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Choosing a Suitable Puppy for Your Family

We all hear the phrase “There is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner.” This statement is not always valid, so you must do your research as genetics play a big part in the behaviour and health of your puppy.

Just reading the 'breed standard' of the type of dog you are considering is not enough; you should research the individual lines of that puppy's breeding. Try and go as far back as possible, including aunts and uncles.

Ideally, speak to the owners of previous litters from the same line. A good breeder will give you this information and allow you to meet with the puppy's family.

If possible, try and engage with the puppy's parents so that you can better assess their character. How do they interact when meeting new people or children?

Remember, the more information you gather, the better placed you are to ensure that your choice of a new family pet will grow into a well-balanced, well behaved, healthy dog.

Don’t Just Pick by Puppy Size

You cannot tell how large or small any given puppy will become within a litter. It doesn't always follow that choosing the biggest puppy will result in the largest dog, as it is not always an exact guide. So please don’t put too much emphasis on picking the biggest puppy, in the hope that it turns out to be the biggest dog.

It is true to say that the biggest puppy in the litter can become the smallest dog when fully grown; and vice-versa.

For an idea of the puppy's fully grown size, look at both parents and other related family members of the breeding.

Temperament and Health

A dog's temperament and health are two factors that are heavily influenced by genetics. Examining the individual lines of the mother & father will give you a good indication as to the likely temperament of the puppy when it becomes a mature adult, at around two to three years old.

All breeds of dogs have their specific health issues. You must research the breed and ensure that the breeder has carried out all breed-related genetic tests to ensure that you have the healthiest pet you possibly can.

Remember, when you pick your puppy, it doesn't stay a puppy for long, particularly in body or temperament.