Eileen Sweeney & Coby (Cockapoo)

I have a year old cockapoo. He is a lovely dog, but had serious guarding issues. I was bitten twice trying to retrieve things from him .so was my husband. It was so extreme I had to get a trainer. I tried one to one treat based training , but it didn’t work.. Then I decided with a very heavy heart I had to send him away to training boot camp with Craig and Kate. It was so hard to leave my lovely boy there. I was so appreciative. I needn’t have been. I got updates and a training video.

Craig and Kate were in touch all the way through. When we pickeD him up three weeks later, I couldn’t believe the difference. To say he came back a different dog is a understatement. We have had him back almost three weeks now. We leave shoes socks etc out for him to pick up. He hasn't touched them! He walks nicely with no lead pulling at all. He is very responsive to the word no. He really is a joy to have now. We are keeping up the training, and still have access to support from Craig and Kate.

Thank you so much Craig and Kate, for all the hard work you did to train my bo If you are thinking of going to a dog trainer I cannot recommend Craig and Kate highly enough

Update..it is now been seven months since Coby came home. We kept up the training as we were shown. Coby no longer guards things, picks things up or bites . He walks perfectly with no.lead pulling. His recall is excellent! He is not reactive to other dogs.All in all we have a perfect family pet, thanks to Craig and Kate. Once again I highly recommend them.

Date added: 11th July 2022

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