Perrine & Dusty (Golden Retriever)

I cannot recommend Sharne and Tom more.

They have done an incredible job with our Golden Retriever Dusty. At 18 months old, Dusty was unmanageable outside the house/garden. He was pulling constantly, barking towards dogs and people, and jumping on people. In short, he was extremely agitated and used his strength to get to what he wanted. As a result, I was not able to go out safely with him and only my husband has walked him over the last 6 months.

After a phone call with Lorraine and an assessment with Sharne and Tom the following Saturday, it was decided that a 3-week residential training was the best option for us. During these 3 weeks, we regularly received news and videos of his progress.

During the handover session in real conditions (crowded park), they explained in detail what Dusty has learned, how we should walk him for now on and how to continue his training. I was able to walk Dusty myself during this session without any issue. They have worked with Dusty on walking nicely on a lead, ignoring distraction and recall. The result is just amazing and gives us a solid base to continue his training by ourselves.

A big thank you to Sharne and Tom

Date added: 22nd May 2022

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