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We train you how to train your dog.

We tackle dog training problems head-on.

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One to One Dog Training

We Teach You How to Train Your Dog

For owners wanting a more hands-on approach to their dog training you can book a one-to-one private training session where you will learn how to train your dog quickly and easily, with no need for months of attending group sessions. Our methods are bespoke to your dog training needs.

We tackle problems head on, unlike many trainers that tend to avoid the problem. We can help with whatever issues you are facing, the most common problems are, pulling on the lead, jumping up, recall, sitting and waiting, interaction with other dogs. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals.

What is Included in the Lessons?

Dog Marker training with Tavis, Chunk and Buddy

Our training sessions will cover the following; the list is not exhaustive though!

  • Following State of Mind
  • Reward & Correct
  • Reactivity towards people, other dogs, livestock – anything that moves!
  • Recall
  • Correct socialisation and behaviour
  • Loose lead walking
  • Good manners – threshold training and travelling
  • Crate, place and bed training
  • How to engage with your dog – tricks, commands, and play
  • Correct use of training equipment

Your trainer will discuss your dog training and behavioural problems and find out what you would like to achieve, carry out an assessment of the interaction of you with your dog and agree the best training option, teaching you simple practical skills and setting achievable goals for you to work on together at home with your pet.





A 50% surcharge will apply for evening (6pm onwards) and weekend lessons.


For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Vislor Training Solutions

One to One Dog Training Reviews

Phoebe Morgan 2 x German Shepherds

We have 2 German Shepards who we love dearly but they we’re getting a nightmare on the leads when walking very reactive, pulling, barking at everything just not listening and fighting with each other.

We found Vislor and Travis and they taught us how to work with our dogs and made us understand why they were behaving like they were giving us the knowledge and tools to have 2 well behaved dogs.

Travis is amazing he’s trained us to train our dogs it’s amazing I would highly recommend Vislor & Travis after just 2 sessions we have our dogs walking by our side listening to us amazing, we’re continuing to use the tools that Travis learned us and we are happier and so are the dogs so massive thanks 🙏

John Hudson & Gus (Lakeland Terrier)

One session with Rich certainly improved my Lakeland terrior's walking on a loose lead, no need for harness or halti now and no pulling

Yogi - Dave & Jill Breedon's German Shepherd following Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - West Bromwich.

Dave Breedon & Yogi (German Shepherd)

We took a 6 month old German Shepherd who mistakenly thought he was the lead dog for a husky sledge and came away with a puppy who walked to heal beautifully.

Plus having grained from Travis an exceptional insight into the mind set of a "working line GSD puppy.

This will definitely not be the last we see of Travis and his group of trainers at Vislor as they have a mine of information far outstripping my 40 plus years of owning GSDs.

Luna the German Shepherd - Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Bicester.

Caroline Hawkins & Luna (German Shepherd)

Fantastic experience I thoroughly recommend.

After some very challenging (and scary) reactive behaviour with my German Shepherd on walks I contacted Vislor for help. After just 1 training walk showing me better techniques to manage her I was able to walk close past people, buggys and cyclists and after 2 weeks practice and 1 more lesson I was able to pass off lead dogs (my biggest nemesis!). Unbelievable.

Its still a journey and takes a lot of personal training commitment but totally worth it, I can now enjoy walking my dog again, the impact on our life is amazing 🤩

Carmen and Max the German Shepherd - Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Leicester

Carmen & Max

Rich is a great trainer! Nothing is too much trouble.

Max started his training at 14 weeks with Vislor. He is a joy to walk and my companion in the pub and coffee shops. Vislor gave me the foundations to be able to enjoy my dog. Rich has helped with his obedience and given me training that has helped keep Max motivated.

Vislor and Rich come highly recommended ⭐ by myself and Max 🐾

Becky Magee & Nala (German Shepherd)

Darrel has been brilliant helping with our German Shepherd Nala.

She was reactive with most dogs making my life extremely difficult to take her out particularly on my own. Within two lessons with Darrel, Nala is so much better and her reactivity issues are no more! She now comes everywhere with us including busy pubs with lots of other dogs and she is amazing.

Couldn’t recommend enough, has helped us out so much and made my life so much easier.

Ice (American Bully) at Vislor One-to-One Dog Training.

Angie H. & Ice (American Bully)

On my search for a dog trainer I came across Vislor Dog training. I called and spoke with a lady called Lorraine who explained the types of dog training they do. I explained why I needed training and the type of dog I have. Lorraine said yes we can help, she sent me a link to their website. Oh 'wow', as soon as I looked at the website and read the reviews, I was excited to book my dog in.

I met Travis who assessed my dog and gave me an education in dog behaviour & explained about socialising , over socialising . Reactive behaviour and how to deal with it & suggested methods which would be helpful.

I did a follow up after following guidance.. fantastic results. I am truly impressed and so glad I came across these lovely professional people. Very reasonably priced. Money well spent.

I would definitely recommend this company.

Charlotte Miller & Loki (German Shepherd)

After one session we saw improvements with our pup Loki. He was a nightmare for pulling on the lead, reactive to other dogs and people and wouldn't listen to us.

He now walks lovely on his lead and acts like a gentleman at the door for visitors. We're not near done, but the progress we've seen in such a short time has been lovely!

Vislor Trainer Ashley Foster with Max the Weimerana following private dog training session.

David & Jane Lapham – Max (Weimerana)

Ash has worked wonders with Max!

We could not have imagined this pic 3 weeks ago. It is a case of learning what we needed to do to teach what is acceptable behaviour.

Walking is now a much more relaxed affair and we can have visitors to the house.

Still a way to go but I believe with help from Ash anything is possible

Wayne Morris, Missy & Otto (Sighthounds)

Couldn't fault the way he worked with us and his general philosophy.

He spent more time with us than we paid for and offered a number of ideas to train our two dogs. Unsurprisingly his ideas have worked and both animals have responded well. Life with them outside our home is much easier and far more rewarding.

I was surprised that he never made us feel responsible (as a result of our failings) for the behaviour of our charges. He saw things as they were and offered positives to move forward. Whilst he stressed that he is always happy to revisit to offer more help, he isn't a serial attendee at our expense. He seems happiest when his advice leads to results and there is no further need for him to return (and charge us again for his services).

His fees were in line with others we approached but most of these suggested that the work would be ongoing and involve continued payments. He has visited us once and our dogs are manageable as a result of his advice.

His success has not made him a great deal richer but has made our lives with our pets far more rewarding.

I cannot offer enough praise and thanks.