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Vislor Dog Training - Salisbury, Wiltshire

Craig and his team are based in Salisbury, with plenty of space for your dog. Easily accessible from Southampton, Andover, and only an hour from Bournemouth and Reading, if you are based in the south of England then Vislor Salisbury is the ideal destination for your residential dog training needs.

Meet Team Vislor - Salisbury

Craig - Vislor Dog Trainer

Craig - Vislor Dog Trainer

Craig was raised in the New Forest where his parents bred German Shepherds. From an early age he has been surrounded by animals. Craig developed a passion for looking after the dogs which inspired him to become a breeder himself and now has over 30 years’ experience.

After graduating from Agricultural College, Craig spent several years farming livestock. During the early 90s he founded his own security business. Craig trained and bred security dogs and supplied general security solutions to businesses across the UK.

In 2000 Craig returned to farming and breeding German Shepherds on his own smallholding. Following an introduction to Vislor, he developed a passion for IGP and quickly fell in love with Dog Sport. Craig runs his training facilities at a dedicated site in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Kate - Vislor Dog Trainer

Kate has been involved with dogs her whole life. Her father was a security dog handler and there were always plenty of dogs around the family home in Hampshire. Kate’s passion for animals inspired her to run a smallholding in Scotland while raising her family.

Kate married Craig in 1991 and together they ran a security business as well as breeding German Shepherds and Rottweilers. They now live on a farm in Wiltshire together with their family.

Kate utilises her extensive experience and knowledge to ensure Vislor achieve the best possible outcomes with even the most challenging of dog behaviour.

Together Craig and Kate have gained many 5-star reviews from happy clients across the U.K.

Kate - Vislor Dog Trainer

Darrel - Assistant Trainer

Darrel - Vislor Trainee Dog Trainer

Darrel was brought up on a farm with his parents breeding German Shepherds and from a young age helped out with taking care of the animals.

Darrel finished school and joined the army. After his time in the army Darrel then returned to helping run the family kennels and training dogs.

He has found a love for dog sport and enjoys working alongside dad Craig to train his dog in IGP dog sport.

Lucy - Assistant Trainer

Lucy - Vislor Trainee Dog Trainer

Lucy grew up around animals and they have always been a big part of her childhood. Having successfully completed three years at Sparsholt College studying animal management where she gained valuable knowledge and experience in kennel management, training and behaviours of animals.

Lucy continued her studies and qualified as a dog groomer and now has her own dog grooming business.

Danny - Assistant Trainer

Danny - Vislor Trainee Dog Trainer

Danny has always had an interest in animals and had many small mammals as pets growing up. This led him into studying 3 years at Sparsholt college completing his level 2 and level 3 Diplomas in animal management where he met his partner, Lucy.

During his time at collage Danny gained knowledge in kennel management as well as animal behaviour and training. Alongside the course he also done some work with the RSPCA and enjoyed a study trip to South Africa where he worked in animal rehabilitation centres.

Amie - Administration

Amie - Vislor Administrator

Amie grew up on her parents' farm with animals. Always keen to help take care of the puppies and horses.

She developed her career in childcare, Spending over 10 years working in various roles such as a safeguarding office and a deputy manager.

Since having her own family Amie decided to start a new venture of working alongside her family managing the organisation and communication side of Vislor Wiltshire.

Location & opening hours

  • Address:The Nook, Stockbridge Road, Salisbury SP5 1BW
  • Hours:Monday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Tuesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Wednesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Thursday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Friday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm
    Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Phone: +44 7973 320413

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For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Salisbury Training Reviews

Jack Shaw & Titan (Lab x Pyrenean Mountain Dog)

I sent my dog titan (3 year old male ) to these amazing people I honestly thought he was untrainable.

He is now a different dog cant thank them enough for helping him because his best self.

Andrew Snowdon & Zody (German Shepherd)

We sent Craig a Devil and after 3 weeks we collected an Angel.

We could not walk our GSD near other dogs, he was very reactive and we had problems controlling him. Craig and his team were our last hope. Our GSD is now an absolute pleasure to walk, even in very busy areas.

A huge thank you to Craig and his team, we highly recommend them.

Sabline Kilgus & Sammy (Portuguese Water Dog)

Craig has helped us to get the family dog we always wanted.

We got Sammy during the pandemic so initial puppy training was in the garden and socialization was hard to achieve, exposing him to places and people near impossible at the time. He was never really bad but the pulling on the lead was annoying and when he got older he started to become reactive towards other dogs. Not all dogs we met, which made it even more stressful taking him for a walk as you never knew which dog he would lunge at.

We bought online courses and attended a teenage dog course but nothing really worked. Likely also because we could not put as much time into the training as we hoped we were able to when we got him. But with two small kids and full time work it is just not easy. Sammy was always really excitable too, he wanted to be where the action was, running after the kids, barking when they went where he could not go. Family trips were exhausting. And the kids suffered as at least one parent always had to keep the dog under control while the other attended to them.

At some point we nearly decided to give him back to the breeder, which is when we decided to give him one last chance with a trainer. And Craig turned it all around for us. Sammy stayed with him for 3 weeks while we went to visit family in Germany. Initially Sammy was supposed to join but with his behaviour we did not ant to risk it. When we came back Sammy was still Sammy, we were worried his personality would have changed but he is still the same cheeky boy just more manageable.

He can control his excitement much better, no more jumping at people! He walks on the lead like a dream, even the kids can walk him. We took him to the wildlife park and he was so calm and easy to handle, we could have never done such a trip before. His recall is also so much better. We are continuing to work with him of course as that is what he needs but now we have a basis we can go from! And we have the tools to do it.

When we booked Sammy in with Craig, my husband always said we are sending him to Hogwarts - we did not expect miracles but what Craig did for us was very close to magic.

Thank you so much!

Becky Magee & Nala (German Shepherd)

Darrel has been brilliant helping with our German Shepherd Nala.

She was reactive with most dogs making my life extremely difficult to take her out particularly on my own. Within two lessons with Darrel, Nala is so much better and her reactivity issues are no more! She now comes everywhere with us including busy pubs with lots of other dogs and she is amazing.

Couldn’t recommend enough, has helped us out so much and made my life so much easier.

Patrick Phipps & Asha (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

We bought our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Asha, during lockdown and had real difficulty socialising and training her. We tried a personal trainer and eventually classes when they reopened, all too little, too late! Asha had already become the ‘Alpha’ in our family, jumping up visitors, pulling on the lead, lurching at other dogs and generally doing what ‘she’ wanted to do! My wife couldn’t walk her without a figure of 8 haltie and even then she would still lurch and pull.

This is where Craig and Vislor training proved invaluable. We met with Craig and he explained where we were going wrong and how at Vislor they train dogs. We left Asha with Craig for 5 weeks (initially it was going to be for 4 weeks as Ridgebacks are notoriously stubborn, and she definitely was!) - what a change!

Asha now walks to heel on a loose lead, sits and lies down on command, we can walk past people and other dogs without worrying about her reaction. All together a totally different dog behaviourally, and an absolute pleasure to take for a walk! We still have some more work to do and are continually reinforcing the training Craig started but we now have a dog who listens and reacts to commands.

Thank you Craig and Vislor we will be back for some top up training!! Thankyou

Alice Hall & Olive (German Shepherd)

Olive went to stay with Craig and his family because she was nervous and reactive with dogs, people and bikes (anything that moves).

She came back walking well to heel and much improved on her walks. My mum can now walk her past dogs, cars and people (even screaming children!).

We will definitely need to keep up with the consistent training that they have started to ensure she maintains the level of obedience that she has reached.

Thanks Craig and team.

Frances Carrol & her Labrador Daphne - Vislor Residential Dog Training - Salisbury

Frances Carroll & Daphne (Labrador)

My 10 year old labrador Daphne has always suffered to some degree from anxiety and reactivity when on the lead. These issues worsened following the loss of her "housemate" and mum Ruby in January of this year.

After a lot of research I approached Visior in Salisbury to see if they could help both Daphne and I to address these issues, acknowledging that her age would probably be an issue. After an assessment visit, we enrolled Daphne on the three week residential course. Well, Daphne and I are proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks!

Both Daphne & I are now enjoying calm walks around the village and at home she is much more relaxed. She is walking on a lovely loose lead, head up and focusing on me .Daphne has made some new friends and I am feeling so much more confident with her out on our walks.

I have been very impressed with the whole team at Visior Salisbury. The whole process from initial contact, booking, administration, progress reports to follow up has been excellent.

I would not hesitate in recommending them for training and I will be using them in the future for boarding.

Lynne Grealey & Zeus (Belgium Malinois)

Our 7 month old Belgium Mallinois Zeus was highly reactive to other dogs making going for a walk stressful and wanting to avoid the situation. He did 4 weeks residential training. We can now walk him with the knowledge that he will behave and even if he has a little wobble can be controlled.

His loose lead walking is great and it is now a pleasure to go for walks.

Thanks Craig and team.

Vicky Jones & Rocky (German Shepherd)

Craig and his team at Vislor have worked wonders with our 1 year old German Shepherd Rocky who before their input was totally out of control.

Rocky was impossible to walk in public without him becoming aggressive to anyone who came near us and would not allow anyone in the house. Rocky spent 3 weeks living with Craig and his team and following intensive training he a totally different dog who is enjoyable to walk and responds well to all his commands.

Vislor have continued to support us following Rocky's return home and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Monika & Lance Nicholson with their German Shepherd Max at Vislor Residential Dog Training handover - Salisbury

Monika Nicholson recommends Vislor Dog Training

Had a super positive experience using Vislor dog training, Craig was training our German Shepheard Max, and results were noticeable even after 3 weeks.

The main problems we were having was leash aggression towards other dogs and people if they were getting too close, however the training has seemed to really help his behavioural problems. Still progress to be made, he is by no means fixed but definitely on the right path to becoming a well trained dog.

Consolation we had before hand was very informative, we got a lot of info about the process and all different methods that would be used to get the most effective response, the exchange at the end of the 3 week period was also helpful as we got more information about how to continue with the training so our dog wouldn't go back to old habits.

Would highly recommend Vislor dog training for anyone contemplating getting some obedience training for their dog.

Just want to thank Craig for working with Max, he did a great job, and would happily use his help again in the future.

From Lance, Monika and Max 🙂