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Pre-trained Dogs For Sale

Why Buy a Fully Trained Dog?

Training a dog requires patience, skill, knowledge and a lot of time. We appreciate that not every potential dog owner is able to dedicate the resources necessary to achieve the desired results. At Vislor, we provide fully trained, obedient, safe, family-friendly dogs – we do the hard work for you. All our dogs undergo intensive in-house training.

With the shared experience held by Vislor trainers, we are perfectly positioned to offer a range of types of dogs to suit specialist requirements, including personal protection dogs who will work with our trainers from a security and police dog training background.

We can also provide fully trained IGP dogs perfect for sport; our trainers have significant IGP experience, having competed at both National and International level over a number of years.

All training is performed by our award-winning Vislor trainers. We have over 30 years of experience training dogs in various disciplines including family pet dogs, working dogs, sport competition (IGP), film and TV work, security and police dog training.

What You Can Expect from a Vislor Dog

All aspects of behaviour are nurtured from an early age as we start basic training from eight weeks old. A Vislor dog will have been resident full-time with one of our experienced trainers and raised within a family environment. Our training standards exceed what is normally expected of a residential pet dog but will include the following:

  • Walk nicely to heel – no pulling on lead
  • Crate trained
  • Toilet trained
  • Correct socialisation with dogs and people
  • Safe around livestock
  • Family friendly
  • Sit & stay
  • Lie down on command
  • Recall
  • Place training
  • Marker training
  • Threshold training
  • Play trained – ball etc
Dog Marker training with Tavis, Chunk and Buddy

Handover and Aftercare

When you take over ownership of your new family companion, we always include an extensive handover session. We like to ensure that your dog is completely comfortable within its new surroundings and family. During the session we will explain our training strategy and provide guidance on how to best maintain that in the future. We are always available to offer advice and guidance should it be needed.

Reserve a Breed of Your Choice

Vislor offer a bespoke service where we will source and train a specific breed of dog for you. We have built up extensive contacts with excellent dog breeders. We only get dogs from the most reputable of sources. A free initial consultation would be needed to ensure that your choice of breed is best suited for your environment and lifestyle. A deposit of £10k is required with the balance payable on transfer of ownership.

If you are interested in one of our highly trained Vislor executive dog companions, then please get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation and quotation.




Throughout their training our dogs have regular veterinarian check-ups. Your dog will already be microchipped and ready for transfer of ownership. You can rest assured that your new family companion will be in the best of health.

Pre-trained Dog Reviews

Enzo being stroked

Roger Miles & Ruairi (formerly Enzo)

It’s been a totally pawsitive experience with everyone at Vislor. We’re loving Lab puppy Ruairi as our newest family member. He’s not only gorgeous and friendly, he really is a very good boy, thanks to Lorraine and Travis – what a delight!

From the moment we first contacted Vislor, it was clear that they’re an exceptional outfit, a cut above all the others out there. Professional but also very friendly and Lorraine is always super quick to respond. The whole Vislor team clearly cares about what we’re looking for in a dog. Lorraine and Travis have a real focus and interest in Ruairi’s specific character and needs. They like to know what sort of life he has with us, so they can support it with just the right elements of training.

Lorraine and the team are easy to talk to, they listen carefully and are generous in sharing their insights and skills. Rather than just listing a random load of methods we could use, they always take the time to show us specific methods, to guide us through what Ruairi needs. So, all the basic instructions as well as more advanced things like walking to heel, waiting by the door, and not jumping up when excited. They really do know pretty much everything there is to know about how and why dogs behave as they do! There seem to be no problems they haven’t already worked out how to deal with.

As I didn’t really “speak dog” before this, Vislor have been brilliant at helping to understand how Ruairi thinks, so we have realistic expectations of how to behave with him. There are so many simple ways to change things for the better, when you know how, as we do now.

Lorraine is a lovely, caring person to deal with. She offers lots of support and communicates really well, making little videos for us to show what to do if we’re ever stuck. Practical advice has also been great – things like which leads to use (and how), the best food, crates, everything. Absolutely we’d recommend them, if you’re looking for dog training that’s super-effective, because they understand how important it is for you as owner and your furry friend to work together – it’s so important to engage with both sides, as Vislor understand so well.

We’re so glad we found Vislor. Ruairi is a cheerful and well-behaved puppy, and we’re more confident owners, thanks to Lorraine and Travis. We’re glad to have Ruairi visit Vislor for training top-ups as he grows up, because he loves it there and we enjoy the results. Thanks, Vislor, you’ve brought us a lot of happiness!

Dr Roger Miles

Vislor Pre-trained puppy Twiggy with her new family.

Michelle Vernon & Twiggy (Pre-trained Fox Red Labrador)

Twiggy is now part of our family, she is a pre-trained puppy. John has trained Twiggy, whilst she lived with him, his wife Kelly and their own two dogs. Social skills are excellent, she walks, stops &, sits to command, follows you and her recall is excellent. Loveley temperament and by going for a pre-trained pup, a lot of hard work is done for you by John.

Fantastic handover, John takes time and patience showing you how to continue his training now you have taken delivery of your pup. And explains that if you need assistance after you have got your pup, he is still available to help.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending John either to train your pup or for a residential stay with him.

We already have a 2yr old lab & due to Twiggy living with John & his 2 dogs, Twiggy & her new brother Ozzie are getting on brilliantly.

He must do a great job in training and socialising, as we travelled from Somerset for the handover.

Should you wish to buy a pre-trained pup, or send your pup for residential training, don't look further than John I gurantee you won't be disappointed.

John Langley with his new Vislor pre-trained German Shepherd Dog Fabio

John Langley & Fabio (German Shepherd)

Having reached my 4th decade and having been a dog lover my whole life, I find myself watching a highly rated streaming series which stars a very well know British comedian ‘from’ Slough and an incredible GSD.

I do my research and find what I am looking for. I make the phone call and the welcoming tones of Lorraine Foster greet me. I declare that I know she is the breeder of the animal in said series… she is bemused by my compliments. I make the suggestion that I purchase a Ridgeback pup and let Vislor train him for 12 months. We talk about my breed favourites and what I am looking for in a dog. I admit that a GSD would be second on my list of choices.

One of the trainers from Vislor owns a Son of the GSD and he is preparing to let him go to the market. Photos and videos start coming through. The boy is stunning. Incredibly well trained in good manners, high level obedience and a qualified protection dog. I arrange to meet with the dog and other members of the Vislor team. I am very impressed. Travis insists on showing me the full ability of Fabio – this includes the dogs protection ability. I am stunned and now nervous. The animal is a thoroughbred. I am not even a beginner. Travis declared “you will not find a better dog”. I wondered if he was attempting to moonlight as a salesman. I was wrong. Travis was right. To Lorraine I said something like “Forget everything I have ever said about a Ridgeback – this dog is the right dog for me and my family”

For the next four weeks I was like an expectant first time mum, running around preparing for the new arrival. At every step Lorraine or Craig were on hand to help and make things simple. Little did I know that in the background the police, military, private security, and families looking for protection dogs are also expressing interest in MY dog. Vislor had made their decision; they wanted the animal to come to me and have a family life with me. They stuck to their word.

I am not going to type verse and line on every aspect of the three day handover to introduce Fabio to my family and myself and to teach me how to handle, play, exercise and continue with his ongoing training. However the commitment and professionalism was to a level that I don’t think can be beaten. So where am I now? My wife greets the dog every morning with a smile and admits that he is better than we could ever have planned or expected (Travis was right). The children love him. He is so reliable it is startling. He is the best behaved in the family – including the adults. My PA suggest that she has never seen me so complete and content. I am constantly stopped and complimented on the incredible animal by my side.

Yes, I am in love however my affection, admiration and gratitude to Vislor is as boundless as my former love of Ridgebacks. Regarding Vislor, I simply cannot thank Travis, Lorraine, Mo and Craig enough. They have gone above and beyond on everything. I would never entertain a Pup in the future without first consulting with them and then committing to some sort of residential training.

Their pre trained animals are pure investment and tremendous value for money

Gilly German Shepherd Dog in training at Vislor

Kate & Gilly (GSD)

We would like to say thank you to Loraine and Travis. What a brilliant experience from start to finish, from first point of contact to buying our Gilly. We are so glad that we chose to buy a dog from them. It was the best decision we made as a family to purchase a ready trained dog.

Gilly has been with us for the last 6 months and has fitted into our family like she has always been here, she is great with our kids and grandkids. As we live on a farm it was important for us to have a dog that is able to be trusted around livestock and our horses. We can take Gilly anywhere around the farm, even in the chicken shed when we’re collecting eggs nothing phases her. Gilly’s obedience is second to none, she does as asked without fault. She’s very alert and aware of everything going on in her surroundings.

Gilly is an all round amazingly trained dog and you can see how much effort and time has gone into training her. We now feel that our home is safe now we have Gilly. We can not thank Vislor enough for offering us this service.

We would highly recommend Vislor to anyone looking to buy a fully trained dog.

Vislor pre-trained dogs Amos & Assey

John & Clair

Having initially approached Lorraine and Travis to complete some pet training for us a few years ago, we now wouldn't go anywhere else for dog training and obedience.

Both Travis ans Mo have an extensive knowledge of dogs and listen to what you want before embarking upon any training programme. They are friendly, professional and came up with practical suggestions to meet the needs of our family. Importantly, they also showed us how to support their training at home so the dogs did not loose their new skills.

We have also had a couple of dogs supplied by them which have been top notch in terms of breeding, temperament and obedience.