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Dog Boot Camp Residential Training

We offer Residential Dog Training from our centres located in Bicester, West Bromwich, Burton upon Trent, Leicester, Tamworth & Coventry.

We offer a pickup and drop-off service for clients in the Greater London Area .

We Train Your Dog for You

Our Dog Boot Camp Residential Training is a custom package where a dog can stay in our home or clean and comfortable kennels for a minimum of three weeks. Our experienced trainers specialise in working with nervous, anxious and reactive dogs. Your dog will be spending every day and as much time as is necessary with the Vislor Dog Training Team addressing general obedience needs such as:

  • Following State of Mind
  • Reward & Correct
  • Reactivity towards people, other dogs, livestock – anything that moves!
  • Recall
  • Correct socialisation and behaviour
  • Loose lead walking
  • Good manners – threshold training and travelling
  • Crate, place and bed training
  • How to engage with your dog – tricks, commands, and play
  • Correct use of training equipment.

Your dog will also have plenty of exercise and interaction with our own dogs.

We provide progress reports to keep you updated and reassured that your pet is safe and well. We do record video clips and publish them on our social media channels. If you would prefer that your dog does not appear on our social media channels, then please do let us know at the time of booking.

How Residential Dog Training Works

The minimum duration of our Dog Residential Training package is three weeks, with 40% of fee payable upon booking and the balance either before or on the day of the stay, before we take your dog.

You can meet with one of our trainers for a chat prior to booking residential dog training so that you can be confident in leaving your pet with us. This also enables us an opportunity to assess the suitability of your dog for this type of training.

During our initial meeting, we will assess your dog, and draw up a bespoke training programme that will ensure that the problems you have highlighted to us will be dealt with.

Handover Session

An inclusive handover session will be carried out when the residential dog training is complete. It is beneficial to do the handover at your home so that you can assess your dog’s progress within its own environment (travel expenses to and from your home will apply). We will show what has been achieved, go with you on a dog walk and teach you how to keep on top of what your dog has learned.

To advance the training even further you can book more top up lessons or future residential stays; perhaps when you next go on holiday.




London Pickup & Drop-off Service

We receive many enquiries from the Greater London area regarding our Residential Dog Training course. We are pleased to announce that we now offer a pickup and drop-off service.

Ordinarily, we like to meet clients and assess the dog in person. However, we have recently developed procedures that enable us to do this remotely.

We would need to arrange a video or telephone consultation for clients requiring pickup in advance. Additionally, video footage of undesirable behaviour would be helpful.

All dogs are transported safely in comfortable crates, securely fitted in our modern, fully insured vans. Water is always available, and we take regular breaks for toileting and exercise.

The cost of transportation is £150 per pickup or drop-off, in addition to the cost of residential training. You are most welcome to visit us in person if you would prefer. All visits are by appointment only.

We offer a pickup and drop-off service for other areas and would be happy to provide a quotation. Don't hesitate to contact Vislor Dog Training today via the Contact Form or by calling Lorraine Foster on +44 7973 320413.


For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Vislor Training Solutions

Dog Boot Camp Residential Training Reviews

Terence Collins & Freddy (Labrador)

Put my labrador in for training

Rich is a genuine man it's all about the dog training

You get regular text's and video's

Would highly recommend 👌

Phil Went & Benji (Parsons Terrier)

Our 4 year old rescue terrier Benji was extremely reactive to other dogs and every walk was a miserable challenge. After trying general trainers and a dog behaviourist with no luck we eventually contacted Vislor Dog Training who put us in touch with Dan.

Benji spent 3 weeks with Dan on an intensive residential course and has come back a different dog. Dan kept us informed regularly with Benji’s progress, sending videos, photographs and messages.

Within a short time Benji was walking past other dogs without even bothering about them. We were amazed.

We have to implement the training and good work that Dan has put in place. Even though Benji is home Dan has been extremely responsive in checking how we are getting on and offering guidance.

Dan has worked wonders with Benji and looked after him very well.

We are so grateful, thank you Dan

Lynne Taylor & Erik (German Shepherd/Malinois)

I would 100% recommend Vislor Dog Training Centre.

After trying other dog trainers who could not help me with Erik, my 10 month old GSD/Malinois, I contacted Lorraine who was so friendly and helpful. She organised an initial assessment session with Travis, who was very professional and reassuring, and helped me to understand Erik's problems and what training would be needed.

I decided to send Erik on the three week residential training programme with Mo. Oh my goodness, what a difference! Erik is like a different dog! He now walks so well on the lead, no pulling, lunging and barking at other dogs and people.

I understand there are no quick fixes and that I need to continue to use the techniques so patiently (and humorously!) taught to me by Mo. Nothing was too much trouble for Mo, he gave me daily updates and regular videos and phone calls. He is such a dedicated and hard working trainer, I could tell that he genuinely cared about Erik's progress.

Mo was absolutely brilliant and I fully agree with his philosophy 'Changing the world one dog at a time.'

Thank you so very much Mo, you have certainly changed our lives!

Lynne and Erik

Arlo the Cockapoo following Vislor Residential Dog Training - Winchester

Hannah Makay & Arlo (Cockapoo)

Arlo is our 1 year old cockapoo pup who had developed reactive tendencies ie lunging / barking at other dogs, traffic and people. After wasting time and a lot of money with other trainers and feeling very disheartened, we spent hours of research and found Vislor.

We got in touch with Lorraine who was very helpful and prompt in getting an assessment booked in. Dan at Winchester was fantastic! After all the other failed attempts at training we were a little apprehensive that we would get the results we wanted.

We had our assessment and Dan spent time with us explaining the process and watching how Arlo behaved. He could tell we were still a little hesitant so he offered us a few minutes there and then to show us what he does. In just a few minutes Dan proved then that he was the guy for the job. He effortlessly walked Arlo and his dog Todd together with no reaction from Arlo at all!

Arlo stayed for the 3 weeks and we have seen a massive change since bringing him home, still some work to do but walks are much more enjoyable now and not worrying so much if another dog comes round the corner. Arlo can calmly walk past groups of people, other dogs and the loud traffic also doesn’t bother him now.

I’d highly recommend Dan to anyone who needs help with their dogs, they’ll definitely be in safe hands. Your dog will feel like one of the family in a loving homely environment, Dan even made Arlo’s first birthday a special day!

Thank you so much Dan for the work you’ve done with Arlo.

Beau the Border Collie & Husky cross with Vislor's Leicestershire trainer Rich following Vislor Residential Dog Training Course

Nic Clarke & Beau (Border Collie x Husky)


I can’t express how pleased we are with the training Beau received from Richard. He worked absolute wonders in the 3 weeks he was with him.

We have gone from a dog that was so reactive on the lead that I wouldn’t take him to popular places or at busy times because I looked like I had an out of control crazy savage flailing on the end of the lead.

Now walks are pleasurable with loose lead walking and a self controlled Beau around other dogs. The level of manners in our home and the ability to send him to a mat to lay down until we release him has made a massage difference to our 4 dog home.

I highly recommend the investment!

Mabel the Cockapoo with Vislor's Halesowen trainer John following Vislor Dog Boot Camp.

A Hall & Mabel (Cockapoo)

John has worked wonders with our three year old cockapoo Mabel. We’re extremely impressed with how much progress was made over her stay. She was welcomed into John’s family - we felt she was in very safe, experienced hands.

Mabel is a very anxious dog - particularly with other unknown dogs - and we’d started to avoid situations where her anxiety appeared exacerbated. John was able to gradually build her confidence, teaching her how to walk calmly on a lead, improved her recall and exposing her to places and experiences from which we’d shied away.

We received daily messages and videos showing the new techniques used with explanations of what went well or needed further work.

We had a thorough handover with details of what we need to do to continue to maintain the new techniques learned and make improvements. John has been very supportive since Mabel has come home, answering questions and offering advice.

We thoroughly recommend John and the Vislor team.

Georgina Syrad & Otis (Labrador)

I can’t thank Tom & Sharne and highly recommend them enough, my 1 year old Lab which has anxiety issues and aggressive towards other dogs became unmanageable for me.

After help from other trainers 1 to 1 I was getting nowhere, so I met up with Tom & Sharne. They said they could help and suggested the 3 week residential course, I knew I had to do it for Otis.

They kept in touch with updates and videos with his progress, he was hard work for them to start with they had to get his trust but Sharne worked her magic.

After 3 weeks I went for the handover and boy what a difference, lovely walking (not pulling) and totally engorging other dogs. He’s still very nervous out and about but I can walk him now without been dragged across the road and coming home in tears.

Thanks again Tom and Sharne.

Nigel the Cockapoo at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Leicestershire

Krissie Towers & Nigel (Cockapoo)

I cannot recommend Rich highly enough! Really lovely and extremely knowledgeable guy who has worked wonders for my dog.

My dog became extremely reactive and showed signs of aggression when he turned 2. I tried lots of different trainers, with no success, before I came across Vislor dog training.

My dog did the residential training with Rich and came back so much calmer, happier and no longer reacts to dogs or people. He has now started his training to become a therapy dog, successfully visiting several care facilities over the last few weeks - something I never could have dreamed of before the training.

Rich kept me updated with photos and videos throughout the training and has checked in with me since having my dog back. He’s extremely supportive and helpful in explaining the training and ensuring I could implement everything successfully at home. I would not hesitate to recommend Rich to anyone needing help with their dog!

Shadow the German Shepherd during Vislor Residential Training - West Bromwich

Penelope Dukes & Shadow (German Shepherd)

Our very reactive GSD went to Mo for 3 weeks and this morning I walked him for the first time ever without feeling like I had done a full body workout trying to stop him barking and lunging at well just about everything and everyone.

Mo was brilliant not just with Shadow but with us too - he rightly told us that there is no quick fix but he has laid the very best foundations for us to build on.

I was unsure about sending Shadow away as we are his second home and he is not yet 2 but it was the best decision ever - Mo and the other Vislor trainers who have worked eith Shadow have done an amazing job they are the ultimate professionals and I would absolutely recommend them 💯 % to anyone

Yogi the German Shepherd following Vislor Residential Training - Leicestershire

Dave, Jill & Yogi (German Shepherd)

Yogi is our fifth GSD puppy since we were married in 1972. We socialised and trained our previous pups ourselves with no problems, but, as the saying goes “AND THEN CAME YOGI !!!”

Despite months of hard work trying all sorts of training techniques – including sessions with Kennel Club Trainers – we were exhausted and Yogi still pulled like a sled dog everywhere. He was reactive to everything from cars, people, dogs, animals down to ants and spiders !!!

We had to shut him away when friends came, or hang on to his lead to curb his over excitement to welcome them – needless to say they stopped visiting!

He was a very attractive puppy and we dreaded the words “Is he friendly” or “Can I say hello” when we took him out. We were at our wits end when some friends who are involved in the dog world said “You need Trav at Vislor.” We have never looked back.

We contacted Lorraine and arranged a One to One with Trav. After just one session we had more knowledge and understanding of Yogi’s problems and felt we were moving forward. Unfortunately the constant pulling and lunging took its toll on both my elbows, so we decided Vislor Residential should be the way forward for us.

Of course we were uneasy about letting Yogi go and initially felt as if we were letting him down. Lorraine’s advice was “Just go and meet Rich.” Which we did. Rich was a breath of fresh air in a world of problems. He is a softly spoken man with a quiet confidence that inspires dogs and people. After a few minutes we knew we could entrust Yogi into his care with no worries or misgivings. We discussed our hopes and aims for Yogi and Rich told us in detail how he planned to tackle them.

While Yogi was with Rich and his family we received almost daily videos and updates on Yogi’s progress which kept us happy and confident. Rich’s whole family obviously became involved in the training as did his own GSD Loki. (Yogi could learn from the master)

After three weeks we had a partial handover to explain all Yogi’s training in detail followed by a final handover at home and around the local area. Rich explained everything he had done, all the commands and how to consolidate and move on. We know he is there if we have any concerns. He has been in contact regularly since Yogi’s return with advice and support. We know Rich has our back in our journey with Yogi.

Rich has changed our lives and Yogi’s. In Yogi’s first week back we visited the Clent Hills, our local woods, Stourport, the very busy Harborne High Street and many other places. We had a meal on the riverside at Bewdley with Yogi calmly sitting next to us. We now search out dog friendly places and Yogi is part of the family in a way we thought would never happen. Jill has started walking him which was previously impossible. He is far more obedient and sensible at home.

Although during our initial planning with Rich we had specific goals (recall, loose leash walking, people skills) we have realised that Rich’s training has given Yogi general good manners e.g. he gets in and out of the car calmly and safely now. There are 101 other things that make life easier, happier and less stressful for us and Yogi.

Rich has given us an excellent base on which to build and we are working hard to reinforce the excellent training Yogi has received from him. We will be taking Rich’s advice for our next steps and I am sure Yogi will be back in Rich’s capable hands whenever we go on holiday so that he can consolidate and move on.

Without Lorraine, Travis, and especially Rich I don’t know where we would be – or more importantly where Yogi would be now.

Thankyou Rich for all your hard work with Yogi. You have changed his life and ours.