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Vislor Dog Training - Winchester, Hampshire

Dan is based in Winchester, Hampshire. Easily accessible from Southampton, Andover, and only an hour from Bournemouth and Reading, if you are based in the south of England then Vislor Winchester is the ideal destination for your residential dog training needs.

Meet Team Vislor - Winchester

Dan - Vislor Dog Trainer

Dan - Vislor Dog Trainer

Dan is a professional dog trainer with over ten years of experience. He holds up-to-date Ofqual regulated qualifications in canine behaviour and welfare. His dog training experience encompasses a wide range of training and behaviour needs.

Dan has owned various breeds, including German Shepherds, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Labradors, and Terriers. He breeds, and trains working gundogs and regularly enters competitions. Dan enjoys working with all breeds of dogs.

Dan is professional, understanding and has a desire to help clients achieve their goals. Dogs are his life passion, and he is always keen to broaden his experience and further his education.

His dog training facility is located in the beautiful countryside setting of Stockbridge, close to Winchester, where he lives with his partner Charlotte and several dogs.

Charlotte grew up in a farming family surrounded by working gundogs and terriers. Qualified in canine and equine massage therapy, she also breeds, trains and competes with working Cocker Spaniels.


Location & opening hours

  • Address:Wynrush, London Road, Stockbridge SO20 6EN
  • Hours:Monday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Tuesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Wednesday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Thursday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Friday 8:30am-6:00pm
    Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm
    Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Phone: +44 7973 320413

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For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Winchester Training Reviews

Digby the English Bulldog being socialisation training at cafe

Lewis Booy & Digby (English Bulldog)

We sent our Bulldog Digby to Vislor training to try and combat issues with his recall, lead work and overall attitude and he has come back a completely different dog, he’s now calm, responsive and also his walking on the lead is unbelievable even our children are now able to walk him walk him!

The whole process from beginning to end was really easy and everyone involved were extremely helpful, communication was brilliant throughout his stay with Dan and Charlotte.

I would highly recommend the service to anybody.

Bear the Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross at Vislor Dog Training - Winchester

Lily Doyle & Bear (Pomeranian/Chihuahua Cross)

My Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross had become extremely reactive to absolutely anything that moved (children, other dogs, bikes, runners etc.), he also had other issues such as resource guarding which we had tried and failed at fixing.

Bear ended up spending three weeks with Dan, and the difference in him since coming home is incredible. Walks are now enjoyable and we can walk past other dogs without any reaction, and can safely take something away from Bear that he previously would have resource guarded, amongst other things that Dan helped us with.

Whilst we are still in a strict routine with Bear and his training, it has made home life with him so much more enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone who needs help with training their dog.

Thanks Dan!

Hariet Ayre & Milo (Golden Retriever)

Dan was absolutely amazing. In one session, we identified key problems and worked on how to fix them.

Dan was extremely clear and caring, allowing Milo (our rescue dog) to be less reactive towards other dogs on the lead.

By the end of the session, Milo was walking past dogs without reacting (a first for us!!)

Filipe Henriques & Milo (Golden Retriever)

Dan was absolutely amazing.

In one session, we identified key problems and worked on how to fix them.

Dan was extremely clear and caring, allowing Milo (our rescue dog) to be less reactive towards other dogs on the lead. By the end of the session, Milo was walking past dogs without reacting (a first for us!!)

Summer the Weimaraner Vizsla cross at Vislor Residential Dog Bootcamp - Winchester

Helen Bazuaye & Summer (Weimaraner x Vizsla)

Dan is a real dog whisperer.

We were at our wit’s end when we decided to book our dog in for the 3-week boot camp. Although gorgeous and good hearted, our Weimaraner / Vizsla cross was a relentless barker, seemed to have incurable separation anxiety and had become reactive to too many dogs.

I contacted Vislor on the recommendation of my sister and we were connected with Dan, who embodies the title dog behaviourist. His energy, insight, and advice is faultless. At the end of her time with Dan, our dog is calm, walks to heel, will sit without barking when we stop to talk to someone while on a dog walk, her recall is sharper, she can sleep in a separate room to us and, for the first time ever, she has spent time home alone and not barked or gone into meltdown.

We can’t recommend Dan highly enough. And what makes the service even better is the comprehensive handover you get when you collect your dog - Dan took 2 hours to talk to us through the behaviours he’d noticed, what was at the root of them and how to correct them, as well as showing us how to carry on his techniques.

We have a sheet of notes that we read regularly to keep us on track and we know that if we get stuck, we have an expert we can WhatsApp who has a real understanding of our dog. Vislor Winchester has been worth every penny.

Thank you so much for your expertise!

Benji the Parsons Terrier spent 3 weeks wth Vislor Dog Trainer Dan

Phil Went & Benji (Parsons Terrier)

Our 4 year old rescue terrier Benji was extremely reactive to other dogs and every walk was a miserable challenge. After trying general trainers and a dog behaviourist with no luck we eventually contacted Vislor Dog Training who put us in touch with Dan.

Benji spent 3 weeks with Dan on an intensive residential course and has come back a different dog. Dan kept us informed regularly with Benji’s progress, sending videos, photographs and messages.

Within a short time Benji was walking past other dogs without even bothering about them. We were amazed.

We have to implement the training and good work that Dan has put in place. Even though Benji is home Dan has been extremely responsive in checking how we are getting on and offering guidance.

Dan has worked wonders with Benji and looked after him very well.

We are so grateful, thank you Dan

Arlo the Cockapoo following Vislor Residential Dog Training - Winchester

Hannah Makay & Arlo (Cockapoo)

Arlo is our 1 year old cockapoo pup who had developed reactive tendencies ie lunging / barking at other dogs, traffic and people. After wasting time and a lot of money with other trainers and feeling very disheartened, we spent hours of research and found Vislor.

We got in touch with Lorraine who was very helpful and prompt in getting an assessment booked in. Dan at Winchester was fantastic! After all the other failed attempts at training we were a little apprehensive that we would get the results we wanted.

We had our assessment and Dan spent time with us explaining the process and watching how Arlo behaved. He could tell we were still a little hesitant so he offered us a few minutes there and then to show us what he does. In just a few minutes Dan proved then that he was the guy for the job. He effortlessly walked Arlo and his dog Todd together with no reaction from Arlo at all!

Arlo stayed for the 3 weeks and we have seen a massive change since bringing him home, still some work to do but walks are much more enjoyable now and not worrying so much if another dog comes round the corner. Arlo can calmly walk past groups of people, other dogs and the loud traffic also doesn’t bother him now.

I’d highly recommend Dan to anyone who needs help with their dogs, they’ll definitely be in safe hands. Your dog will feel like one of the family in a loving homely environment, Dan even made Arlo’s first birthday a special day!

Thank you so much Dan for the work you’ve done with Arlo.