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Canine First Aid and Welfare qualifications.

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Vislor Dog Training - Coventry, West Midlands

Based in Coventry, Lauren’s one to one sessions and residential training solutions are ideal for people based in Rugby, Nuneaton and Bedworth, as well as Leamington Spa and Warwick, and even Solihull.

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Lauren - Vislor Dog Trainer

Lauren - Vislor Dog Trainer - Coventry

Lauren has always had a love for animals. She grew up with a variety of animals, but dogs and horses were always her passion.

She worked with horses as an Event Groom for many years before qualifying with distinction as a Canine Sports Massage Therapist in 2016. She has worked with many different breeds of dogs with a variety of muscular and skeletal issues. She has treated a variety of breeds including a Presa Canarios, who went on to win many trials.

Lauren has been training dogs for over eight years, continuing her own personal development by working with Travis on a one-to-one basis. Lauren has been training with Travis for 12 months, before becoming a Vislor trainer in July 2022.

All of Lauren’s residential clients will be assured of a home environment for their dogs; they all stay in the family home with Lauren, her partner and three young children. They are also exposed to interaction with horses and livestock on a daily basis as part of their training.

Lauren is qualified in Canine First Aid. She has personal experience with a variety of breeds, from Spaniels, Collies and Dachshunds all the way through to American Bulldogs and Presa Canarios.

Lauren with 3 children and dogs
Lauren with her dogs
Lauren with horse and dog

Location & opening hours

  • Address:32 Mercia Gardens, Coventry CV6 5RJ
  • Hours:Monday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Tuesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Wednesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Thursday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Friday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm
    Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Phone: +447973 320413

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For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Coventry Training Reviews

Hayleigh Conroy & Bear (Rottweiler)

Lauren was brilliant!

I had been really struggling with my boy pulling on his lead. I had already had numerous sessions from another trainer and it had not worked.

Lauren within one session provided the tools, techniques and guidance on how to walk to heal and recall. We have along way to go but with the help from Lauren I am feeling the most confident I ever had. I already have seen so much improvement.

Lauren was very professional and so knowledgeable explained every step and provided so many tips to ensure I was using the techniques correctly.

I could not recommend her more highly.

Everyone needs a Lauren in their dogs life.

She is Phenomenal.

Lola the Dachshund at Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Coventry

Christian Joeres & Lola (Daschund)

I contacted Vislor dog training after being recommended by a friend. I was really impressed by their initial communication and booked in with Lauren to help with my mini daschund Lola.

Lauren was very professional and so knowledgeable, seeing Lola in both her home and outdoor environment. She gave me very easy to follow new commands to use with lola and even after only 5 days I've seen a huge positive change in Lola.

Having wondered whether a trainer is worth the money, I can say it 100% is.

I would highly recommend Lauren and Vislor training. Thank you. I will very using again for my other dog.

Tracy Dixon & Oscar (Labrador)

Enjoyed meeting Lauren and found her extremely knowledgeable, gave me lots of useful tips regarding my dog problems which we are still working on.

Oscar loved her too which was a bonus.

Thank you Lauren

Alex Thompson & Impi (Vizsla)

Lauren’s first train session with Impi went brilliantly, her clear instructions helped to completely change the way she walked on lead and responded to us.

She’s given us lots of tips and advice to get us started and we’re looking forward to seeing the progress Impi will undoubtedly make.

Thanks Lauren!

Emily Rhodes & Ted (Cockapoo)

Ted has recently spent 3 weeks with Lauren. We created a list of things that we were struggling with and Lauren worked extremely hard to try and resolve as many as possible.

Teds loose lead walking is now amazing and his general obedience has improved significantly! Lauren has also reassured us that the communication between us continues to ensure that Ted is staying on track and if we have any questions she is still happy to support the process.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the experience and the initial improvements we have seen with Ted are fantastic!

Joanna B & Hunter (Rottweiler Cross)

We adopted from a shelter gorgeous 40kg puppy, who turned out to be a naughty boy, with bad habits we learned only after we took him home... He was pulling on a leash, which made every walk a cardio exercise, wanted to 'recycle' (tear into pieces) each plastic bottle and had no clue how to make friends with other dogs.

We realized that we needed professional help and, luckily, we found Vislor.

A week later, Lauren from Coventry centre arrived to meet our boy, saw him 'in action' and listened patiently to a long list of bad behaviours... Next week she took him for residential training and kept us in the loop via messages & videos. When it was over, Lauren devoted entire afternoon explaining our dog personality and advising how to handle his hyper energy.

When we walked around the park, it became clear that our boy went through real transformation... Not only did he walk close, at our pace, but also was calm when meeting dogs, and completely dropped his habit of collecting every plastic on planet Earth... ;) We were hoping that training would change his behaviour, but we didn't expect such a miracle... :)

We are grateful to Lauren for her full dedication, patience and true willingness to help. She is a 'sorceress', who understands dogs and can make a huge difference to your & your dog's life :)

Fred the German Shepherd with Vislor Coventry Dog Trainer Lauren

Jk. Daborn & Fred (German Shepherd)

GSD 8 months (Fred) - Lauren did an amazing job !

We had issues including separation anxiety, walking on the lead, jumping up and much more. Post residential period these issues were mostly ‘fixed’.

Prior to the training period we had a consultation and after training was complete we had a de-brief/ handover so that we could continue all of Lauren’s hard work after Fred returned.

We were very happy to leave Fred with Lauren and her family! With daily updates and exposure to other dogs, people(children), farm animals and more busy situations. We were glad to see that every angle was considered.

Overall, we would recommend Lauren to anyone looking for help with dog behavioural issues. :)

Owl Hayes & Mando (Bouvier)

Lauren had our Bouvier Mando for three weeks residential training to correct his reactivity to off leash dogs and cats and his poor recall. He came back much better tempered.

We took a walk around his local park with all his previous off leash “ enemies” and he didn’t react, but rather did a great job heeling. He also resisted chasing our cat when he returned home.

He also now responded to the bed command to allow us to thwart other bad behaviours. Lauren sent good video updates throughout the stay and gave Mando plenty of exposure and love.

During the handoff we had a good explanation about how to keep building his skills using the fundamentals she instilled in him.

We were pleased with the results such that we plan to board Mando with Lauren in the future.

Gus the Labrador with Vislor Coventry Trainer Lauren

Anna T & Gus (Labrador)

Our young labrador, Gus was quite scared of lots of things in life and wasn’t enjoying going out for walks, to the point of, at times, refusing to walk at all.

He went to stay with Lauren for 3 weeks to try and overcome his fear of life and build his confidence in different situations. Lauren was great- really friendly and reassuring and sent us regular updates and photos over the three weeks to show his progress.

By the end of his stay, Lauren had taken him out in public to cafes and shops, something he wouldn’t have coped with before. Gus has grown in confidence and hasn’t refused to walk anywhere since he’s been back with us.

While it is still very much a work in progress, his training with Lauren has been a great starting point for us.

Bailey the Cocker Spaniel

Megan Rose & Bailey (Cocker)

Lauren had our 12 week old cocker spaniel Bailey for 2 weeks. She put in place some excellent boundaries and foundations for him in order for us to carry on training at home.

She reassured me with regular updates on how he was progressing and communicated with every step.

Really good service!


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