Review Archive

Laura Fenton & Buddy (GSD)

Fantastic trainers. Behavioural issues addressed: Jumping up Over excited Chases tail when phone rings Reactive lunging at cars & dogs

Sarah Reynolds & Buddy (GSD)

I can not recommend vislor enough. They have transformed our lives, my German shepherd is 3years old and after other trainers we felt he was a lost cause. Extremely difficult to walk, very anxious and aggressive towards people and dogs. We had the pleasure of working with craig who start to finish was amazing. From […]

Wendy Tucker & Jellybean (Border Terrier Puppy)

We can’t thank Richard enough for helping us train our Border Terrier puppy. What fantastic trainer he is. Our stubborn little puppy, has now become truly reformed, and with Richard’s advice and brilliant techniques, our now, six month puppy is transforming in an obedient young dog. We definitely, recommend Richard at Vislor. Wendy and Steve […]

Lauren Griffiths & Crunchie (American Bully)

If you get the opportunity to train with Trav then I would 100% recommend you do! I honestly cannot put into words the difference Trav has made to my approach to training. The change in my dog has been incredible and we can now do things with ease that I’d have never thought possible or […]

Benjamin Whitehouse & Milo (Cocker Spaniel)

Just had my second lesson with Trav today and I cannot speak too highly of his approach and expertise. My dog has been struggling with basic obedience training and in his interactions with other dogs. But after Trav’s guidance and advice, he has made considerable progress already. Not only is he less reactive when seeing […]

Kate Hardwick & Loki (Lab x Beagle)

Our 10 month old Lab X Beagle Loki went to stay with Craig and his family for residential training after months of us struggling to manage his behaviour. Despite looking like a Labrador, Loki is definitely a Beagle at heart and can be very stubborn! He constantly pulled on the lead when we walked him […]

Abbey Cooper & Vinnie (Cocker Spaniel)

I took my (at the time 6 month old) Cocker Spaniel, Vinnie, to see Craig for an initial consultation and 1-1 training session and wanted to find out a bit more about the residential training. Vinnie is not a ‘bad’ puppy, but I was struggling with walking to heal, recall and a few general manners […]

Kelly & Bailey

Couldn’t recommend vislor enough before contacting them I went to another trainer (company) who was ok but couldn’t really sort any of the problems I was having. I then booked in with vislor and they gave me the tools to control the issues I was having they educated me on how to take my training […]

Chris Dayus & Frankie (Belgian Malinois)

Our son sent his 12 month old Belgian Malinois to Craig as we were having difficulty walking her as she would lunge aggressively at other dogs. Her recall was good until 7 months of age then she would only come when she was ready! Craig has done an amazing job, we can all walk her […]