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We train you how to train your dog.

We tackle dog training problems head-on.

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One to One Dog Training

We Teach You How to Train Your Dog

For owners wanting a more hands-on approach to their dog training you can book a one-to-one private training session where you will learn how to train your dog quickly and easily, with no need for months of attending group sessions.

Our methods are bespoke to your dog training needs. We tackle problems head on, unlike many trainers that tend to avoid the problem.

We can help with whatever issues you are facing, the most common problems are, pulling on the lead, jumping up, recall, sitting and waiting, interaction with other dogs.

Our experienced trainers specialise in working with nervous, anxious and reactive dogs. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals.

What is Included in the Lessons?

Dog Marker training with Tavis, Chunk and Buddy

Our training sessions will cover the following; the list is not exhaustive though!

  • Following State of Mind
  • Reward & Correct
  • Reactivity towards people, other dogs, livestock – anything that moves!
  • Recall
  • Correct socialisation and behaviour
  • Loose lead walking
  • Good manners – threshold training and travelling
  • Crate, place and bed training
  • How to engage with your dog – tricks, commands, and play
  • Correct use of training equipment

Your trainer will discuss your dog training and behavioural problems and find out what you would like to achieve, carry out an assessment of the interaction of you with your dog and agree the best training option, teaching you simple practical skills and setting achievable goals for you to work on together at home with your pet.





A 50% surcharge will apply for evening (6pm onwards) and weekend lessons.


For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Vislor Training Solutions

One to One Dog Training Reviews

Jodie Creed & Max (German Shepherd)

Absolute magic.

My reactive GSD hasn't even glanced at another dog since out initial training.

Can't wait to get our recall sorted too later on!

Hayleigh Conroy & Bear (Rottweiler)

Lauren was brilliant!

I had been really struggling with my boy pulling on his lead. I had already had numerous sessions from another trainer and it had not worked.

Lauren within one session provided the tools, techniques and guidance on how to walk to heal and recall. We have along way to go but with the help from Lauren I am feeling the most confident I ever had. I already have seen so much improvement.

Lauren was very professional and so knowledgeable explained every step and provided so many tips to ensure I was using the techniques correctly.

I could not recommend her more highly.

Everyone needs a Lauren in their dogs life.

She is Phenomenal.

Toby the Miniature Dachshund following Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Halesowen.

Michael Woodall & Toby (Miniature Dachshund)

We did have a disobedient little terror, Toby (miniature dachshund) and thanks to John’s training, knowledge, patience and advice Toby is a lot calmer and obedient.

We found John to be polite and professional, would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone.

Thank you so much for your help and guidance.

Michael Woodall and Toby

Dog owner Lee with Burt the English Bull Terrier following Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - West Bromwich,

Cheryl Freestone & Burt (English Bull Terrier)

We met Moses today for a training session with our Bull Terrier who has been experiencing certain dominance issues, we have tried 2 different trainers up until now with limited success and after reading Vislors previous reviews decided to try them

I must say from our initial contact communication was fantastic, upon arrival at our first greeting we were met with a very pleasant welcoming reception, time was taken to explain everything to us about the reasons behind the behaviours we were experiencing and a stong plan put in place to move forward with.

We found Moses to be very knowledgeable and affable, with everything broken down to clearly understandable levels. He clearly loves his job and having the ability to assist in making sure our fur babies having absolutely the best life possible.

An honest, guy and genuine passionate dog lover.

Would not hesitate to recommend.

Thank you

Cheryl & Lee

Reggie the German Shepherd following Vislor Residential Training - West Bromwich

Sue Creary & Reggie (German Shepherd)

We contacted Moses after our German shepherd bit someone. Our Reggie is such a kind, gentle but protective part of our family.

Moses has guided us through a training programme, meeting us very quick in person and spending a lot of time teaching us to train our dog. He advised on what equipment to buy and has been at the end of the phone for emotional support and guidance. Talking to us, explaining and sending training videos.

In 3 short weeks our Reggie is a different dog. Is now listening more and following instructions.

We feel more in control now and we could not have done this without Moses, he is a brilliant trainer and we will be forever grateful for his kindness and support.

Lola the Dachshund at Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Coventry

Christian Joeres & Lola (Daschund)

I contacted Vislor dog training after being recommended by a friend. I was really impressed by their initial communication and booked in with Lauren to help with my mini daschund Lola.

Lauren was very professional and so knowledgeable, seeing Lola in both her home and outdoor environment. She gave me very easy to follow new commands to use with lola and even after only 5 days I've seen a huge positive change in Lola.

Having wondered whether a trainer is worth the money, I can say it 100% is.

I would highly recommend Lauren and Vislor training. Thank you. I will very using again for my other dog.

Paul Wells & Delta (German Shepherd)

It's not just about the dogs — Ashley Foster's work extends to their owners too 🙌

In addition to providing resources for training and care, Ashley empowers dog owners to build a stronger bond with their furry friends.

Fox the German Shepherd cross at Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - West Bromwich

Alena Fielding & Fox (German Shepherd Cross)

Travis and Lorraine – an absolute dream team! It’s a 2hr trip each way for me, but 100% worth it. When I first contacted Vislor to get help on my dogs’ reactivity and general obedience, Lorraine got in touch straight away to talk through my requirements. She was genuinely interested in all aspects of my dogs’ lives and their characters, what training I’ve done previously, etc. – I was really impressed with this individual approach. This was nicely dovetailed by the introductory chat with Travis when I arrived for my first session. Travis was there to listen and understand, he didn’t jump in straight away with ‘methods and programmes’; this meant that the training that followed was tailored to me, my dogs, and our particular situation.

Travis’ knowledge and experience of dogs cannot be over-stated. He really knows his stuff; he’s seen it all. This means, you don’t waste your time on generic techniques that are unsuitable for your dog; you learn to understand your dog – and recognise their limitations – rather than expecting your dog to be ‘fixed’ and perfect. For example, Travis was clear and honest with me that my German Shepherd Fox is, and always will be a nervous dog – not one for busy doggy daycare freefall sessions, just not his kind of scene. However, there is so much I can do to make Fox used to situations that cause him stress, so it is a more ‘normal’ experience for us both.

Lorraine is an absolute pleasure to deal with – always so supportive and accommodating. Vislor communication is impeccable, and the whole non-training side of things runs smoothly and efficiently. Lorraine is always there for my random questions, she provided great advice on transport crates, for example.

I’m so glad I found Vislor training, my dogs are doing so much better all round, and I have a lot more confidence in handling them, knowing I’m doing the right thing. Thank you Lorraine and Travis!

Bella the English Mastiff during Vislor One-to-One Dog Training - Bicester

Katie Sykes & Bella (English Mastiff)

I had 2 labradors and then added a rescued 4 year old mastiff into the mix. She was a real challenge as had already bit someone, she was reactive to dogs and people and it made walking the dogs not fun at all. She would leap and bark and pull me clean over.

After 2 hours with Ash, I couldn't believe the change in her, he is amazing with dogs and really took the time to work through the problems.

I have plenty of homework to do and I'm looking forward to doing some more with with him on how I can get to the stage of off lead and recall! I never thought I could get to this stage, honestly, if you are struggling with your dog then give these guys a call.

Fantastic results.

Tracy Dixon & Oscar (Labrador)

Enjoyed meeting Lauren and found her extremely knowledgeable, gave me lots of useful tips regarding my dog problems which we are still working on.

Oscar loved her too which was a bonus.

Thank you Lauren