Willow – Pre Trained German Shepherd Dog For Sale

Willow - pre trained German Shepherd Dog For Sale


  • SV Character Assessment:
  • Health

  • HD:A
  • ED:0:0
  • Shoulder:Clear
  • Spondylosis:0
  • Stats

  • Breed:German Shepherd
  • Location:Central England
  • Date of Birth:21/12/2021
  • Sex:Female
  • Coat Color:Black Bi-colour
  • Coat Length:Short
  • KC/FCI Registered:
  • Vet Checked:
  • Pedigree:
  • Vaccinated:
  • Micro Chipped:
  • Price:£6,000

About Willow

Qualifications and Conformation

Willow is a two-year-old female Working German Shepherd Dog from Czechia working lines. Willow is of small to medium size; with correct conformation, she was assessed and passed the SV Character Assessment.

Willow is a very pretty female with a short black bi-colour coat. She has been trained by Vislor Trainer Mo, preparing for the BH test in IGP dog sport. Willow has also done some tracking and IGP protection training.


Willow has a sweet character, gentle and friendly around other people and children. She has been brought up around Mo’s children, mainly living in a home kennel.

Willow also lived with another family to broaden her life experiences of living in a family home with children and other dogs, visiting dog-friendly places using Vislor’s ‘Following State of Mind’ training techniques. She is calm and under control in all places and situations, so you can be sure to take her with you on days out.

As We Advance

Due to her excellent training level, Willow will be suitable to be handled and have her training continued by a male or female owner. Our Trainers will provide a hand-over lesson to teach you how she works so you can continue the great foundation in place.

Trainer Appraisal

Willow is an exceptionally loving pup with oodles of love to give. During her stay with us, she adapted to her new surroundings and environment in a timely fashion with a calm demeanour throughout.

Willow adapted to a busy family life alongside our Husky, German Shepherd and toddler. She interacted well with our toddler and always presented good manners or happily relaxed in bed when we needed her to switch off. Willow is crate-trained and uses this space happily without any difficulties. She also has excellent stay commands and will remain on her bed if required, thus giving the flexibility to be able to use both offerings.


Willow politely ate meals alongside our dogs and happily followed her commands. Willow presented no hostility around her food and was always calm/content. Willow enjoyed travelling to new environments with us and maintained good nerves throughout. She especially loved Sunday lunch at the pub with the fire on. During our time with Willow, we went shopping at dog-friendly shops and to the local park. She walks calmly in busy areas with lots of people and traffic. Willow could travel safely in her secure dog box without any difficulties.


Willow walks with a loose leash nicely by your side, doesn’t pull, and always maintains handler attention. She has correct socialisation skills and a fantastic general obedience level, remaining neutral around other dogs.


She has a strong ball drive and a natural desire to learn and to please. Willow maintains great handler attention and picks up new skills with ease. She is a natural learner and can continue progressing in the sport. She also has a fantastic nose and can sniff out any treats.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with Willow. She will rapidly steal your heart as she is always happy to see you.

If you are interested in a dog like Willow, then please

Throughout their training our dogs have regular veterinarian check-ups. Your dog will already be microchipped and ready for transfer of ownership. You can rest assured that your new family companion will be in the best of health.