Fern – Fox Red Working Labrador For Sale

Fern - fox red working labrador for sale

  • Stats

  • Breed:Fox Red (Yellow) Working Labrador
  • Location:Central England
  • Date of Birth:19/03/2023
  • Sex:Female
  • Country of Origin:UK
  • Coat Color:Red
  • Coat Length:Short
  • KC/FCI Registered:
  • Vet Checked:
  • Pedigree:
  • Vaccinated:
  • Micro Chipped:
  • Price:£10,000

About Fern

Fern is a female Fox Red (Yellow) Labrador puppy from health-checked working line parents; she will be of compact athletic build, approximately 28kg and 24 inches to the shoulder when fully grown. Fern will be available to go to her new family home when she is 5.5 – 6 months old from mid to the end of August 2023.

Fern has been reared and trained by one of our expert Vislor Trainers as if she were their own puppy, living in a family home with a German Shepherd and Cockapoo with regular access to children next door. She will be given the best possible start in life using our ‘Following State of Mind’ training techniques, which will provide solid foundations for good manners and obedience so that you can be confident to carry on her training and take her anywhere with you throughout your life together.

Trainer Appraisal

Fern, aka Ferny, is a fantastic pup that has seamlessly integrated into family life. She currently lives with two other dogs, a Cockapoo and a German Shepherd, who she gets along with wonderfully. Fern is good with children, lapping up all the fuss they give. She has manners fit for a King and is naturally a calm, well-behaved pup.

Being a typical Labrador, she loves her food! She will sit and wait for the ‘ok’ command, which is the signal for her to go to her bowl and eat. Ferny loves to cuddle, especially before bedtime; when sleepy, she will nuzzle into you and fall asleep quite happily.

She loves a tasty bedtime treat, which she likes to take into her crate. Her crate is her comfortable space, and with the door left open, she will happily take herself off for a nap during the day.

She loves walkies and will walk nicely by your side. If you stop walking, she will sit and wait until you are ready to continue. She sits at the curb and at the front door upon entry and exit. She enjoys woodland walks, where she will sniff out the best sticks, and loves a paddle in any stream we may come across.

Whilst she enjoys the company of other dogs, she remains indifferent to those we may come across during walks and will stay within her pack when off-lead. She has superb recall and, upon being called, will return to your side and sit.

She loves her toys, especially a tennis ball, and enjoys a good game of fetch and football.

Fern enjoys having her hair brushed and will sit nicely, allowing you to groom her beautiful coat, but one of her favourite things is a good belly rub!

As part of her training, we have taken her to numerous places, including shops, cafes, pubs and even a fair (she got a lot of attention that day!), and she travels well in the car.

Nothing troubles Ferny; she remains happy whatever situation she is placed in, and her confidence shines through.


When ready for her new family, Fern will have a good foundation regarding all aspects of Vislor’s Pre-trained Dog programme. Vislor will do all the initial hard work so you don’t have to, such as screaming, pees, poops and protests!

We will teach you how to continue the training at home so that you don’t lose the great foundations she has learned, and you will acquire new skills, too. Our Team will be available to advise you, and you may want to book lessons with our Trainers to develop further as you grow together and have great adventures for years to come.

If you are interested in a dog like Fern, then please

Throughout their training our dogs have regular veterinarian check-ups. Your dog will already be microchipped and ready for transfer of ownership. You can rest assured that your new family companion will be in the best of health.