Socialise Your Dog The Right Way

over socialised dog - malinois

15th March 2020


Categories: Behaviour

Is your dog over socialised? Ask yourself these questions.

Is it acceptable that your dog runs over to every other dog in the park?

Your dog is very social. it likes to run over to every other dog in the park to say “hello”. It might even become a little excited and want to say “hello” to other people too. You may think that your dog is just being friendly and that this is normal behavior from a properly socialised dog. It may have taken a lot of time, effort or even money to socialise your dog. But has your dog been socialised the right way?

If you imagine yourself in a situation where you have a nervous, reactive or aggressive dog on a lead in a public place and another dog comes barrelling into your dog’s personal space, it quickly becomes an all too familiar nightmare scenario.  Unless you are personally acquainted with the dog and owner in question and know that they are both friendly, you should always be prepared to prevent this scenario.

Even if you know that they are friendly, is it acceptable for your dog to jump all over another dog or people with excitable energy? It isn’t a pleasant way to be greeted even when you are familiar. A calmer more respectful introduction is always preferable.

Is it acceptable to let your dog off the lead when the recall isn’t 100%?

99% of my clients tell me that their dog’s recall is good unless there is a distraction, and when in life is there ever not a distraction? What they are really saying is that their dog does not have a recall. It is a yes or no answer.

So what has this got to do with dog socialising?

If your dog is doing some or all of the above it usually comes down to over socialising with people and other dogs. Over socialising can occur when people try too hard to socialise their dogs. Ideally dogs should be calm and neutral in social situations, especially in public places with strangers. We can show you how our own dogs behave in these situations, and how you can achieve the same results. We can show you how to socialise your dog properly.

Socialise Your Dog The Correct Way.

If your dog’s socialisation needs improving, then why not consider a training session with Vislor. We offer One-To-One training packages or a more intensive 3 Week Residential Boot Camp. We look forward to hearing from you.