Pet Dog Training Testimonials


Janet & Dougal

Dougal came for one to one private lessons because he had been attacked by another dog and was frightened of other dogs and people, pulling on the lead when in walks, growling and barking at visitors. After just two lessons we have received this message:
Just a quick message to let Trav know that it's going really well with the house move + dougal meeting and playing nice with my parents lab. Dougal has met lots of new people at the house and has almost immediately felt at ease. We are looking forward to booking our next lesson with you, will get a date sorted soon to start his recall! Thanks guys!

George Middlemiss - UK Police Dog Training Sergent (Retired)

During my Police Service I had responsibility for training all of my Force Police Dogs. I supervised six Dog Training Instructors, three of which were Home Office Accredited. We had responsibility in training and maintaining over 70 dogs providing the General Purpose Patrol, Firearms Support, plus Drugs and Explosives Search functions. Keen that the unit should perform to the highest of standards, my policy was to actively seek out new ideas and training methods from other forces, and also from trainers with non-police backgrounds. I trained with and exchanged ideas with expert trainers throughout Europe and the USA and on a regular basis since 2001, with Mr Travis Foster (of Vislor Dog Training) Travis has long-standing experience in training dogs for sporting purposes, including Schutzhund, and the Belgian and French Ring sports. The expertise and guidance he provided in all areas of dog training allowed us to develop significantly as a unit, and the standards now achieved are far greater than prior to his involvement. In particular, his knowledge, understanding and skills in developing a dog to its full drive and bite work potentials, are in themselves worth the time spent in his company. His standards are extremely high, and his in-built sense of responsibility ensures that channeling high drive and commitment in a dog must be coupled with excellent safety and control. His techniques, coupled with patience and understanding ensures the production of a well-rounded dog, trained to a first class standard. His knowledge, and experience in training the Belgian Malinois has been of great help in the development of Tactical Support Dogs. Travis also shared his immeasurable expertise to provide advice and guidance in the development and training of pups for Police Work. He is in my opinion, as a trainer of dogs, one of the best in this country, but equally important, as an instructor of people, his style of communication and presentation, facilitates an easy-to-follow environment for the pupil. George Middlemiss ACPO Instructor (Retired) Director, Martello Search and Security Limited

KODA & Susan

I had training from Vislor about 2 years ago, it was the best training I've had !! After going too 3 different dog trainers before, who were useless! None of them could train my stubborn husky. After only 2 lessons with Vislor I noticed a dramatic difference in my dogs behaviour and temperament. He was so responsive and a lot less stressed , I also noticed he didn't attack me anymore which was one of my main concerns . After 6 lessons Vislor had my Husky walking off lead and his recall was incredible making him a pleasure to walk. I would recommend vislor to anyone they are really incredible! Susan (A very happy customer) (Susan & Koda went on to do competitive obedience :-)

FUDGE & Lisa

I have to admit I was apprehensive at first with regards to the 1:1′s but you all made me feel very at ease and clearly explained the theory behind your training. It was clear that I needed to be much more assertive and black & white with my instructions – so Fudge and I spent quite a bit of time working through the homework we were given and we had some frustrations along the way but equally some positives. The outcome after 5 weeks is fantastic and our family dog walks are so much more enjoyable. I am so pleased that Fudge now walks without pulling on the lead and he is so much better on the sit, down, heel, away and wait commands. Travis has been honest, patient and consistent with me and certainly has an aura around my dog! I was impressed that Travis offered to come out to my home so that Fudge received the same training but in his own familiar territory which has made a massive difference and goes to prove that the training is transferable. Fudge & I still have some things to work on but what a huge difference in such a short space of time! Thank you very much for all your help, I would certainly recommend your facilities and training to anyone who like me wasn’t sure that I could do this, trust me you can!

OAKLEY - recall training

We had our 1-2-1 with Travis at Vislor where we concentrated on the recall. Oakley is a friendly bouncy dog and loves to play with other dogs. The problem comes when we want to recall him away from playing or other distractions. There is only one word I can use to describe the results we achieved with Travis, AMAZING!! In the short space of time we were at Vislor, we achieved more than we have over the 8 months we have been attending our local dog training class. Thanks very much Trav. Oakley was a pleasure to have on holiday with and even on crowded beaches full of other dogs, his recall was superb. Our holiday was great and we did some long coastal walks and walks across the moors. We will be going to Vislor again before we go to the lakes in August.

HARLIE & Eric & Karen

My Wife Karen and I had our first lesson and consultation with Ashley today. We were absolutely gobsmacked! Our dog Charlie responded so well and since coming home we have had him out on two walks and he is honestly like a new dog! We have also been working on his scratching which is going very well too. Ashley is a real credit to you and made us feel so relaxed. Thank you! Thanks again. Eric.

DIESEL & Andrea & Mark

Hi Travis, Ashley and Lorraine, After our one to one sessions in May/June we really wanted to thank you for all of your help with our rescue dog Diesel. We honestly thought his barking and lunging at other dogs was here to stay! We had tried lots of training methods and nothing seemed to make a difference, until we met you! I dreaded taking him for a walk and meeting other dogs, people crossed the road to avoid us and it felt like several hours at the gym. Amazingly, taking him out now is something I look forward too, our relationship has grown and I am able to take him anywhere. We still have room for improvement but everything is looking very positive. We cannot thank you enough, our big thug is now almost a little angel. What you have done for us is remarkable and has made a huge difference, for that we are truly grateful. Thank you Andrea, Mark & Diesel

MAJOR & Howard

Howards review after a couple of lessons at Vislor Dog Training Centre with Major. Today I took my eight and half month old German Shepherd “MAJOR TOM” to a horse trial and it was a pleasure to have him with me. He only barked once, remained calm and well-mannered and when walking off the lead never strayed more than 10ft from me – returning every time I called. I had got up at 6.30am and took Major for a walk around the village. I met a total of 9 dogs and not once did he bark or pull. I thought then that today was going to be a good day. One month ago I went to a similar horse trial and that day was a disaster. He barked at every dog he saw, lunged at every dog within 15ft, was totally unruly and made my day a total misery. As a result I contacted Vislor Dog Training Centre and after one introduction session, two days of “Doggy Day Care” and a final lesson I now have a dog I am proud of, I can handle and is a credit to the hard work put in at Vislor. I have already recommended Vislor Dog Training Centre to others and would certainly have no hesitation in giving a personal recommendation if asked. Howard Miles

GEM & Jan

Jan & Gem live in Suffolk and came to stay near by with a friend for a week and booked in for one lesson per day for 5 days. They go to obedience class every week, Gem could sit & heel but pulled all of the time which is a problem as Jan has pain in her shoulder. Jan wants to do competition obedience, but first she needed the basic good manners and foundation training, Jan knew there was something missing in the training that she was doing in the classes which is all positive with no correction of unwanted behaviour taught at all. On the first lesson we always do a theory presentation explaining methods and theories and discussing what type of help is needed for this dog and owner. Jan said 'the theory presentation is very good a must for everyone, it is amazing and sets out what you can do and achieve. Everything that I have learned from Travis has been a lot to take in and remember, but now I have got it and understand, previously I had a lack of understanding and would have carried on aimlessly with our training, now I know how to reward and correct and to train correctly, it will have a positive impact on our everyday home life and I am looking forward to doing Competition obedience, I want to do everything with Gem. I can feel the bond coming between Gem & I now, she is now in a calmer mode, and I understand the positive & negative balance. If I opened a door Gem would barge past screaming with no control, now she waits quietly and calmly to go through when told. Gem can now sit and down, stay calmly, working for me even with the distraction of other dogs, heel without pulling and has learned the following state of mind where she stays near me all of the time not running away to other dogs etc. I know how to continue the training my self back at home, as I now have the understanding, all is clear for me and Gem, but we will definitely be back for more lessons. It has been an amazing week and I have enjoyed every minute!

NELL & Kay

I came to see you last February with my rescued German Shepherd bitch Nell, 6 months old, hse had a huge problem with other dogs, having been bullied, she was fine with my tiny yorkie and cat, we farm sheep so lots are around, she had never been on a lead until I had her, I must say I have had rescue German Shepherds for 45 years and have never had the problem that I had with this one, she would attack any dog and pull me off my feet. After a couple of weeks I knew I needed some help, we go horsey events and local fetes etc, something had to be done! Well after a session there was a great deal of improvement with both of us. I can honestly say this is the best money I have ever spent, Nell is so happy, I can take her anywhere, she is a happy dog and loves other dogs and horses. She just went to the local village feta with lots of children, I entered her into the best behaved dog and under 10's where the dogs were nose to tail! I can't recommend you enough, and have told a lot of people including my vets. Thank you again, Kay


Hello Team Vislor, I brought Mark, my German Shepherd along for an assessment with you and found the time spent extremely helpful, you did ask me to let you know how I got on. I now have confidence to approach other dogs with Mark, which I would not have done prior to meeting you. We have had a definite improvement, Mark has passed several dogs at distances of 5 mtrs and tail waving is the most he has done, we were also able to stop and chat with another GSD owner, who walks two. I sat Mark and had a conversation, again with a space of about 5 mtrs between Mark and the other two GSDs. After a while Mark lay down, ignoring them. On our country lane walk we met a lady walking about 6 jack russells – all on leads, but, one was aggressively barking at us, Mark tried to jump up and down, I corrected him and we were able to walk on. I took him to the park this afternoon, and he behaved very well, passing three different dogs, one excited tail waving, one muzzled jack Russell and one sniffing the ground.

INCA & Colleen

Thank you so much to Travis and Ashley for a fresh approach to training. I learnt to be more 'black and white' in my commands. My 'wilful' GSD now has more respect for me and seems to be enjoying her training sessions more. I am looking forward to my next session soon. Regards, Colleen Ferguson

FRYDA & Sheila

Having wasted time and money over the years with various trainers, I found Vislor and decided to make the 6 hour round trip. The first one to one session with Vislor Team brought such outstanding success with my female GSD Fryda I have returned twice more with my Male GSD puppy and 'again' have achieved Excellent results. We discussed the problems I was having, my female had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and needed to have her hips replaced, she needed fine tuning on the lead, and I needed to get this sorted before the operation. In one session Fryda was sorted and I mean sorted! She has not left my side on lead since, no more lunging when other dogs bark at her. I would highly recommend Vislor to anyone who wants to train and understand their dog or experiencing behavioural problems. From the moment you arrive, you know your in good hands. The team was very approachable and helpful — not condescending like some dog trainers, they bent over backwards to make sure I was leaving well equipped to work with my dogs. Vislor is the ONLY place I would take my loyal 4legged best friends. Don't hesitate to take your best friend here, you will not be disappointed with the knowledge and support that you would receive, look at their own dogs - they say it all. Thank you all at Vislor!

MOLLY & MABLE with Kathryn and Russell

We visited Vislor with our two lurcher/retrievers who are sisters. Molly was becoming a huge problem with chasing sheep, birds, anything that ran in front of her and no matter what we tried the recall wasn't working. Mabel likes to dig when walking and again didn't come to the recall. Walking them both was becoming a chore as they both pulled on the lead and quite frankly an unpleasant experience not what I signed up for when having dogs!!! However after two sessions with Travis and Ashley we now have two totally different dogs who are a pleasure to walk. I can now take them back up to the forest off their leads so they can have a run about but knowing all the time that as soon as I call "come" they both return to my side from whatever they are doing. I want to the thank both Travis and Ashley as this really was the last chance saloon for Molly and Mabel and it has been great to have comments off other dog walkers that we come across most days who have said how much better behaved they are. If we need any help I know where to go and would certainly recommend Vislor to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

BELLA & Vanessa

Please thank Travis and Ash for all the training provided to Bella and me. I have to say I was a little nervous about what to expect and how it would work out but it was brilliant and the results since being back at home are really positive, we still have a way to go with the recall but there has been a tremendous improvement, its also a pleasure to walk Bella on the lead now, there is no more pulling which means my arm stays in its socket! and the walk is so much more enjoyable for both of us. I think the most important part of the time spent with Travis and Ash was them teaching me how to be a trainer, to be positive and calm, giving one word commands, how and when to correct Bella and then just as importantly letting her know when training is finished and its play time! It was great to see Travis working with Gilly, I don’t expect Bella to do anything like that but to see the Master with his dog was awesome. Hopefully if all goes well with the training, Bella and I will be a great team too! Will keep in contact with you anyway and let you know how we are getting on.


"Travis is our latest major discovery!!! Although being a friend for many years Travis has only recently agreed to come on board to help with the demand for “Quality assured ” Dog training and we feel extremely lucky to have someone with his enormous talent, on call.To watch Trav (as we prefer to call him) work with a dog is awe inspiring, in fact in the world of Schutzhund, (where men are men and the bars are busy!) it is only Travis who commands complete silence when he walks onto the field (Whether it’s the shock of his haircut or not we haven’t worked out!). Travis is not only extremely well known and respected within the competition circuit, with his Rottweiler “The Pig” (without doubt the most highly qualified Rotty to work in the U.K), but he can often be seen rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous having worked his dogs on many T.V. and Film sets. More recently he has worked with many of the countries police forces and is one of only a very few privileged civilian dog handlers to of attended a Police explosive’s course. If it’s highly polished obedience you want from your dog you could do no more than arrange an hour with “our Trav” and if not book it anyway and get him to work his own dog for you, you will leave with a whole new concept on training your pet and probably spend the whole journey home making clicking noises!!!"

Paul Kelly

Took our 8 month Cane Corso to Travis for his second session today. On our first session Travis gave us some sound advice and principles to work with which meant our boy was a pleasure to walk from day one. He advised us to decide if we needed more help and contact him. We decided to take him back for a review and address a few concerns we had as a family. Second session was fantastic, great advice and more importantly quality demonstrations of the techniques and the principles behind them. We will be back for further training and would not hesitate to recommend Travis and his expertise. In fact, we did and my sister booked in for her new GSD puppy today. Thank you for the professional, clear and concise advice and training... We would 100% recommend Vislor!

Paul Exley

Very happy owners of Vislor Fysk
Sire: Vislor Bulmer
Dam: Vislor Antilly
Having bred showline GSD’s and competed in conformation shows for many years
I decided I wanted a dog to train for and hopefully compete in IPO
We were lucky enough to have Fysk join our family we are extremely happy that he did he’s a super example of the breed with an excellent character