Jonathan Mulroy & Tuddy (German Shepherd)

Jonathan Tuddy & his German Shepherd Tuddy at Vislor's Puppy Package Training - Salisbury

We collected our new German Shepherd puppy, Tuddy, in December 2021. The breeder recommended that we engage the support of a German Shepherd Specialist Trainer as soon as practicable. This was excellent advice, since Tuddy soon proved to be rather a ‘challenge’!

We were so lucky to find Craig, Kate and all the Team at Vislor Training based close to us in Wiltshire. We started our lessons in mid-January this year, and we have learned so much – and we have enjoyed it all enormously. Craig and his Team work so well together in order to provide an excellent training environment. Amie does a wonderful job running the administrative support, and we are often welcomed to the centre by Kate, always with a big smile and encouraging words about our puppy’s progress. Our main trainers have been Craig, Daryl and Lucy, and we have also had Danny involved in many of our lessons.

In the first instance, Craig ‘set the scene’ for the way our training would progress. Thereafter our training has been carried out by Craig as well as Daryl and Lucy: this has been an excellent approach, since all three bring different skills to our lessons. It is quite obvious that they all have an absolute love of dogs, German Shepherds in particular, and their knowledge of training methods and their execution is beyond impressive.

During the past six months we have made real progress with our puppy – now a strapping 35 kilos in weight. Whilst we still have some way to go, we are so pleased with the way he has developed: he now a well-disciplined dog, friendly and affectionate, and a wonderful pet to have as part of the family. We are so grateful to Craig and the Team, and will continue our ‘journey’ with them for some time to come. In summary, this has been a great success and has been much enjoyed.

The friendship, encouragement, advice and guidance we have experienced have been beyond our expectations.

Thank you to Craig and all the Team!

Date added: 17th July 2022

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