Why Buy a Fully Trained Dog?

Training a dog requires patience, skill, knowledge and a lot of time. We appreciate that not every potential dog owner is able to dedicate the resources necessary to achieve the desired results. At Vislor we provide fully trained, obedient, safe, family friendly dogs – we do the hard work for you. All our dogs undergo approximately 12 months in house intensive training at our facility in the West Midlands.

All training is performed by our award-winning Vislor trainers. We have over 30 years of experience training dogs in various disciplines including family pet dogs, working dogs, sport competition (IPO), film and tv work, security and police dog training.

What You Can Expect from a Vislor Dog.

All aspects of behaviour are nurtured from an early age as we start basic training from 8 weeks old. A Vislor dog will have been resident full time with one of our experienced trainers and raised within a family environment. Our training standards exceed what is normally expected of a residential pet dog but will include the following:

  • Walk nicely to heel – no pulling on lead.
  • Crate trained.
  • House trained.
  • Fully socialised with other dogs.
  • Safe around stock.
  • Family friendly.
  • Sit & stay.
  • Lie down on command.
  • Recall - 100% of the time.
  • Play trained – ball etc.
  • Toilet trained.

Throughout their training our dogs have regular veterinarian check-ups. Your dog will already be microchipped and ready for transfer of ownership. You can rest assured that your new family companion will be in the best of health.

Handover and Aftercare.

When you take over ownership of your new family companion, we always include an extensive handover session. We like to ensure that your dog is completely comfortable within its new surroundings and family. During the session we will explain our training strategy and provide guidance on how to best maintain that in the future. We are always available to offer advice and guidance should it be required.

Reserve a Breed of Your Choice.

Vislor offer a bespoke service where we will source and train a specific breed of dog for you. The process takes approximately 13 months. We have built up extensive contacts with excellent dog breeders. We only acquire dogs from the most reputable of sources. A free initial consultation would be required to ensure that your choice of breed is best suited for your environment and lifestyle. A deposit of £10k is required with the balance payable on transfer of ownership.

If you are interested in one of our highly trained Vislor executive dog companions, then please get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation and quotation.

£ 10k


VISLOR pre-trained dogs are highly recommended

Our family dog companions are trained for the highest levels of obedience and safety.

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Pre-trained Dog Reviews

John & Clair

Positive: punctuality, quality, responsiveness, value

Vislor pre-trained dogs Amos & Assey
Having initially approached Lorraine and Travis to complete some pet training for us a few years ago, we now wouldn't go anywhere else for dog training and obedience. Both Travis ans Mo have an extensive knowledge of dogs and listen to what you want before embarking upon any training programme. They are friendly, professional and came up with practical suggestions to meet the needs of our family. Importantly, they also showed us how to support their training at home so the dogs did not loose their new skills. We have also had a couple of dogs supplied by them which have been top notch in terms of breeding, temperament and obedience.