Dog Training Videos

IPO Observations

A brief Dog Sport introduction and a beginners explanation encompassing the subtelties and awesomeness of Schutzhund / IPO.

IPO is just one part of a broad spectrum of tests, what I like to think of as the German Shepherd Curriculum, devised by the SV to certify Dogs as suitable for breeding.

Why Handler Help is considered a fault in IPO Dog Sport and raising awareness on how to avoid throwing easy points away.

Taking a look at the role of the Helper and the purposes of IPO Protection Dog Training featuring Working German Shepherds.

Reporting from the 2013 GSDL Working Branch of Great Britain Helper Licensing.

Information Videos

Here we look at the weird and wonderful world of dog legislation covering the legal obligations of Dog Owners with regards to the control of dogs in public places as well as the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Training Videos

IPO Using markers for protection training.

This video is about Korky vom Barbatus.

IPObservations The Marker Part 1


Real world residential training with Brody

This video is about Korky vom Barbatus and Trainer Travis Foster, passing the IPO BH Test at 15 months old, at North Shropshire IPO club on 5.12.2015

This video is about Korky vom Barbatus IPO 1

Residential dog training or dog boot camp, where the dog stays at our home for intensive training; interaction and dog socialisation, calmness around children, not jumping up, recall, nice manners, loose lead and off lead walking or any other dog training problem.

A week after his SchH 3 Kai achieves an SG show grading and Korklasse 1.

Team Marches Dog Club