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Vislor Dog Training - Halesowen, West Midlands

Vislor Halesowen is centrally located, and easily accessible from Birmingham, Dudley & Worcestershire.

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John - Vislor Dog Trainer

John - Vislor Dog Trainer

John's enthusiasm for dogs started at an early age when his mum bred and showed Border Collie dogs between 1985 - 1990. John took part in showing his Smooth Collie at the age of seven, which was his first pet dog. His family later owned German Shepherd Dogs, and he discovered his love for the breed.

John's journey into dog training began with his German Shepherd, Bailey, initially starting with basic obedience. He quickly became fascinated and discovered a love for dog sports. He is working alongside Travis Foster, pursuing perfection, and developing a solid bond with Bailey.

Care and empathy towards dogs are paramount to John, and their welfare is a top priority. He has up-to-date Animal First Aid qualifications and, with his wife, organises an annual Christmas collection donated to the Birmingham Dogs Home.

He is an active member of Team Marches and is currently training to be an IGP Decoy Helper. John is an experienced teacher and assists with our specialist Reactive Courses and pack walks, helping our clients achieve a well-balanced, trained family dog.

John with dog jumping
John dog sport
John dog sport

Location & opening hours

  • Address:5 Brackenfield Rd, Halesowen B63 1AH
  • Hours:Monday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Tuesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Wednesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Thursday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Friday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm
    Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Phone: +44 7973 320413

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For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Halesowen Training Reviews

Ben Copson & Betsy (St. Berdoodle)

We entrusted John with our 12 week old St Berdoodle, Betsy, while we went on holiday for two weeks.

John provided us with frequent written, photo and video updates whilst we were away and it was incredible to see the progress he made with Betsy, as well as giving us much needed reassurance that she was happy and safe.

In just two weeks, John has bought Betsy on so much in so many ways. She is now lead walking (in the follow state) brilliantly, her recall is excellent and she is fully toilet trained. Betsy is going to be a big dog and John has laid the foundations to ensure she is disciplined and well-mannered with it.

He welcomed her into his family, treated her as one of his own and we are so grateful for everything he has done, and couldn’t recommend him more.

He even sent Betsy home with a bag of pressies!

Samantha Grant & Nico (German Shepherd)

John is very open and honest knowledgeable trainer who is a pleasure to work with.

Nico my German shepherd puppy was reactive and had no recall he helped us with this and gave me a lot of information to work with and how to carry on at home with Nico it’s gave me the confidence on walks and a pleasure to walk him now I would recommend John highly.

Thank you for everything you have taught me.

Dan Okeeffe & Tank (Pocket Bully)

I took my dog (a pocket bully) for a 121 lesson with John, as he was pulling on the lead and walks together weren’t very enjoyable.

The difference made from one lesson is amazing, we now have pleasant walks together that are much more enjoyable for the both of us!

100% recommend John and the Vislor team!

Scrappy the Jack Russel following Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Halesowen

Conrad Lowe & Scrappy (Jack Russel x Pug)

We had contacted many dog trainers, to try & find the best training for our very reactive Jack Russell x Pug (JUG) Scrappy. Which was not going very well.

Then a good friend, who had a dog trained recently, recommended John. After a phone consultation, we had confidence that John was the trainer we were looking for.

We had a 1 hour , one to one training session, which highlighted that scrappy needed a lot of training going forward. John explained the ways in which we could handle the training. We chose to go with the 3 week residential.

John kept us informed every day on progress & how stubborn a dog scrappy is. John's passion & hard work has made a massive progress in scrappy's reactivity. We now have to continue John's excellent training techniques to give scrappy a better , happier & more forfilled future.

If your looking for a quality, informative, professional & caring trainer John & team are the people to go too. Also happy to help with continued advice once home. John is very open , honest & knowledgeable, which is a pleasure to deal with as a client.

Seems as advice from a vet ,that scrappy would probably need to be euthanized because of his behaviour. John has made us very proud on the turn around of scrappy's behaviour, out on the street & at home , as it has given scrappy a positive future.

Thanks again John.

Ellie the Golden Labrador at Vislor Dog Boot Camp - Halesowen

Leah Lacy & Ellie (Golden Retriever)

I booked Ellie in for residential with John for her reactivity when on leash and was provided with frequent updates on her progress.

Handover went great and could see + practice what she'd learnt, back at home we're practicing what she's been taught and not even a week back she's already majorly improved e.g general threshold for reactivity is way down such as not reacting to a dog on the opposite side of the street & able to continue walking rather than freezing. We've even been able to walk through a large group of dogs and there was no barking, which was unthinkable a few weeks ago.

John is still checking in and is there to support even after finishing residential. We'll be keeping up the training and I'll be working with Ellie to help boost her confidence as well but so far the outlook is a lot brighter than it was just a month ago!

Buddy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Harriet Kommant & Buddy (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

I needed help with my very stubborn 5 year old cavalier Buddy, his manners on the lead were almost none existent and his recall not much better.

I happened to come across Vislor Dog training and was allocated John. He was brilliant from start to finish. So professional and helpful throughout and his passion for dogs shone through

Buddy has come home to me a different dog, and I can now finally enjoy walks with him! John also discovered Buddy's love for agility, something I will have to keep up!

I would recommend John to anyone who wants a passionate, hard working, supportive and friendly dog trainer, and who really listens to your needs.

Sue Davies & Tilly (Yorkshire Terrier)

I would highly recommend John as an experienced informative and friendly dog trainer.

Tilly’s behaviour improved immediately under his guidance.

I am very fortunate to have contacted John as the results have been outstanding.

Walter the Chow Chow at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Halesowen

Edward Young & Walter (Chow Chow)

We reached out to Vislor to see if we could arrange a residential for our Chow Chow Walter, while we were on a family holiday. Lorraine allocated us John and he took him under his wing and Walter stayed with him for three weeks.

During the three weeks, we were updated regularly with videos and photos regarding his progress and development. We wanted to correct his reactivity to oncoming dogs and pulling the lead on walks. I'm pleased to say he has improved a lot and early signs are promising.

Of course, we have to keep up with all the training and advice. Consistency is key to continuing the training that has been implemented and John has been open and honest at the handover regarding this and has carried on checking in with us even after the training has been completed. We have also been back to the centre with other groups to consolidate the training.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John and his team. I have found them all pleasant and honest throughout.

Thank you.

Mabel the Cockapoo with Vislor's Halesowen trainer John following Vislor Dog Boot Camp.

A Hall & Mabel (Cockapoo)

John has worked wonders with our three year old cockapoo Mabel. We’re extremely impressed with how much progress was made over her stay. She was welcomed into John’s family - we felt she was in very safe, experienced hands.

Mabel is a very anxious dog - particularly with other unknown dogs - and we’d started to avoid situations where her anxiety appeared exacerbated. John was able to gradually build her confidence, teaching her how to walk calmly on a lead, improved her recall and exposing her to places and experiences from which we’d shied away.

We received daily messages and videos showing the new techniques used with explanations of what went well or needed further work.

We had a thorough handover with details of what we need to do to continue to maintain the new techniques learned and make improvements. John has been very supportive since Mabel has come home, answering questions and offering advice.

We thoroughly recommend John and the Vislor team.

Toby the Miniature Dachshund following Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Halesowen.

Michael Woodall & Toby (Miniature Dachshund)

We did have a disobedient little terror, Toby (miniature dachshund) and thanks to John’s training, knowledge, patience and advice Toby is a lot calmer and obedient.

We found John to be polite and professional, would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone.

Thank you so much for your help and guidance.

Michael Woodall and Toby