Review Archive

Vicky Jones & Rocky (German Shepherd)

Craig and his team at Vislor have worked wonders with our 1 year old German Shepherd Rocky who before their input was totally out of control. Rocky was impossible to walk in public without him becoming aggressive to anyone who came near us and would not allow anyone in the house. Rocky spent 3 weeks […]

Monika Nicholson recommends Vislor Dog Training

Had a super positive experience using Vislor dog training, Craig was training our German Shepheard Max, and results were noticeable even after 3 weeks. The main problems we were having was leash aggression towards other dogs and people if they were getting too close, however the training has seemed to really help his behavioural problems. […]

Jo Sturgess recommends Vislor Dog Training

We decided to take our Border Terrier ‘Hilda’ to vislor Training in Salisbury. Over the course of almost a year she was becoming gradually more reactive to dogs. Not just dogs that were off lead or close up, but dogs from way off in the distance and even on TV. She was barking, growling and […]

Clair Peters & Bud (Labrador Puppy)

Ash, and Vislor, were fantastic partners in our journey to train our Lab puppy. They were flexible with schedule and having them come to the house was a huge bonus. Our dog is still working on getting to 100%, but we got a great foundation of skills and tools from them to continue the training […]

John Langley & Fabio (German Shepherd)

Having reached my 4th decade and having been a dog lover my whole life, I find myself watching a highly rated streaming series which stars a very well know British comedian ‘from’ Slough and an incredible GSD. I do my research and find what I am looking for. I make the phone call and the […]

Jonathan Mulroy & Tuddy (German Shepherd)

We collected our new German Shepherd puppy, Tuddy, in December 2021. The breeder recommended that we engage the support of a German Shepherd Specialist Trainer as soon as practicable. This was excellent advice, since Tuddy soon proved to be rather a ‘challenge’! We were so lucky to find Craig, Kate and all the Team at […]

Eileen Sweeney & Coby (Cockapoo)

I have a year old cockapoo. He is a lovely dog, but had serious guarding issues. I was bitten twice trying to retrieve things from him .so was my husband. It was so extreme I had to get a trainer. I tried one to one treat based training , but it didn’t work.. Then I […]

Micheal Garner (mixed breed Romanian rescue)

I can’t speak highly enough of Craig. He took our very anxious, fearful and reactive rescue dog and, in a few weeks, transformed him – he now walks confidently at heel through towns where there are many dogs, can relax at a cafe and even took part in a local dog show, none of which […]

Emma C & Rodney (mixed breed Greek rescue)

We’ve taken a few months to write a review as we wanted to see if the training was a short term fix… I can honestly say the residential training was the best decision we’ve ever made! I only wish we had found Tom and Sharne sooner. What started off as random reactivity to people and […]