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Dog Boot Camp Residential Training

We offer Residential Dog Training from our centres located in Bicester, West Bromwich, Burton upon Trent, Leicester, Tamworth, Coventry, Halesowen & Winchester.

We offer a pickup and drop-off service for clients in the Greater London Area .

We Train Your Dog for You

Our Dog Boot Camp Residential Training is a custom package where a dog can stay in our home or clean and comfortable kennels for a minimum of three weeks. Our experienced trainers specialise in working with nervous, anxious and reactive dogs. Your dog will be spending every day and as much time as is necessary with the Vislor Dog Training Team addressing general obedience needs such as:

  • Following State of Mind
  • Reward & Correct
  • Reactivity towards people, other dogs, livestock – anything that moves!
  • Recall
  • Correct socialisation and behaviour
  • Loose lead walking
  • Good manners – threshold training and travelling
  • Crate, place and bed training
  • How to engage with your dog – tricks, commands, and play
  • Correct use of training equipment.

Your dog will also have plenty of exercise and interaction with our own dogs.

We provide progress reports to keep you updated and reassured that your pet is safe and well. We do record video clips and publish them on our social media channels. If you would prefer that your dog does not appear on our social media channels, then please do let us know at the time of booking.

How Residential Dog Training Works

The minimum duration of our Dog Residential Training package is three weeks, with 40% of fee payable upon booking and the balance either before or on the day of the stay, before we take your dog.

You can meet with one of our trainers for a chat prior to booking residential dog training so that you can be confident in leaving your pet with us. This also enables us an opportunity to assess the suitability of your dog for this type of training.

During our initial meeting, we will assess your dog, and draw up a bespoke training programme that will ensure that the problems you have highlighted to us will be dealt with.

Handover Session

An inclusive handover session will be carried out when the residential dog training is complete. It is beneficial to do the handover at your home so that you can assess your dog’s progress within its own environment (travel expenses to and from your home will apply). We will show what has been achieved, go with you on a dog walk and teach you how to keep on top of what your dog has learned.

To advance the training even further you can book more top up lessons or future residential stays; perhaps when you next go on holiday.




London Pickup & Drop-off Service

We receive many enquiries from the Greater London area regarding our Residential Dog Training course. We are pleased to announce that we now offer a pickup and drop-off service.

Ordinarily, we like to meet clients and assess the dog in person. However, we have recently developed procedures that enable us to do this remotely.

We would need to arrange a video or telephone consultation for clients requiring pickup in advance. Additionally, video footage of undesirable behaviour would be helpful.

All dogs are transported safely in comfortable crates, securely fitted in our modern, fully insured vans. Water is always available, and we take regular breaks for toileting and exercise.

The cost of transportation is £150 per pickup or drop-off, in addition to the cost of residential training. You are most welcome to visit us in person if you would prefer. All visits are by appointment only.

We offer a pickup and drop-off service for other areas and would be happy to provide a quotation. Don't hesitate to contact Vislor Dog Training today via the Contact Form or by calling Lorraine Foster on +44 7973 320413.


For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

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Dog Boot Camp Residential Training Reviews

Natasha Davies & Skye (German Shepherd)

A bit late to leave a review! Our GSD Skye spent 3 weeks with Rich for residential training for various reasons but the main reason being not being able to walk her myself due to excitement, pulling, reactive - sending her to Rich is the best thing we have ever done, she is hard work and hard to train and although there is still work to be done, she is so so much better and we now have the knowledge going forward of how to keep it up, I can finally take her out and feel comfortable doing so on my own.

Before sending her to residential getting her out the house for a walk could sometimes take up to half an hour before she was calm enough to leave (jumping up, barking, crying with excitement, pulling to try get out the door) she now knows she has to be calm before she leaves, sometimes this can still take a couple of minutes but it is a massive improvement.

Rich has been there for support afterwards whenever we needed to contact him and offered to come over and help if needed on a few occasions -

We cannot thank Rich enough for all of his help and i definitely recommend!!

Krissy H & Claude (Hungarian Vizsla)

We booked our 1 year old Hungarian Vizlsa Claude in for the 3 week residential training with Dan and Charlotte as we were struggling with his lead walking, recall and refusal to jump into the car boot and his general over excitement over absolutely anything.

Dan and Charlotte were amazing at training him, and keeping in contact during his stay. I felt completely at ease the entire time he was there as I knew he was in good hands.

Although he was there for training I could see from the update videos we received from Dan that he was also having such a great time and thoroughly enjoying himself whilst learning to be a good boy.

He now walks to heal, has great recall and jumps in the car boot. Money well spent.

Highly recommend! Life is no longer stressful!

Thanks Dan and Charlotte.

Peta Fiddian & Wembley (Portuguese Water Dog)

This is Wembley, our 2 year old Portuguese Water Dog.

Wembley had become very excitable and boisterous around the house, lacked confidence and manners around other dogs, sometimes lunged on his lead and frequently ate poo or rubbish. After speaking with John, I felt confident that he could help us with these unwanted behaviours and I took Wembley for a three week residential stay.

John very thoughtfully sent me an update after a few hours, showing me how relaxed Wembley was in his care, which was most welcome and reassuring.

Wembley lived with John in his home, with his wife and their three beautiful dogs. He undertook many varied training activities during the stay and John sent regular updates, photos and videos. Wembley undoubtedly also learned from living with other dogs.

On collection day John and Wembley showed me what they had been working on, demonstrated the slip collar and some new commands. It was great to see how calm Wembley now was around the other dogs there. John was very generous with his time, as were the other trainers there on the day.

We have been home for 3 weeks now and the difference is truly amazing. Wembley is far calmer around the house and seems able to switch off and relax. He will now walk past poo and rubbish and has far better manners around other dogs. His lead walking has improved, along with his focus. We continue to work hard on all aspects, seeking out opportunities to test Wembley.

John has kept in regular touch, provided excellent advice, kindly appraised my terrible videos and sent me clips I can refer back to.

The Halesowen training centre is 3.5 hours away from me but I wouldn't hesitate travel to John for any extra sessions if we need them. Residential training is a financial investment but in my experience, totally worth it for a calmer, more relaxed and happier dog.

A huge thank you to John and his wife for having Wembley in their home, taking such good care of him and getting us back on track.

Harley the Labrador at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Winchester

Pauline Jones & Harley (Labrador)

I used Dan to help my lab (8 months old), to stop her pulling on the lead when in close proximity to other dogs.

After 3 weeks with him, she is like a transformed dog and gave me a great foundation to continue with the training.

Clare Watson & Bruce (Labrador)

Our 2yr old Labrador, Bruce was very aggressive. We were unable to take him out when other people or dogs were around. It was affecting our daily lives, worried that our aggressive dog could hurt someone or another dog.

Vislor Dog Training have completely transformed Bruce into a well behaved, calm dog who is non reactive to other people or dogs.

It’s genuinely changed our lives!

Couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Cathy Goodman & Mojo (American Cocker Spaniel)

Tom and Sharne are incredible trainers.

My 13month old American Cocker Spaniel was a cheeky chap with lots of character and very wilful. Whilst reward training in traditional puppy classes worked in the early days , as he hit adolescence, he wouldn’t heel, his recall was inconsistent but most worryingly, he developed aggressive behaviour towards other male dogs which seemed to come from some inbred fear.

After 3 weeks residential training with Sharne and Tom, Mojo was a changed dog. Heeling beautifully, ignoring other dogs and recalling consistently and quickly. Not only that, he seemed so much happier.

He clearly felt more secure and enjoyed the clarity of knowing how he was supposed to behave and obliging accordingly…Mojo now had his Mojo back!

Thank you both so much!

absolutely recommend for any dog owners that are not getting a consistently well behaved dog, well worth the investment.

Becky Kelly – Nala & Atlas (French Bulldogs)

Honestly can’t thank Tom and Sharne enough took both our French bulldogs for the 3 week residential boot camp. For two totally different reason one for being a puppy starting to get out of control and a 4 year old who is extremely nervous making her unfriendly towards dogs/ people.

We received regular updates with the progress they had been making some were videos/photos and messages. It then came handover day we were taken to an extremely busy place where Tom and Sharne gave us the tools and the confidence to take control of both dogs. The change we have seen in them already is incredible.

Even though the dogs were happy to see us they were clearly bonded with Tom and Sharne which was lovely to see. It’s also great to know that we can call upon them for anything even in the future.

They said they are happy to go over anything again if needed.

Thomas Gent & Rocco (French Bulldog)

We recently enrolled our stubborn 6-year-old Frenchie, Rocco, in a three-week training program with Rich, and the results have been outstanding.

The saying goes, "You can’t teach an old dog new tricks," but Rich proved otherwise. Despite Rocco's stubborn nature and age, Rich's patience, expertise, and techniques transformed his behaviour in ways we didn't think possible.

Rocco always pulled on walks and jumped up on family and friends, which we know was our own doing, but we couldn't control him. With the arrival of our daughter last year, we knew we had to take action. Admittedly, it was hard to let our beloved Rocco go for three weeks, but Rich kept in constant contact with us, providing updates and reassurance throughout the process.

Rocco is now more obedient, calm, and well-mannered. We're incredibly grateful to Rich for his dedication and skill. In fact, we're so happy with Rich's work that we've arranged for him to look after Rocco while we go on holiday to keep up with his training.

If you're skeptical about training an older, stubborn dog, trust us, Rich can make it happen!

Dave the German Shepherd - Malinois cross following Vislor Residential Dog Training - Halesowen

Gail Harris & Dave (German Shepherd x Malinois)

This is our German Shepherd puppy Dave (7 months old). We reached out to John as Dave was extremely reactive on walks, and in the home to the point that I couldn’t control him and meant my husband was walking him on his own as I just couldn’t handle Dave. Joint walking was a no no because the Dave would react to anything and everything including me. Often rearing on his back legs trying to get to people or dogs - Dave couldn’t handle cyclists, joggers, loud cars, motor bikes, dogs or people in general, often barking continuously whilst out on walks.

After our first 1.5 hours with John, Dave was a different puppy. John gave us the tools and know how to enable us to manage Dave on walks. By the end of the first session Dave was manageable and family walks could happen again.

We decided to do a residential with John and we can’t thank him enough for the work and patience John put in with Dave. Dave is a much more relaxed and controllable dog, with us having the support from John to ensure all the hard work and training both John and Dave have done continues and Dave improves. As Dave grows we would like to explore different types of training for Dave with John and Vislor.

If you are thinking of using a dog trainer I would highly recommend John, he is very knowledgeable and experienced, and provides the training, tools and support you need.

John looked after Dave in his home and treated him as one of his own dogs.

Our Dave is a more contented dog now thanks to John.

Nakita Lally & Rocco (German Shepherd)

Sharne and Tom were amazing right from the start!

Rocco started to pull on walks and it was almost impossible to walk within 10 metres of a dog due to Rocco pulling. As he was getting older it started to get out of hand. We did a lot of puppy classes with him when he was younger, however, we soon realised that he needed something a bit more focused on him.

I looked at the residential training with Vislor and within hours of contacting them, Lorraine got back to me. She was amazing in assisting us!

Tom and Sharne were welcoming and the whole process was so simple and easy. The drop off was easy, although emotional and we had updates of our Rocco every couple of days.

When Rocco was back we could see the difference in him - no more pulling making walks for us better. He is no longer bothered by people walking in front or past us, including cyclists. He is a lot more calm around the house, and although there is still a lot more work with Rocco, they have given us an amazing starting point to continue.

Tom and Sharne still helped us with our questions and tips even after the residential.

Thank you Tom and Sharne for helping us so much, I’m sure Rocco is thanking you too as we can now go on so many more adventures!