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Vislor Dog Training Centres

Vislor Dog Training has a number of locations across the country, and is continuing to expand their operations.

Each Training Centre, and their Trainers, go through a stringent training programme with Travis Foster before being accepted into the Vislor family. We have many applicants to become a Vislor-accredited trainer, and ensure that the right people are picked.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of our centres, and the world-class trainers who work there.

If you are interested in becoming a Vislor Dog Trainer, then please email or fill out our contact form with more details about you, your experience and your ambitions.

Vislor - West Bromwich

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Vislor - Burton upon Trent

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Vislor - Bicester

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Vislor - Leicester

Vislor Dog Training Centre - Leicester

Vislor - Tamworth

Vislor Dog Training Centre - Tamworth

Vislor - Coventry

Vislor Dog Training Centre - Coventry

Vislor - Halesowen

Vislor Dog Training Centre - Halesowen

Vislor - Winchester

Vislor Dog Training Centre - Winchester