John Langley & Fabio (German Shepherd)

John Langley with his new Vislor pre-trained German Shepherd Dog Fabio

Having reached my 4th decade and having been a dog lover my whole life, I find myself watching a highly rated streaming series which stars a very well know British comedian ‘from’ Slough and an incredible GSD.

I do my research and find what I am looking for. I make the phone call and the welcoming tones of Lorraine Foster greet me. I declare that I know she is the breeder of the animal in said series… she is bemused by my compliments. I make the suggestion that I purchase a Ridgeback pup and let Vislor train him for 12 months. We talk about my breed favourites and what I am looking for in a dog. I admit that a GSD would be second on my list of choices.

One of the trainers from Vislor owns a Son of the GSD and he is preparing to let him go to the market. Photos and videos start coming through. The boy is stunning. Incredibly well trained in good manners, high level obedience and a qualified protection dog. I arrange to meet with the dog and other members of the Vislor team. I am very impressed. Travis insists on showing me the full ability of Fabio – this includes the dogs protection ability. I am stunned and now nervous. The animal is a thoroughbred. I am not even a beginner. Travis declared “you will not find a better dog”. I wondered if he was attempting to moonlight as a salesman. I was wrong. Travis was right. To Lorraine I said something like “Forget everything I have ever said about a Ridgeback – this dog is the right dog for me and my family”

For the next four weeks I was like an expectant first time mum, running around preparing for the new arrival. At every step Lorraine or Craig were on hand to help and make things simple. Little did I know that in the background the police, military, private security, and families looking for protection dogs are also expressing interest in MY dog. Vislor had made their decision; they wanted the animal to come to me and have a family life with me. They stuck to their word.

I am not going to type verse and line on every aspect of the three day handover to introduce Fabio to my family and myself and to teach me how to handle, play, exercise and continue with his ongoing training. However the commitment and professionalism was to a level that I don’t think can be beaten. So where am I now? My wife greets the dog every morning with a smile and admits that he is better than we could ever have planned or expected (Travis was right). The children love him. He is so reliable it is startling. He is the best behaved in the family – including the adults. My PA suggest that she has never seen me so complete and content. I am constantly stopped and complimented on the incredible animal by my side.

Yes, I am in love however my affection, admiration and gratitude to Vislor is as boundless as my former love of Ridgebacks. Regarding Vislor, I simply cannot thank Travis, Lorraine, Mo and Craig enough. They have gone above and beyond on everything. I would never entertain a Pup in the future without first consulting with them and then committing to some sort of residential training.

Their pre trained animals are pure investment and tremendous value for money

Date added: 21st July 2022

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