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We train you how to train your dog.

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One to One Dog Training

We Teach You How to Train Your Dog

For owners wanting a more hands-on approach to their dog training you can book a one-to-one private training session where you will learn how to train your dog quickly and easily, with no need for months of attending group sessions. Our methods are bespoke to your dog training needs.

We tackle problems head on, unlike many trainers that tend to avoid the problem. We can help with whatever issues you are facing, the most common problems are, pulling on the lead, jumping up, recall, sitting and waiting, interaction with other dogs. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals.

What is Included in the Lessons?

Dog Marker training with Tavis, Chunk and Buddy

Our training sessions will cover the following; the list is not exhaustive though!

  • Following State of Mind
  • Reward & Correct
  • Reactivity towards people, other dogs, livestock – anything that moves!
  • Recall
  • Correct socialisation and behaviour
  • Loose lead walking
  • Good manners – threshold training and travelling
  • Crate, place and bed training
  • How to engage with your dog – tricks, commands, and play
  • Correct use of training equipment

Your trainer will discuss your dog training and behavioural problems and find out what you would like to achieve, carry out an assessment of the interaction of you with your dog and agree the best training option, teaching you simple practical skills and setting achievable goals for you to work on together at home with your pet.





A 50% surcharge will apply for evening (6pm onwards) and weekend lessons.


For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Vislor Training Solutions

One to One Dog Training Reviews

Rodney the sproodle - Vislor One-to-One Training - West Midlands

Lynn Jesson & Rodney (Sproodle)

We had 1 training session with Mo, he was fantastic, he explained everything really well and our dog is transformed.

He is walking to heel, no pulling or reacting to other dogs, we are so pleased.

Would recommend Mo without hesitation

Izzy the Springer recently attended Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - West Bromwich

Martin Emms & Izzy (Springer)

I have 2 springers, the one in question is a 6 month old working springer thats literally into everything from cans, leaves, sticks double her size and anything thats not nailed down, doesn't walk on the lead, intermttently likes to listen and a general loveable pain in the a**.

In steps Mo, within 5 mins she's sitting still, 10 mins later she's still sitting there while we're throwing a ball in front of her face and she's still sitting there 20mins later, after that we go for a walk and it's the usual mess she's all over the place and I'm getting tangled up, again in steps Mo and she's walking next to me loud and proud and no pulling.

I ain't saying the problems have magically disappeared but after 1 session I could definitely see what can be done when you get a bit of guidance on how to deal with situation.

Glen Rhodes and his German Shepherd Oscar - Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - West Midlands

Glen Rhodes & Oscar (German Shepherd)

Travis thank you very much for the help and guidance you have given me with my German Shepherd "Oscar'.

He is now much better behaved, walks well on the lead and the recall is coming along nicely.

Top class trainer.

Perrine and Dusty (Golden Retriever)

I had one session with Frankie for my golden retriever Dusty, who already went on residential training 7 months ago.

Frankie provided useful advice on how to go further and deal better with Dusty's pulling and reactivity on walks. I can already see some improvements and know that we are heading the right way.

My other retriever Kira is highly reactive to other dogs, which is a real problem during walks. Frankie gave me the tools and advice I needed to break the reactivity cycle and deal effectively with the problem.

Kira is already making a lot of progress and I am confident on her future improvements thanks to Frankie.

I highly recommend Frankie.

Doc Singh (2 x German Shepherds)

We have 2 Alsatians who pulled on the lead,. Mo and the team were very thorough, knowledgeable and often hilarious with their approach to sorting our the issues that were in hand.

Definitely booking another session and probably more to sort out the matters relating to our dogs in due course.

If you need a trainer who knows their onions, these guys are definitely the ticket.

Woody the Golden Retriever after attending Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Tamworth

Susan Nuttall & Woody (Golden Retriever)

I would 100% recommend Frankie to sort out any issues you may have with your dog.

She is clearly passionate about her work. The difference in Woody's behaviour in such a short space of time is remarkable.

Thank you so much!

Ruby the Rotweiller puppy following Vislor-One-to-One Dog Training - Tamworth

Susan Allsopp & Ruby (Rottweiler)

Frankie gave me the tools and her expertise in how to deal with my reactive rottie Ruby.

I had totally lost my confidence in taking her out on walks and dreaded passing another dog. Thanks to Frankie walks are now calmer and I I feel that I am in charge of Ruby rather than her pulling and reacting.

Highly recommend Vislor and Frankie

Linh Vi & Sumo with Ashley Foster during Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Oxfordshire

Linh Vi & Sumo (Malamute)

It’s been a few months since we had training with Ash for our malamute Sumo.

It’s was such a relief to find someone after trying a few) that understood our concerns. Sumo was 2 and half years old when he joined our family and his previous owners hadn’t socialised him much as a puppy due to covid. Sumo was a terrible puller and dog reactive, not aggressive just wanted to say hello every dog he saw. But his size and over excitement and pulling made walks very stressful. Sumo had pulled me down a few times, so we were desperate for some help.

When Ash turned up in his van and dogs we were so excited as we felt here was someone who knew what he was doing. We found Ash really professional and appreciated that he took time to sit us down for a chat to really find out what we wanted to achieve from the training g session, which was to learn to to reduce the pulling dog reactivity.

Ash introduced us to a half checked collar and to be firmer with Sumo as well as give plenty of rewards. To our delight Sumo was able to walk side by side with Ash’s dogs and not pull, all this in less than an hour. We learnt a lot from Ash and used what he taught us for a couple of weeks and was then able to change back to the no pull harness (we tried this earlier, but Sumo was still pulling before the training).

We highly recommend Ash and his pack of dogs, they really helped with our Sumo 😊

Nyx the white German Shepherd following Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Leicestershire

Iain Mcfadzen & Nyx (German Shepherd)

Rich from Vislor was fantastic.

He talked us through exercises we could do with Nyx to get her paying attention on walks, pointed out the small mistakes we were making, and suggested other steps we could take beyond that if we were still struggling later.

He didn't try to push further sessions on us as he didn't feel we needed them, and invited us to send him questions if we had any.

Nyx became 50% better walking on her lead pretty much over the course of one session and has further improved with more training work since then.

Taking her out is fun again!

Sofia the German Spitz during Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Oxfordshire

Kayhan Segel & Sofia (German Spitz)

My wife and I contacted Vislor for help with our German Spitz, Sofia. She has anxiety around other dogs, quickly becoming aggressive, which makes walks and visits to pubs difficult.

We tried to train her ourselves and had another dog trainer, but without results. Ash visited us to discuss our needs and meet Sofia. We then organized a 1:1 training session. Ash brought several of his dogs with him, and by the end of the session Sofia was able to walk alongside his dogs.

We were very happy with the quick results and will be taking advantage of the residential training offering while we travel over the holidays.