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We train you how to train your dog.

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One to One Dog Training

We Teach You How to Train Your Dog

For owners wanting a more hands-on approach to their dog training you can book a one-to-one private training session where you will learn how to train your dog quickly and easily, with no need for months of attending group sessions.

Our methods are bespoke to your dog training needs. We tackle problems head on, unlike many trainers that tend to avoid the problem.

We can help with whatever issues you are facing, the most common problems are, pulling on the lead, jumping up, recall, sitting and waiting, interaction with other dogs.

Our experienced trainers specialise in working with nervous, anxious and reactive dogs. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals.

What is Included in the Lessons?

Dog Marker training with Tavis, Chunk and Buddy

Our training sessions will cover the following; the list is not exhaustive though!

  • Following State of Mind
  • Reward & Correct
  • Reactivity towards people, other dogs, livestock – anything that moves!
  • Recall
  • Correct socialisation and behaviour
  • Loose lead walking
  • Good manners – threshold training and travelling
  • Crate, place and bed training
  • How to engage with your dog – tricks, commands, and play
  • Correct use of training equipment

Your trainer will discuss your dog training and behavioural problems and find out what you would like to achieve, carry out an assessment of the interaction of you with your dog and agree the best training option, teaching you simple practical skills and setting achievable goals for you to work on together at home with your pet.





A 50% surcharge will apply for evening (6pm onwards) and weekend lessons.


For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Vislor Training Solutions

One to One Dog Training Reviews

Franki Pitts & Otto (German Shorthaired Pointer)

Had our first session yesterday with Mo for our 7 month GSP.

He was so welcoming and took time to explain everything which helped our knowledge in going forward. No question was too much and we had a lot!!

We have seen an improvement after the first 90 minute session and cant wait to keep up the training to see further results. We took him for a walk last night after our first session and it was the best walk we’ve had since having him.

He helped our pup to be able to settle during the session to the point he settled so well that he actually fell asleep! 🤣

thanks again, looking forward to continuing the training and support we’ve been given by Mo.

Kim Wilson & Lyla (Fox Red Labrador)

Today was our first training session with our all of a sudden reactive red fox Labrador Lyla.

Ashley was brill and explained everything including what we thought we were doing right was wrong! Within 5 mins Lyla had calmed and was walking to heal.

The introduction of Ashley’s dogs was tricky but we stuck to the rules and Lyla did herself proud. Me however wanted to puke 🤮 from all the stinky sausage that Lyla Loved! That said I have been to Lidl and stocked up! It’s the first day and still a lot of work to do but feel confident we are on the right path with Ashley’s support and guidance. Thank you!

I also got to meet Antilly (After Life was the best!) which was a bonus! Xx

Marshal the black Labrador

Carole Burgess & Marshal (Labrador)

Marshal, our 8 month lab, was very excitable and noisy as he sought attention.

We visited Dan for a 1-1 session to discuss and assess what to do. Dan was attentive to our needs and quickly understood the problem.

With time available, he educated us on the pup’s behaviour and then gave us tools and techniques to rectify the issues and, boy, have we benefited from them.

Marshal very quickly quietened down which helped us open other activities to develop his training, and we’re not being deafened!

Thank you Dan our visit was extremely valuable.

Charlie the Vizsla at Vislor Dog Training - Winchester

Istvan Bartok & Charlie (Vizsla)

We got in touch with Dan at Vislor to help us work on some issues with our Vizsla Charlie.

We wanted to work on his leash-walking, re-call, chasing squirrels and reactivity to some other dogs.

Dan was great from the first moment we got there. We started with a long chat where we could explain some of the issues we’re having and Dan asked lots questions and let us tell him our experiences and also what we’d like to achieve.

Dan was able to spot some behaviours to work on, and we’ve been working on correcting these really effectively. He’s been very patient and thoughtful, and has been able to explain and communicate really well too which has been great.

We’ve seen a huge improvement already from each session, and we continue working with Dan, putting his training and advice into practice and building on the progress.

Thanks Dan.

R G & Riley

I approached Vislor dog trainers and was introduced to Mo to assist with our new puppy, Riley. As a first time dog owner I had no clue what I was doing.

We had private training sessions with Mo and he was incredibly helpful and informative from the outset. Mo’s anecdotal advice and humorous stories were a fantastic way to engage with my three children and encourage them to be a part of the training process.

Mo is very passionate and incredibly knowledgeable and has always been at the other end of the phone when I’ve been struggling with a technique or just needed some general reassurance.

I only wish we knew of Mo beforehand as he would have been invaluable in providing advice on the actual process of selecting the right dog for our family.

I could not recommend Mo highly enough.

Jenna Cummings & Murphy (Wired Haired Dachshund)

I had a lesson with Mo today to help me handle my reactive Wired Haired Dashund (Murphy) with other dogs and people.

Have to say the lesson was amazing and Mo has a fountain of knowledge and really explains things well. He was very patient and informative and supportive. The results I saw today is only a snippet of what's to come with the help of Mo and his advise.

Really big thank you! All staff were very friendly on site too.

Would highly recommend to anyone that needs some training and advise for themselves and their dog.

Teddy the Shih Tzu following Vislor One-to-one Dog Training - West Bromwich

Rachel Humphreys & Teddy ( Shih Tzu)

Mo the trainer was amazing, the change in Teddy over an hour and half is amazing.

Anyone who needs help Vislor are the people to help.

Thank You

Kk Jordan & Ruby (Malinois)

Having tried various trainers to help me with my dog reactive/agressive Malinois with little success, I stumbled across Vislor and haven't looked back since!

As many I'm sure can relate to owning a reactive dog, it can be incredibly hard and isolating at times. From my very first interactions with Lorraine, who was so understanding of our situation. gave me great advice and personalised recommendations from the start, even offering different options to help accomodate our needs as we lived 2 hours away.

Words cannot even express how i felt after my first session. Trav talked me through everything to ensure i understood, and by the end, my Mali remained by my side in a field with various other dogs that were fetching balls, barking on demand and running around (all controlled!) it blew my mind, they put what we practiced into a controlled environment supporting me all the way through, something no other trainer has ever followed through with and something I never expected on Session ONE!

we are now a few sessions in, can take my Mali off lead in open spaces and with their 'Following state of mind' training, has meant my beautiful girl now chooses me!

I would 100% recommend Vislor to anyone but especially those with a high energy/prey driven dog.

Thank you so much!!!

Maria Keenan & Aisla (Staffie x Frenchie)

Great 1st session to start sorting out Isla’s aggression towards other dogs.

Ash starts off with getting the fundamentals right then everything else will fall into place. Excited to ‘fix’ our issues and be able to have her around other dogs without worrying if she will attack them.

Now I know what I should be doing. Wish I’d found him a year ago!

Amy the Old Tyme Bulldog Vislor 1-2-1 Dog Training - West Bromwich

Calum Daly & Amy (Old Tyme Bulldog)

Mo came to our house this morning at 10am, gave us a load of really useful information and showed us how to handle and correct our dogs bad behaviour.

He also left us the dog training tools to enforce his instructions regarding correcting her behaviour and so far we can already tell it’s going to make a big difference going forward.

This 1st visit is not the last we will hear from Mo, he has assured us that he will keep in touch and offer us help when we need it.

Very likeable and knowledgable person who knew what he was doing and would recommend to anyone having problems with their dog as we have had