Emma C & Rodney (mixed breed Greek rescue)

We’ve taken a few months to write a review as we wanted to see if the training was a short term fix… I can honestly say the residential training was the best decision we’ve ever made! I only wish we had found Tom and Sharne sooner.

What started off as random reactivity to people and dogs at around 18 months old become so frequent that it was impossible to enjoy a walk, we had tried various trainers but just ended up avoiding more and more situations. On a daily basis we were upset and frustrated.

After meeting Tom and Sharne and asking lots of questions, we decided to go ahead with the 3 week boot camp whilst we were going on holiday in Jan/Feb 22. We were kept fully updated on Rodney’s progress during his 3 week stay and we were able to enjoy our holiday too without having to worry. We actually laughed at the progress videos of him walking around busy pavements looking relaxed, saying that can’t be our dog!

We had a great handover session in which we were told how to continue the training. Once home, he still had occasional days where he pushed the boundaries but for the first time we were calm and confident knowing we had the tools to deal with any bumps. From here it has just gotten better and better, to the point that we are now on holiday with him walking around a busy town and on a beach and people are commenting on what a good boy he is. We wouldn’t have dreamt of doing this 6 months ago. I couldn’t be prouder of him! We’re back to enjoying walks and holidays and we are all relaxed and happier.

We can’t thank you enough!

Date added: 2nd July 2022

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