One to One Dog Training

We Teach You How to Train Your Dog

For owners wanting a more hands-on approach to their dog training you can book a one-to-one private training session with Travis where you will learn how to train your dog, quickly and easily, no need for months of attending group sessions, our methods are bespoke to your dog training needs.

​One-to-Ones are our preferred method and are useful for almost anyone, from first time dog owners to experienced trainers. We tackle problems head on, unlike many trainers that tend to avoid the problem. We can help with whatever issues you are facing, the most common problems are, pulling on the lead, jumping up, re-call, sitting and waiting, interaction with other dogs. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals.

Additional costs apply for evening and weekend lessons.

Travis will discuss your dog training and behavioral problems and find out what you would like to achieve, carry out an assessment of the interaction of you with your dog and agree the best training option, teaching you simple practical skills and setting achievable goals for you to work on together at home with your pet.

£ 75


£ 50


A 50% surcharge will apply for evening and weekend lessons or lessons carried out at an alternate venue to our base at Shenstone, Kidderminster, West Midlands.

Vislor Training Options

puppy training advice

Puppy training advice

Our initial 1 hour consultation offers a solid foundation for training your new puppy.

working & sport dog training

Sport dog training

Training dogs for work and sport is our specialty at Vislor - Award winning IPO Trainers

dog boot camp residential training

Residential Dog Training

Our 3 week intensive residential dog training programme - we train your dog for you.

One to One Dog Training Reviews

John B & Bailey

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, value

Travis Foster with John B and his dog Bailey having one to one training at Vislor Dog Training Center - West Midlands

I have been with Vislor since Bailey was 3 months old (he is now 12 months). Trav is a very professional amazing trainer with the knowledge to match, there’s nothing he don’t know! When we first took Bailey we couldn’t even get him to walk properly on a lead, first lesson and Bailey was walking wonderfully on the lead. He really is helping me achieve my goals with Bailey, working initially on his obedience, and continues to do so.

Having just completed the reactive course Mo, we couldn’t be happier with Baileys progress. Mo is truly a fantastic trainer who has so much passion for what he does, and it really shows.

Despite being part of a group, Mo gives everyone 121 time, and although some of us were at different levels with our training, Mo was able to tailor the training to meet each of our needs. He really goes above and beyond for you!

Would highly recommend the course, it was a lot of fun and hard work, but it’s worth it! Just make sure you do your homework!!

I would recommend Vislor to anyone with a dog who needs help, you honestly can’t get better than these guys!

Richard Mileson & Henry

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, value

Richard Mileson & his dog Henry One to One Dog Training at Vislor- West Midlands

I was really struggling with my dog despite trying hard and spending lots of time with training. The improvement in behaviour started from the first session with Travis. We still have a long way to go but I feel confident we will get there using the new skills and techniques learnt from Travis.

Thank you to both Travis and Lorraine.

Gaynor Manchester & Reeva (Doberman)

Positive: professionalism, value

Having 5 previous Doberman’s over the years with no problems until this one (Reeva) I would like to thank Travis for his help with Reeva, I bought her at 5 months old and was never trained to walk on the lead, she was so bad she injured the previous owners shoulder with pulling on the lead. I tried for 5 months to try and get her to walk without pulling to no avail. I booked a lesson with Travis as a last resort as I was exhausted with her, I could not believe the difference after one lesson, I had another lesson and now she is a different dog, she actually listens to me now, i can’t recommend Vislor enough don’t struggle book a lesson. I tried positive dog training with reward but found it didn’t suit Reeva all she wanted was food all the time.

Dave Noonan & Bear (6 month GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Dave Noonan and his GSD Bear one to on training vislor

Quite simply the best team of dog trainers out there…. Having spent a lot of time (& money!!) on a few other “dog behaviour experts”— with little result— me and my 6 month old GSD, Bear, started seeing Trav due to Bear’s serious reactivity issues…. Trav is honestly just AMAZING— not only himself a hugely successful/experienced competitor in Dog Sport, but also brimmed full with insights into the world of dog training, canine behaviour and the role of the handler/owner in all of this….!! A genuinely passionate trainer, with an ethos of “fix the problem, not just the behaviour”…. Coming from a background of working in medicine, this approach made so much logical “sense” to me— concepts such as “the following state” soon became central to my own way of thinking about Bear’s reactivity problems…. As a result, I can honestly say that I no longer even think about his reactivity during walks: he either just doesn’t react at all; or I can quickly/effectively manage his reactions on the rare occasions that he does….

I also must mention Mo— who runs the Group Reactivity classes…. This chap literally exudes a deep passion/understanding for dog-training, and it’s contagious…!! Despite the class being in a “group” setting, Mo treats every dog/handler in a different way, tailored to your needs… He also goes WAY above his own commitments, positively asking folk to randomly text/call him “whatever time”, and always gets back: even in the middle of the night….!!

Finally, Lorraine: the one who keeps everything organised, is the “glue” at Vislor…. Not only super-organised, but also always available at the end of the phone to answer any queries you may have….!!

In summary— please don’t waste your time/money anywhere else: the Vislor team is one-of-a-kind, and I’d challenge anyone to find better dog trainers in the U.K…. Cheers Vislor….!!

Fran Henderson & Stella

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Fran Henderson and her puppy Stella

Where do I start? My puppy was reactive, to the point I would dread taking her out.... From the first session I felt so much more confident, and she changed straight away, from the advice off Trav, I go every couple of weeks, and the difference in my girl is just WOW!! She is learning so much, as am I!! And we are loving every second of it.

Uncle Mo.... We joined the reactive group, and we are absolutely loving it!! It's fun, you learn so much, and no matter day or night uncle mo is there if you need anything!! My girl is thriving ... Our bond is unbelievable.

Thank god I found vislor!! Because Mo & Trav are truly incredible at what they do.... So if you're struggling, they are the guys you need!! Absolute life savers!! Put the hard work in and you and your dog could be as happy as me and my girl. You won't regret it!! Dream team 👌

Kyle Gayne & Eddie (Labrador cross from Cyprus)

Positive: professionalism, quality, value, reliability

Kyle Gayne & Eddie his black labrador

After just two sessions with Mo, it's like our entire life has changed for the better. Our dog was incredibly reactive and nervous, to the point we struggled to get him to leave the house to even use the garden, let alone walk him. He would pull so hard that he would leave our hands nearly bleeding.

Mo recognised the issues straight away and implemented the right techniques to help us. Two sessions later and we are walking him calmly and with no pulling at all. Mo couldn't do enough for us and was always happy to stay in contact with us between sessions.

I would absolutely recommend Vislor and Mo to anybody at all out there - they have literally improved all of our lives!

Meloney Hughes & Xena (Dutch Herder)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness

Melony Hughes & her Dutch Herder Xena
Mo is fantastic, we’ve only had one session so far and we’ve already noticed a difference with our dog who was almost impossible to walk! We are doing the homework set and look forward to our next session.

Martine Evans & Lister (Black Lab Mix) & Ronson (Bully)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Lister and Ronson

My two dogs Lister (black lab mix) and Ronson (5 moth old puppy bully) where having issues getting along inside the home, Ronson had a lot of other problems including leash pulling, biting and just a general lack of manners. My other dog Lister was reactive and had always been slow to respond to commands. We had a session with Travis and a session with Mo. Honestly, I am amazed with the change in my dogs, Trav and Mo are brilliant and Mo even managed to get my mum to see why babying her Bully pup was bad which is a miracle in itself. The pup was walking a brilliant heel in minutes. Trav had a dog inches from my reactive boy on day one.

Can't praise these guys enough, they're amazing trainers, very welcoming and friendly, Mo makes a lovely coffee too.

Alisha Khan & Reggie (Pocket Bully)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Alisha & Reggie

I took My pocket bully Reggie to Vislor dog training because he was pulling constantly on the lead, and was ridiculously reactive to people, children and other animals, from the very first session my dog has completely changed, he no longer pulls my arms off and he actually listens to me now, Travis is awesome, really friendly and approachable, never makes you feel like he’s clock watching and you can see he genuinely loves his job.

Thank you so much for everything, Alisha & Reggie

Amar Dhadli & Akela (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Amar's German Shepherd Dog Akela

Our 4-year-old GSD, Akela, is a wonderful dog, great temperament around people and other dogs… until she is on the lead! Very reactive, pulling and barking at anyone & anything – not aggressively, but for attention. Nonetheless, people just see a German Shepard barking at them and get put off, which really stresses us out walking with her. We tried all kinds of things to stop this and nothing seemed to work. Other trainers were quoting a series of 8 to 10 sessions without even seeing her. Visor was recommended by a fellow dog owner who had very positive results

We had one session with Mo and the change in Akela was remarkable. He explained exactly what WE were doing wrong – the behaviour was not the dog’s fault; we were not just handling her properly. By the end of that single session, Akela was walking by our side calmly ignoring the other people and dogs.

Although it is still early days, we have walked Akela to & from the park already with no pulling or barking – she is like a new dog!

So grateful to Mo & Vislor for helping us… and also not taking advantage. Single lesson, money on the day and gone home with the proper advice we needed.

I would 100% recommend.

Rikki Theodosi & Leila (6 month Samoyed)

Rikki with his 6 month old Samoyed Dog
Had a 1to1 with Mo with our 6month old Samoyed. After 1 lesson she already had become a calmer dog at home and started to listen to me. Fully recommend Mo! Really happy with the progress after day 1. Can't wait to see what's next!

Amy Vowels & Hera (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality

Hera Germa Shepherd Dog
Vislor helped me with my reactive GSD Hera. We had 2 sessions and after this we could manage a calm, controlled walk back to the car which previously had been a major problem, she was less reactive out on walks and concentrating on me, listening and more responsive. She has continued to get better and better and my bond with her is stronger every day. My friend recently stayed to dog sit for us and H was equally well behaved for her on her walks with my friend saying she’s like a different dog.

Jessica Murphy & Bella (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Jessica Murphy & Bella (GSD)

My GSD, Bella is dog reactive. Also taking her anywhere new/exciting is a nightmare; she's like a wild animal! I have had 2 sessions with Travis so far who has been absolutely brilliant! He has been teaching me how to handle Bella in a new place and with other dogs around. I understand that the training is not just about helping Bella but it is also about me, my communication with her, and my handling skills. This will take time but I definitely have more confidence taking her places especially where there are other dogs. Also, a big thank you to Lorraine who is wonderful at answering any queries! I would recommend 1000%!!!

Thank you so much ??

Kate, Sam & Elvis (Jack Russel)

Elvis Jack Russell one-to-one training
Fantastic 1st session with Mo. Mo was very understanding and we can already see a huge difference after just 1 session. Mo offered explanations for behaviours and showed us how to correct them. Would 100% recommend.

George Creed

Mr Creed & Cocker Spaniel one-to-one dog training
I cannot recommend Vislor too highly. I myself have extensive experience in training dogs and as such I can honestly say that Travis Foster is undoubtedly one of the top trainers in the country. I went to him with a recall issue with my working Cocker Spaniel and with his support and knowledge we are now well on the road to correcting this issue

Simon Taylor

Positive: professionalism, quality, reliability

Simon Taylor's dogs
A short to review to say how pleased I am with the training received from Vislor. Travis’s experience and knowledge is second to none, he helped me to understand what it takes to control my dogs and get in sync with them. I cannot recommend him more highly! Thanks so much

Blanka Blage & Dolly

Positive: professionalism

Blanca Blage and her dog Dolly - one to one dog training.

Mo is a professional trainer and in the first 30 minutes he taught me how to apply essential rules in dog training. Dolly was very receptive and from the first day she changed her attitude, from a very nasty dog ​​to a quiet one in first day. I know it's just the beginning, but it looks very promising! Thank you!

Lily Styche

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

I have been training with travis from vislor for a little while now with my Doberman. All I can say is if you are looking for top class instructors and unbelievable results then Vislor is the place.

Phillipa Garbett & Kane (7 month Rottweiler)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

KAne 7 month old Rottweiler
I contacted Vislor for help with my 7 month old Rottweiler puppy, Kane. Although only young, his size and strength was making life extremely difficult for the family. We had a 1:1 training session with Mo whose clear and knowledgeable explanations of the approaches I needed to use were great. He taught me techniques, and gave me the confidence to implement them. Even after just our first session the changes are unbelievable. It is actually enjoyable to take Kane out for walks now, without him pulling and trying to jump up on other dogs. He is calmer and less destructive in the house, and we now have a much better relationship. Kane also seems happier now that he is fitting into the family more successfully. Thank you so much Mo.

Kate Southern & Buddy (Labrador/GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

I have completed 2 sessions with Travis at Vislor dog training and have been absolutely blown away by the change it has made. Buddy was becoming difficult to take out in public at 11 months old due to pulling on the lead and reacting to other people and dogs so we knew he needed help. From the beginning, Travis worked out what training strategy would be best for him, and within 30 minutes of the first session Buddy was walking at my side without pulling. He is now able to go out on walks in public without reacting to other people or dogs, and I can’t thank you enough for this. Lorraine was also really helpful in answering many of my questions before training and they definitely make a great team. Thank you so much for all of your help, I cannot recommend you enough to anyone looking for a top quality dog trainer.

Nat Birley & Zak (GSD)

Positive: professionalism

Nat Birley one to one training with her German Shepherd Zak

Had our 1-2-1 with Trav a few weeks ago to get help with Zaks reactivity and for some training for me in handler skills- clear guidance and support and left the end of that session feeling more confident in my handling techniques and a clear plan of action. Fast forward 3 weeks and Zak has stopped lunging at other dogs and for the first time I feel comfortable walking him knowing I have control.

We enjoyed the session so much we have just completed our third and intend to keep going- learning more and more after each session going beyond what we sought initial help for and looking forward to starting to progress into some obedience work!

Now enjoying being with Zak and not on edge every time we go outside. Zak has guidance he needs so he is less stressed and so, hopefully, enjoys his time with me too!

Cannot recommend Trav and Mo enough. Clear advice, supportive and works with what you are comfortable with and no pressure at all. Communication through Lorraine is great, who is on hand to answer questions outside of the training sessions.

Rachel Wickens & Ruben (18 month GSD)

Rachel and Ruben GSD 1-1 dog training

Took my 18month GSD for a 1:1 session with Mo. Cannot fault his work/ help. Very detailed explanations of techniques and clearly very experienced. For the first time I felt confident and in control of my dog. Within the first lap of the training field I could already see the difference. I now feel confident and capable enough to practice the techniques given at home too. I would 100% would recommend Mo/ Vislor.

A massive thankyou, from Rachel & Ruben.

Tracey & Chewy (GSD)

Tracey Ridgway & 2.5 year old German Shepherd Dog.
I went to see Trav with our 2.5 year old German shepherd due to her reaction to other dogs. He explained that she’s nervous reactive and she’d always be like this, which was a relief to know we hadn’t done anything to make her this way. He’s taught me how to handle and react to it, and since then our walks have been more pleasurable. She still takes an interest but no longer thrashes about on her lead whenever she sees another dog and will walk past them. Our relationship with each other is better as well, with her listening to me more. She’s not perfect but, she’s 90% better than she was, I actually enjoy taking her for a walk now, rather than dread it and I can’t thank Trav enough for that. Highly recommended.

Gary Weston (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, responsiveness, reliability

Garry Weston and his German Shepherd Dog
Our 11 month old German Shepherd was highly reactive to people, cars, bikes, dogs etc. It was getting that bad we couldn't really take her out. After one session with Travis we had the confidence to take her out and the change is amazing. We still have a way to go but I would wholeheartedly recommend Vislor Dog Training. Lorraine and Travis are brilliant many thanks.

Udhayarani Kiruban & Caia (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Our 5 month old German Shepard Caia, had her first session today. She is easily reactive, does not walk on lead properly, putting it simply, she would take us for a walk. In this session, Travis educated us in our puppies behaviour and within 30 mins, Travis had got us walking Caia without pulling, sniffing or her being distracted. We were able to use the techniques learnt this evening and enjoyed the company of Caia on her mat in the living room, truly unbelievable! We’re looking forward to our next session and keep training in between. Thank you Lorraine, Travis, Mo and Fabio.

Mike Jackson & Zak (GSD)

Positive: professionalism

Relaxed Zak German Shepherd Dog following 1-1 training at Vislor
Our 4.5 month old German Shepard puppy was in serious dislike of people, in particular children, in particular little girls. We were looking for reasons and ways to fix what is an extreme issue. He’d done basic puppy training with food and high value treats but when he was outside on his lead he changed into an uncontrollable monster should a person come near or a child go running or laughing passed. We have had dogs for years and have really struggled for a solution that fixed the issue with advice not leading us anywhere. We then came across Vislor, knowing we needed to take action now while he was still small enough to handle, we had our first session with Travis last week and he assessed our Zack. He Instantly spotted a nervous aggressive pup and set us on our path. The news that our little fella would always be of this nature and we could only learn to manage and not actually fix him was both a shock and a relief. A relief because it explained why every way we tried only seemed to make the issues worse so knowing that there is no fix leaves you asking how do we manage this extreme condition. After just 2 sessions Travis has helped us to become better leaders giving us the tools to help Zack understand that his reaction his wrong and helping us to help Zack to not feel he has to take on the world when we are out. We are sure there’s more to know and more to learn but we now feel positive about our future with Zack. Thanks Travis truly a person who knows what he’s doing. We thank you and look forward to a more stable future.

Sarah Challenger

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

sarah challenger dogs
I went to see Travis after seeing a number of trainers in my local area, South Wales, with no success. My dog is a rescue and had a number of problems when we took her on. I had already attended one to one training, group sessions and seen a behaviourist. I always felt no one understood my dog and was told she was wired wrongly. I sought Travis’s help as a last resort. We had met he and Lorraine briefly in Crete 6 years ago. After a disastrous summer holiday with our dog this year I felt something had to change. Travis is 2.5 hours away from us but it was so worth the journey. We sat and talked with him as a family about the dog but also her dynamic with my other dog and each of us. This was so enlightening and for the first time somebody understood my dog and what caused her unwanted behaviours barking at other dogs, lunging, repetitive jumping at doors, not walking with my husband etc. Since August we have persevered with the advice Travis gave us. He said because of her age, 5 years old, it would be slow progress but change would happen. Things have changed so much my husband is now able to walk dogs, something he’s never been able to do in 5 years. They are well behaved and he is in control. This is success enough for us but yesterday on his walk he bumped into our vet who hasn’t seen both dogs since last November, when they had their vaccinations. Without prompting she complimented him on how well behaved both dogs were, especially my little rescue who normally would be bouncing and barking. Not this time they had a chat and vet asked for trainer’s details. This has given us a huge boost and we know that following Travis’s advice is the right thing for us. We will be forever grateful to Travis and Lorraine. Our dogs are happier and we have the knowledge to enjoy our dogs going forward. I would recommend their services

Brian Emuss

Positive: professionalism, quality

I spent an hour with Trav. The guy is a wealth of information. He has trained dogs for the tv and film industry, the police and the military so really knows his stuff. After discussing a few methods of correction for unwanted behaviour from my dog and how to get your dog to respect you rather than just do things because it’s rewarded with treats, I went home and applied these techniques and within 48 hours we started to notice a difference. Also family members have said what a different dog he seems. So much better and well behaved. I’d recommend Vislor dog trainers to anyone!

Chris and Jane

We had our puppy training with Travis at Vislor today and can honestly say we couldn’t have a better start to our journey with our new puppy. From worrying about methods and differing advice we can now look forward to enjoying a confident start and a happy and well behaved pet. Thank you Travis . Was lovely to meet you and we would recommend you to everyone who wants the best for themselves and their dog - Chris and Jane.

Lisa Clark & CJ (GSD)

I had 4 sessions with Trav, with my German Shepard he came not being good on the lead when walking in public and was about sensitive when doing so however after having some training sessions you wouldn’t think he was the same dog, it’s bought out the bond between us it’s helped me and it’s made us bond with each other so much more so a massive thank you to Trav and Lorraine for helping me with this and if I need more training I will without a doubt be returning. I am so pleased with the result.