Puppy Training Package

Learn How to Train Your Puppy at Vislor

Our Puppy Training Package is a set of 5 one-to-one private lessons with one of our highly experienced Vislor trainers. The Puppy Training Package is designed to give you and your puppy the best possible start in life.

We teach you how to train your puppy, what to do and what not to do, and how to best correct unwanted behavior. If you do not correct unwanted behavior, then you are reinforcing it. Puppies grow into bad behaviors and not out of them!

If you book the package before choosing your puppy, we can help you with the decision-making process. Our trainers have a wealth of experience and would be happy to advise you on the most suitable breed(s) to match your lifestyle and expectations.

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What is Included in the Lessons?

The first lesson is an informal theory presentation on puppy training, behavior, nutrition and feeding, toilet training, crate training, exercise, etc. (this is the same lesson we provide in our Puppy Training Advice).

Follow up lessons will be bespoke to the individual needs of the puppy, with an emphasis on:

  • Following state of mind.
  • Recall.
  • Correct socialisation (not jumping over other dogs or people).
  • Walking nicely on lead, no pulling, jumping up or mouthing the lead.
  • Going through doors and gates calmy on command.
  • Crate training.
  • Bed/place training.
  • Foundation toilet training.
  • Tricks - sit, stay, down & marker training.
  • Clicker training.
  • Correct play & fun training.
  • Correct training equipment.
  • Your puppy will also have plenty of exercise and interaction with our own dogs.
Dog trainer Mo with puppy at Vislor

About Puppy Training Package

Puppy Training Package consists of 5 x 1 hour private 1-1 lessons. All lessons to be conducted at one of our training venues. Package cost for weekday lessons £200, Saturday lessons £325. Package cost payable in full when booking first lesson.

A minimum of two weeks between each training session. This training package is suitable for those puppies that have been fully vaccinated and are no more than six months old.

Training sessions should be booked in advance, subject to trainer availability. Should you need to reschedule a lesson, then we require at least 48 hours' notice. Failure to give adequate notice may result in the lesson having to be forfeited.

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£ 200


£ 325


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