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Take a walk through our timeline
From the Vislor origin story to our modern-day operations.

Vislor History

Throughout the years we have visited many dog training clubs and attended dog training seminars throughout Europe, allowing Travis to develop his own style of training - to tackle any problem head on and correct issues rather than ignoring or papering over the cracks.

He thinks creatively, developing new techniques and tweaking all exercises to perfection and works until the exercise is to his full satisfaction no matter how long it takes.

Vislor were founding members of Birmingham Schutzhund Club, which later changed name to Team Marches Dog Sport.

Team Marches hosted local and national competitions, as well as seminars with other world-class trainers. Travis’ second Schutzhund 3 (IPO, IGP) dog Xantos Von Der Sagmuhle, was trained to a top-class level.


Moved to Herefordshire to build and launch the first Vislor Dog Training Centre.

Started to offer dog training and behavioural lessons to help people with their family pets.

Offered training for Schutzhund (IPO, IGP) enthusiasts who wanted to improve their general level or to tweak points ready for their own competitions.

Created a series of videos entitled “IPObservations”, used throughout the world for educational purposes or running on the big screens in stadia at National Events.


The first of six Vislor litters came into the world, and a star was born.

Vislor Antilly, better known to many as Anti, began her journey to TV stardom.


Travis and his third IGP-III dog Vongalanberg Kai qualified to represent Team GB in the WUSV (Weltunion Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde) World Championships in Austria. They reach seventh place, the highest position to date for any Team GB entrant.

Vislor continued to breed from GB Championship dogs, including Carlsbro Quinta and Notspol Gilly.


Rich, our trainer based in Leicestershire, competed at WUSV Championships, coached by Travis.


Head trainer Travis Foster trained, qualified and competed with Korky vom Barbatus. Together, they achieved all qualifications up to IGP-III, at the youngest age permitted to enter the competition.


From the second litter, Vislor Bulmer competed at the WUSV World Championships in Tilburg, the Netherlands, alongside Lewis Hartley.


Korky sold to four-time WUSV World Champion Ronny van den Berghe from Belgium. Together they became Universal Sieger, combining Work and Show elements of the WUSV in 2018 and 2019.


West Midlands operation expanded, with IGP Trainer Mo joining back up with Travis from his previous experience on the WUSV circuit.

Anti becomes the “Most Famous Dog in the World”, appearing in hit Netflix series “After Life” alongside Ricky Gervais.


The world came to a halt, and unfortunately, so did the competitions.

Vislor opens a new training centre in Staffordshire, which is now our Burton centre.


Penn, Pandemic and Porky vom Barbatus were brought to the UK from Germany. Porky is being trained in IGP, and Penn is being trained to take over from Anti in the world of showbusiness.


New Vislor Training Centres opened in Leicestershire, Tamworth and Warwickshire.

Travis acquired two young working line GSDs to train for IGP Dog Sport and Personal Protection.