Monika Nicholson recommends Vislor Dog Training

Monika & Lance Nicholson with their German Shepherd Max at Vislor Residential Dog Training handover - Salisbury

Had a super positive experience using Vislor dog training, Craig was training our German Shepheard Max, and results were noticeable even after 3 weeks.

The main problems we were having was leash aggression towards other dogs and people if they were getting too close, however the training has seemed to really help his behavioural problems. Still progress to be made, he is by no means fixed but definitely on the right path to becoming a well trained dog.

Consolation we had before hand was very informative, we got a lot of info about the process and all different methods that would be used to get the most effective response, the exchange at the end of the 3 week period was also helpful as we got more information about how to continue with the training so our dog wouldn't go back to old habits.

Would highly recommend Vislor dog training for anyone contemplating getting some obedience training for their dog.

Just want to thank Craig for working with Max, he did a great job, and would happily use his help again in the future.

From Lance, Monika and Max 🙂

Date added: 26th July 2022

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