Libby Delaney & Puxley (Working Cocker)

Working Cocker Puxley at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Oxfordshire

We sent our adorable but excitable working cocker spaniel to Vislor and have been so impressed with the whole service.

Our 1 year old dog used to pull on the lead and get so distracted out on walks that we rarely trusted him to go off the lead. He caused a lot of frustration.

After 3 weeks of being trained and cared for like he was one of the trainer’s own dogs, he walks perfectly on the lead and will come back when called. He’s now an absolute joy to take around, whether you’re in the countryside or in London.

We were sent regular updates while he was away and given a really clear plan at the handover.

We couldn’t recommend Vislor highly enough.

Date added: 3rd June 2022

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