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Puppy Training Advice

About Puppy Training Advice

If you’re thinking of getting, or have recently bought, a puppy, and want expert advice on how to give it the best foundations in the crucial first few months of its life, come along for a friendly informal consultation on planning all aspects of bringing it into your life and home. We cover feeding to training and everything in between. Read Jeff and Clare’s Client Reviews of how useful they found their puppy advice sessions.

All the dogs that we’ve competed with in dog sport, including Vongalanberg Kai Kkl. 1, SchH 3, AD, the most successful British Working German Shepherd ever at the IPO World Championships and record holder of the highest ever scoring Obedience round at the UK GSDL National Schutzhund Championships, have been raised and trained from seven weeks of age solely by the Vislor team.

We have countless hours of experience learning how to give dogs the best start in life, whether it's going to be a pet pooch or a highly-trained working dog!

Puppy Advice Session

The session duration is up to one hour and consists of a small theory presentation on puppy training, behaviour, nutrition and feeding, toilet training, crate training, exercise etc. and practical demonstrations of how we raise our own puppies, subject to their availability.

For an individual training session with your puppy, please refer to the One-to-One Dog Training section.

For a package of puppy training lessons, please refer to our our Puppy Training Package section.

Small additional costs apply for evening (6pm onwards) and weekend lessons. This will be quoted upon your enquiry.





For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

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Puppy Training Advice Reviews

Geoff – Puppy Advice Session

Many thanks to Trav and Ash for making me so welcome on my first puppy advice session. Although still waiting for my working puppy to arrive, I did think it was important for me to get a clear perspective on what training methods are possible and what to expect from my puppy. The presentation at start the session combined a sensible mix of balanced forms of consistent reinforcement to achieve a well socialised and happy puppy, and I will certainly be using these techniques when my puppy arrives. Trav and Ash made so many common sense suggestions and ideas that the visit was well worthwhile. The facilities at Vislor are excellent and the final demonstration of obedience with some of the Vislor dogs was very entertaining. Many thanks and I will stay in touch.

ROCKY & Claire – Puppy Training & Advice Client

Please pass on my thanks to Travis and Ashley for their expertise and advice. I am quite sure it will be invaluable information for the next few months! I’m really impressed with your set-up and if I ever need to leave him for the day, i will be straight up there! Please let me know when your puppy classes start anytime after April, after he’s all jabbed etc. I will most definitely be back to seek some guidance and will recommend you to all my friends in the meantime. Kind Regards Clare Scott


I have trained with travis at Vislor for the last two years. I can honestly say I have not met anyone in my eight years working with dogs that is as gifted as a trainer, handler and instructor of dogs as Travis. I have worked closely with him for the last two years, and have gone through the puppy development programme up to adult dogs. If you want to give your puppy the best chance of developing into a well rounded and obedient dog in todays society, which is imperitive then i strongly recommend you follow the puppy programme, that also develops you into a competent and confident handler. Travis has the experience and proven ability to train and modify unwanted behaviours in your dog no matter how big or small, and has helped me train my dogs from everyday training issues through to professional competition. Travs training methods are easy to understand and most importantly they work, which is the most important thing when looking for a trainer to train your dogs. The atmosphere at Vislor is serious when it needs to be, but fun and you will be made to feel welcome and at ease when meeting and training with the Vislor family. I can not thank Travis and Vislor enough for making me into a more confident and competent handler, and for developing my dogs into obedient members of the canine family.