular texts, pictures and video updates of his progress, and handover was fantastic. Everything explained and demonstrated and then Craig taught me how to walk him like he does, plenty of time on handover not rushed at all. Craig calls us regularly also to see how the training is progressing.

Spartan has been home a few days now and his behaviour has dramatically changed for the better. He is much more chilled in the house and listening to me again. His lead walking is second to none! He walks on a lose leash by my side and never pulls, what a joy our walks are now! No reactivity! His personality is the same cheeky boy he always was, just behaving now. I have even taken him to our local pets at home store and he’s perfect in the shop, before he would pull me to the pick n mix and help himself to biscuits, yay!! he’s welcome in the shop again with no fear of shelf surfing.

Thanks to these wonderful DOG GODS our future with our cheeky Spartan is looking the best ever, he can come anywhere and everywhere with us. He has always been cheeky and strong willed but now with expert training in place, training equipment and following Craig’s instructions checking him if he needs a reminder we have the delightful GSD he was always meant to be. We will be staying in touch with Craig and attending more training together to further advance Spartan.

We highly recommend Craig and his family at Vislor training, I don’t know where we would be without them. So if you are struggling with training or may be walking your dog early mornings and late evenings to avoid other dogs and people, look no further, get in touch with Vislor training, they WILL change yours and your dogs life!


Ian Taylor & Digby (Labrador)

Ian Taylor and his Labrador Digby

We have had Digby back now for 2 weeks after spending 3 weeks away with Craig & his family for Residential Dog Boot Camp.

I got Digby when he was a 6-month puppy from a kennel while in KSA, had him at home for 3 months, but was in the process of switching jobs, the idea was to place him back in a dog hotel/ compound for 4-5 weeks max, and do a quick visa run back to the UK… not so simple Covid kicked in, it took me over 13 months to finally get Digby into the UK, so all this time, he’s been having the time of his life, no real control, bouncing around with other dogs & a young lioness (yes it true).

At this point, he’s the best part of 2 years old, with no training !!, not the best start for him. I tried for the best part of a year to work with him, but the gains weren’t worth noting, zero recall, overexcited with anything that moved, no attentiveness, jumping up on people, etc.

Then I came across the Vislor website and read some of the reviews, I was very impressed, but part of me thought, maybe it was a little too late for Digby as he’s now approaching 3yrs old. (2nd May 2022) Spoke to Lorraine about my issues and booked him in. If I'm honest, I didn’t really expect too much, but would have been happy with him being easier on the lead, and not jumping up on people. but WOW what a difference.

I can easily say, what Craig and his team have done in 3 weeks, I could never have done in YEARS. Digby is so calm now on his walks, even to the point he's off the lead over the fields, the jumping up on people has stopped, he generally seems a lot happy with himself as he can interact with other dogs and have a good run. His recall will always need a little work, but that’s more between us both to learn the boundaries, etc. Craig recommended two different collars for Digby which have helped with his continued training.

I don’t know what to say that hasn't already been said by the other posts, but if you ever think it's too late, please don’t, get in touch with Craig and his team, it’s the best decision Ive ever made.

Sarah Reynolds & Buddy (GSD)

Sarah Reynolds and her German Shepherd Dog Buddy

I can not recommend vislor enough.

They have transformed our lives, my German shepherd is 3years old and after other trainers we felt he was a lost cause. Extremely difficult to walk, very anxious and aggressive towards people and dogs.

We had the pleasure of working with craig who start to finish was amazing. From our first meeting he shared his knowledge and explained every inch in detail of the process. He definitely gave me comfort and confidence. Within two weeks my boy was handed over in craigs capable hands, 3weeks of tears passed. But i had videos, messages and calls always updating or answering any of my questions.

The day came and instead of just handing him back again craig went into grate detail informing how to carry on and how everything had gone, he also walked and trained me lol (poor guy). These guys are expert's, they care and they are professional. The best in my opinion, the training continues, the change in my beautiful is incredible and we can now enjoy our walks together

❤ i will forever be grateful to them all.

Kate Hardwick & Loki (Lab x Beagle)

Kate Hardwick & her Lab Beagle cross at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Salisbury

Our 10 month old Lab X Beagle Loki went to stay with Craig and his family for residential training after months of us struggling to manage his behaviour.

Despite looking like a Labrador, Loki is definitely a Beagle at heart and can be very stubborn! He constantly pulled on the lead when we walked him and reacted to other dogs and people by jumping up on his hind legs and wanting to play. It got to the point where walking him was a two person job and we dreaded taking him out as he was so strong and difficult to control. We were deliberately walking him after dark in order to avoid other people and dogs as it became very stressful trying to walk him otherwise.

Before going to stay with Craig, Loki had no off switch. Even after long walks he wouldn’t settle and we spent our evenings trying to stop him mouthing us, chewing sofa cushions, counter surfing and generally running riot around the house. If we put him in his crate to calm down he would persistently whine and cry which wasn’t much fun either. We had attended puppy classes and tried several different trainers and training methods but no amount of treats or training seemed to work, we could never get him to listen or pay attention to us.

Fast forward to now and Loki has been home a couple of weeks. Although he’s still the same cheeky chap, he’s honestly a different dog! He walks to heel beautifully when we go out and we really enjoy taking him out and about with us. He no longer reacts to other dogs the way he did before and is generally much calmer and more attentive. We’ve been able to take him to the pub with us and he sits really nicely despite there being other people and dogs around which we would never have been able to do previously. When he’s at home, he lies down and goes to sleep so we can relax in peace. Craig has also taught him the word “No” which is an absolute miracle!

The handover with Craig was very thorough and we feel confident with what we need to do going forward to continue Loki’s training at home. The WhatsApp group has been really useful for any questions we’ve had since Loki’s been home and Craig has kept in touch with us to check in on our progress and make sure we’re happy with everything.

We cannot thank Craig and his family enough for the work they have done with Loki and would highly recommend to anyone considering the residential bootcamp or training in general.

Abbey Cooper & Vinnie (Cocker Spaniel)

Abbey Cooper & Vinnie her Cocker Spaniel at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Salisbury

I took my (at the time 6 month old) Cocker Spaniel, Vinnie, to see Craig for an initial consultation and 1-1 training session and wanted to find out a bit more about the residential training. Vinnie is not a 'bad' puppy, but I was struggling with walking to heal, recall and a few general manners and felt really hopeless whenever I took him out as I wasn't enjoying it. I was unsure if what I thought I was doing in terms of training was right, when in fact I was reinforcing the wrong behaviours.

After my initial consultation with Craig and lesson which helped after one day with on the lead heal work, I decided to book Vinnie in to stay with Craig for 3 weeks. I was incredibly apprehensive about leaving him and it felt like the longest three weeks of my life!! Craig is very upfront, transparent and honest about what to expect and what not to expect so you feel at ease knowing what will and won't happen.

I can also safely say that it was the best thing I did - the changes in Vinnie were noticeable the second I took him out. He walks to heal nicely, he will automatically sit and wait at the door until I say he can go and when recalled he comes back to his name and automatically sits near me to wait for his next command. He was never a problem with other dogs or people, but he is just naturally a lot more attentive to me. It gave me such a confidence boost and really kick started me in the right direction.

Vinnie has been home for around 2 months now and keeping everything up. I've followed up with Craig for a few 1-1 sessions to continue working on his recall to get it 100% and find it massively helps keep me on the straight and narrow, more so than my dog!

I'm so glad I found Craig to help - I would definitely recommend