Leanne Stewart & Nuke (Laizhou Hong)

Leanne Stewart & Nuke at Vislor Puppy Training Package - Salisbury

Where to start?... We met Craig and Fam after booking up Nukes Puppy training package (5x1hour 1-1 lessons). I had an initial puppy training advice meet while waiting for Nukes vaccinations to kick in. Then, after being terrorised by our Laizhou Hong puppy Nuke, for 4 weeks, we knew we’d made the right decision to book the package and that we needed help from someone with a lot more knowledge and experience than my partner and myself had – and that’s absolutely what we were met with.

Craig is friendly, direct and explains everything in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. The knowledge and experience he has is second to none.

After the first 1-1 I left there feeling so much more confident as I knew where we were going wrong and I’m pretty sure Craig can actually speak dog and asked Nuke to go easy on us! Haha.

Fast forward the 5 sessions and we have a puppy that is a pleasure to be around. He isn’t dragging us around, eating our limbs or terrorising anything we pass on walks. He walks to heel, he’s calm, his doesn’t try and eat us and he really enjoys the other 1-1 lessons we now attend.

Absolutely would and do recommend Vislor and Craig (and the family) to anyone who has a new puppy or struggling with training.

Date added: 27th May 2022

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