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Vislor Dog Training - Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire

Vislor Burton is based in rural Egginton, just on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border. Easily accessible from Burton upon Trent, Uttoxeter, Derby and Nottingham, this centre offers residential dog training, as well as luxury dog boarding facilities.

Meet Team Vislor - Burton upon Trent

Tom - Vislor Dog Trainer

Tom - Vislor Dog Trainer

Tom’s passion for dogs started with his Grandad’s Golden Retriever called Polo. His earliest memories are teaching Polo tricks and going on long walks with Grandad. Growing up, Tom was fascinated by his family’s Gun Dogs working in the field on shoots with his uncle.

Tom’s own journey into dog training started in the show ring with German Shepherds, where he trained and qualified show line GSDs to compete in the working class. One of his females won best protection work at the biggest German Shepherd show in the country in 2017, which quickly lead him into IGP sport.

Tom is an active member of Team Marches and is a licensed helper for the German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain (Working Dog branch). He has a consistent proven track record in helping club members and clients with training their own dogs, both at the club and at his own dedicated training facility in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.

Sharne - Vislor Dog Trainer

Sharne grew up surrounded by animals having owned and trained horses when she was young in a family that bred Samoyed dogs.

As is the case with all of our Vislor trainers she has experience training GSD’s in IGP Dog Sport as well as showing her dogs to a high level and being involved with organising show rings.

Sharne has been training pet dogs for Vislor with her partner Tom, bringing a lot of natural empathy in alongside considerable dog sport experience to her work.

Sharne has been actively involved in developing Vislor's Puppy Residential Training Scool. She has successfully trained several of our clinet's puppies, helping them transistion into well balanced and trained family pets.

Sharne - Vislor Dog Trainer

Location & opening hours

  • Address:The Lodge, Burton Rd, Egginton DE65 6HA
  • Hours:Monday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Tuesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Wednesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Thursday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Friday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm
    Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Phone: +44 7973 320413

Boarding Kennels

Vislor Dog Training Centre Burton also offers luxury dog boarding, in a brand-new ultramodern suite of kennels. Vislor will take all breeds of dog and doesn’t house large numbers at any one time to ensure that your dogs are given the care and attention that they deserve during their stay.

The time that your dog spends with Tom and Sharne will include regular exercise on site, as well as off site for park walks and a visit to local marinas, dependent on their temperament. This sadly isn’t something that is offered by all boarding kennels, so you can rest assured that your dog is getting the best experience possible.

All Vislor’s boarding dogs have access to raised anti-chew beds in a large sleeping area, which is also fitted with both heating and air conditioning to ensure their comfort whatever the weather.

Collection and return can be arranged in a fully kitted out van to save you travelling, and if required, special arrangements can be made for your dog to sleep in the house in its own secure pen. We will send updates whilst your dog is in Vislor’s care.

Vislor’s Boarding Kennels are fully licensed and insured, including vet insurance, for every dog in our care.

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For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Burton upon Trent Training Reviews

Nicola Allen & Milo (Whippet/Staffy)

Can't recommend Tom and Sharne, highly enough.

We had tried one to one training with our dog Milo,with 2 different training companies, to no effect. Milo was pulling on the lead, he also jumped and nipped visitors. He would not listen to us at all.

We did take a while to decide on the 3 week course ,we looked at the prices and were worried in case it didn't work, we needn't have worried. Tom and Sharne worked wonders with him,he is still our boy but better behaved. He settles when we have visitors and walks by my side.

We couldn't have asked for more. He is also very good in his crate now,he no longer chews his bedding.

We can't thank Tom and Sharne enough.

Alek Dokic & Nell (Border Terrier)

Before discovering Vislor, we were on the verge of returning our six month old Border Terrier to the breeder.

She was uncontrollable for us with numerous issues. She constantly pulled heavily on lead,constantly lunging to pick up stones,tarmac,litter or tearing the heads from plants. She was also, though not aggressive, was starting to react to people and dogs by barking and growling.

We tried normal training classes which were, frankly, a disaster as they were three hours of chaos.

We found Sharne and Tom with a Google search and decided to give it a try as a last throw of the dice. After an initial meeting we felt reassured that it was worth a try. We dropped Nell off and crossed our fingers. All through the three week session we were constantly updated with messages, photos, and videos, and quite frankly, we were very impressed.

All the misbehaviour was under control. When we met up to have Nell returned to us, we met at a country park where there were lots of people,dogs,bikes, and we were given a run through on how to carry on the good work. To be honest, it couldn't have gone better. Nell was well behaved on lead, not trying to pick everything up, and ignored all the activity going on. RESULT!

On returning home, over the next week Nell tried to revert to some of her old ways. A message to Sharne and a quick meet up later, we found out what we were doing wrong. We've put these things right and Nell is making progress again. Much praise to Sharne and Tom as they've given us something to work with.

We've no hesitation in recommending Vislor for training.

Thanks so much for your wonderful help.

Pippa Cole & Vinnie (Vizsla)

Vinnie stayed with Tom and Sharne on a 3-week residential course. It was really important to us that we'd had enough time post-training to fully comment on our experience at Vislor Dog Training - Burton. Today is 4 days post-training.

We came to Tom and Sharne because we were out of ideas with how to train Vinnie - our beloved Hungarian Vizsla. We've had 3 dog trainers over the last 18 months with no to "some" success. However, at the age of 2 years old, we decided we had to take a different approach with Vinnie.

Fortunately, Vinnie loves people, dogs and balls and is a happy-go-lucky 31kg bundle of ginger energy. However, his constant pulling on a lead and jumping up anyone who showed any interest in him has caused us some challenges. After a final incident - we decided we needed to try something else.

We met Tom and Sharne on the Sunday before the training as an introduction and Vinnie was at his best (worst!) pulling and lunging in the paddock behind their house. At this point in time, i wasn't sure that I could be without him for 3 weeks. Tom & Sharne were kind enough to remain totally open as to whether we'd use the residential training or just a week's boarding as we were due to go on holiday the following week. (Vinnie was already booked in kennels). Tom & Sharne were immediately reassuring and inspired us with lots of confidence that they could help. (They also offered us options of inhouse or outside accommodation for Vin-dog.)

Following a couple of days where we had adhoc conversations with Tom - who was brilliantly supportive and didn't pressure me either way - we decided to go for the 3 weeks residential although we did so with heavy hearts. Leading up to the stay we had lots of fears including being (1) terrified that Vinnie wouldn't remember us and (2) he'd "change" in some way.

We kept in contact with Tom & Sharne over the 3 weeks. The first week was easiest as we were on holiday - the 2nd was the worst as we returned to a very empty home and it still felt like ages before we would see him again.

The handover with Tom and Sharne couldn't have been better. I don't know what I expected but they couldn't have tried harder to help us learn the techniques they'd taught Vinnie and spent as much time as we needed familiarising us with their methods - which were simple, straight-forward and they encouraged us to practise in front of them so they could help us course-correct as needed.

Day 4 post-training. Vinnie has seriously been a dream to walk - any minor mishaps we've had have been because WE need more training, not Vinnie. I walked him today in the sunshine and it was pure joy. I came back so relaxed and confident in him, and not stressed as was often the case. I actually looked at other people who had dogs on harnesses who were still pulling whilst I almost had Vinnie's lead on one finger (I hope I didn't laugh ...!). We've had a couple of squirrel incidents which we managed - not yet seen a cat yet, but we have techniques. We had an incident last night where Vinnie jumped all over a friend of ours whilst out walking, but we KNOW what we need to do and we'll continue to practise. Vinnie didn't get into these habits overnight and won't change completely overnight.

Even though all the reviews here are 5*, I'm a worrier and prayed I was putting my trust in the right people. I needn't have worried and I'd like to offer reassurance to anyone whose heart is breaking about leaving their fur-friend for this amount of time. If you want to have a conversation with me, I'm happy to talk to anyone who wants confirmation from someone that this can make all of their lives better. Tom and Sharne have my permission to pass on my contact details.

So, so far so good, we'll continue to practise. Keep your fingers and paws crossed for us. Thanks so very much Tom and Sharne. From Pip, Tony and Vinnie xx Please post any photos if you'd like to do so xx

Moxie the Weimerana with Vislor trainier Tom -Residential Dog Training - Burton

Natasha Hall & Moxie (Weimaraner)

Just reunited with my weimaraner girl yesterday.

The handover was comprehensive, Tom & Sharne are so helpful and understanding. My girl is like a new dog whilst walking now.

Its a joy and I'm so grateful for their hard work!

Otto the German Shepherd at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Burton

Jane Cuthbert & Otto (German Shepherd)

Thank you Tom and Sharne Our lovely dog was almost impossible to walk.

He is large and very strong and was extremely reactive to other dogs and wildlife when outside of the house and garden. It became clear he was missing out on all sorts of stuff. We decided to send him for a three week residential course with Tom and Sharne. Our dog is very much part of our family and so it was a big decision to send him away from the family home for training. However we all agreed it would be better for him and us for if he could go out and about to more places at anytime of day.

We looked at many providers but Vislor put us in touch with Tom and Sharne and once we we read the reviews we arranged to meet them with our dog. They could immediately see the problem. They discussed the techniques they use and told us how they would look after him whilst they had him. They thought they could help our situation and so we booked in. We thought we would miss him terribly but we really shouldn't have worried,.

Tom set up a WhatsApp group even before the handover day. We communicated almost everyday and got lots of video footage showing progress. Our dog is back home now, we have been given instruction and guidance on how to continue the good work that Tom and Sharne have put in with him. We can take him on walks and finally enjoy the experience.

I only wish we had done this sooner. We have benefited from the knowledge and experience that Vislor offers and we are very grateful.

Enzo (Vizsla) with Vislor Dog Trainer Tom - Burton.

James Fellows & Enzo (Vizsla)

Tom and Sharne have been absolutely tremendous with helping us to be better dog owners and by training our younger Vizsla to be the best he can be. My wife takes him walking alone and off the lead without issue which she’d never have done before as he can be very head strong.

It’s made such a difference to our family.

We can’t thank them enough.

Monty (Retriever) at Vislor Dog boot Camp - Burton

Stephen Richards & Monty (Retriever)

Being honest, my expectations of what could be achieved in 3 weeks were low. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was absolutely amazed (dare o say gobsmacked!) at what Tom achieved with Monty in that time, walking by my side on a lead, no pulling and ignoring other dogs. I can’t sing Tom’s praises high enough and will definitely recommend him to anyone looking to have a well trained and well behaved dog in their life.

Monty came back well looked after and with a waggy tail.

I can’t recommend highly enough. Just so impressed.

Thank you!

Rodney (mixed breed Greek rescue) at Visor Dog Boot Camp - Burton.

Emma C & Rodney (mixed breed Greek rescue)

We’ve taken a few months to write a review as we wanted to see if the training was a short term fix… I can honestly say the residential training was the best decision we’ve ever made! I only wish we had found Tom and Sharne sooner.

What started off as random reactivity to people and dogs at around 18 months old become so frequent that it was impossible to enjoy a walk, we had tried various trainers but just ended up avoiding more and more situations. On a daily basis we were upset and frustrated.

After meeting Tom and Sharne and asking lots of questions, we decided to go ahead with the 3 week boot camp whilst we were going on holiday in Jan/Feb 22. We were kept fully updated on Rodney’s progress during his 3 week stay and we were able to enjoy our holiday too without having to worry. We actually laughed at the progress videos of him walking around busy pavements looking relaxed, saying that can’t be our dog!

We had a great handover session in which we were told how to continue the training. Once home, he still had occasional days where he pushed the boundaries but for the first time we were calm and confident knowing we had the tools to deal with any bumps. From here it has just gotten better and better, to the point that we are now on holiday with him walking around a busy town and on a beach and people are commenting on what a good boy he is. We wouldn’t have dreamt of doing this 6 months ago. I couldn’t be prouder of him! We’re back to enjoying walks and holidays and we are all relaxed and happier.

We can’t thank you enough!

Storm (German Shepherd) at Vislor Rsidential Dog Bootcamp - Burton.

AC & Storm (German Shepherd)

Highly impressed with the results my Stormie has achieved with Sharn & Tom.

Storm is now a much calmer dog who can walk almost perfectly on leash whereas she would constantly pull before. Storm now knows the meaning of no and as a result is a lot more obedient in 90% of situations. I am unsure if Vislor offer an "after service" for general advice following the 3 week residential course, but if not this is something they should consider factoring into the price..... Eitherway I think intend to continue Stormies training with Tom and Sharn and will definitely be sending Storm to them again when needed.

10/10 recommend.

For 2x the cost of a kennel you cannot go wrong.

Daisey the Border Collie rescue at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Burton.

Andrew Walker & Daisey (Border Collie Rescue)

Our rescue border collie Daisy was very reactive to dogs. It meant that walking her was quite stressful for us and her and we’d often take her for walks at odd times and to places with no one else around so that we would avoid seeing other dogs. Daisy would also pull on a lead and lunge at traffic.

After a residential stay with Tom and Sharne we feel much more confident and comfortable in walking Daisy. She no longer pulls on a lead and we no longer try and hide when we see another dog approaching.

Tom and Sharne have been great in training Daisy and we were sent regular updates and videos on her progress.

We cannot thank them enough for all the help they’ve given us!


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