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Working Dog Sport Training

Ideal for Working Dog Enthusiasts

Training working dogs is our speciality at Vislor Dog Training Centre, and our Working Dog Training Packages are ideal for any of the following:

  • Beginners coming into dog sport (building confidence and foundation work)
  • Trainers who want help with a specific problem e.g., working on the ‘out’, tracking, heel work etc
  • Competitors wanting extra training for an upcoming trial
  • Trainers who want to try a new training method
  • Working with young working dogs or puppies
  • Getting your dog more controlled and focussed
  • Security/Service dog handlers wanting to improve their protection work.

We offer training with anything from young puppies to adult dogs in any aspect of Tracking, Obedience and Protection as well as helping handlers attain better general control of their dogs and developing drives to their maximum potential.

Read reviews below from other working dog enthusiasts that have already trained with us.

Dirk Wernet: Developing Helpers and Dog Sport Protection Work Interview

From £65



A 50% surcharge will apply for evening (6pm onwards) or weekend bookings, to be quoted upon enquiry.


For the best possible outcome for you, your dog and the trainer, we kindly ask that you do not bring children to meetings and lessons.

Travis Foster - Vislor Head Trainer

Travis Foster has been an IGP dog trainer and helper for over 20 years, training dogs every day, participating in Dog Sport both in the UK and abroad. He’s achieved first Place at the 2012 Team GB WUSV IGP World Championship Selection Trial, the highest ever recorded Obedience score (98/100) at the 2011 UK National Schutzhund Championships as well as ‘Best in Protection’ (94/100) with a dog he has owned and trained from seven weeks of age, Vongalanberg Kai Kkl. 1 SchH 3 AD.

Travis trains all his own Working GSDs from puppies and has qualified IGP-III with five dogs. He has also foundation trained many other dogs that have gone on to compete at top level with other IGP trainers. As well as training and competing in Dog Sport he has worked as a NTIPDU Qualified Security Dog Handler and Consultant to UK Police Dog Handlers in various forces. We have excellent private training facilities and permission from local farmers to use their fields for tracking providing an excellent opportunity to train with a tracking expert who has always achieved excellent scores (96 to 100) with every dog he has competed with in IGP.

Travis in Competition

Vongalanberg Kai and Travis Foster of Great Britain Protection Round at the WUSV IPO World Championships in Steyr, Austria, 2012.

Notspol Gilly and Travis Foster IPO 3 Obedience.

Working Dog Sport Training Reviews

Charece Lehone Hill & Kaizer (Malinois)

Highly recommend Travis and his team

Luca Rnic with Travis Foster at Vislor Sog Sport Training - West Bromwich

Luca Rnic & Xena (Doberman)

Best place to go for IGP training in the UK, specifically the midlands, in my opinion.

I train full time with Trav and i’m a member of their IGP club. I’ve trained with a variety of trainers who specialise in IGP and they have been good, but training with Trav has been excellent.

Lorraine discussed with me what I was looking to achieve and how Vislor could help. She got me booked in very swiftly.

If you are looking for general obedience, reactivity or sport/working training sessions, I would highly recommend Vislor.

They are a very welcoming group of people and have a great range of experience with a wide array of dogs.

Ashley Davies sport dog training at Vislor Dog Training - West Midlands

Ashley Davies

I’ve been going to Trav an the team for IGP training for the last 2 years an I cannot recommend them enough.

Trav an Mo are two of the best trainers I have came across a the knowledge between them is exceptional.

The atmosphere at Vislor is always welcoming and a nice environment to be in, no egos just passionate trainers looking to help you on your journey.

Highly highly recommended.

Travis Foster with Sara Monk and her Malinois dog at Vislor Dog Training - West Midlands

Sara Monk

I have been training with Trav since March '22 with my Malinois. Our relationship has improved so much and our partnership has really cemented.

Trav has a super ability to think outside of the box and finds solutions for what best suits the dog in front of him.

I would, and have recommended him to others. And hopefully we will be training with him (for IGP) for many years to come.

Tina Rose's gog Koda on his mark

Tina Rose & Koda

Travis has been helping me get better focus from my dog and also with foundation training for dog sports - I recommend him 100%.

He works with the partnership in front of him, both dog & human, to overcome stumbling blocks and get the best out of both. He’s given me plenty of tips & techniques that I’ll continue to use moving forward, along with wise words and encouragement that I’ll remember when things don’t quite go to plan (such is dog training!)

I’m confident Travis has given me a great starting point for the dog that I have so it’s up to me to put into practice what I’ve been taught.

I won’t hesitate to book future sessions as we (hopefully!) progress.

Harry O’Hara

When I first found out about the IGP dog sport, I then contacted Vislor Dog Training and they were very quick to respond, I then had my first session with Trav and I have enjoyed training my dog for the sport from the very first lesson, Trav is very helpful and has more than one way of training dogs depending on the dog which has helped me develop a lot more and helps me to identify what works best for me and my dog.

I would 100% recommend Trav and the team at Vislor as they are all very helpful and will help get the best out of your dog!

Jamie Pritchett and his working GSD

Jamie Pritchett

Trav gave me the training foundations and understanding of what was required for my first working dog. I'm now back with my second working dog.

If you want some of the best dog training in the country go to Vislor dog training.

Sighir Khan & Sog at Vislor Sport Dog Training

Sighir Khan & Fynn

Spent some time with Travis Foster at Vislor Dog Training Center to learn the art of IGP with my dog Fynn. I have had a handful of lessons and my dog has come on leaps and bounds. But this time the problem was me. For some strange reason I seemed to be very anxious which manifested itself by me going 100mph like a bull in a China shop. Travis spotted the problem straight away, calmed me right down and got me back on track.

I can't recommend Travis enough, he truly is a world class instructor. It's not just about reading the dog, it's about being able to read the handler as well.

Diviash Anand Vislor Dog Sport Training

Diviash Anand & Prince

I've been looking a good trainer for a while someone who really understands what I'm wanting from my dog and have have finally found him!!

Travis is amazing, I've only had 2 sessions so far but have definitely seen a difference with my dog! Travis has a unique way of training and he also explains the reasons behind his training methods and how it will benefit me, my dog and also the relationship and bond between me and my dog. I live just over 2 hours away but I am so happy with progress I've booked in more sessions!!

If you have any issues with your dog or just want some training then I highly recommend Vislor Dog Training Center... Check them out they are really amazing!!

Dan Parsons & his Germa Shepherd Grace

Dan Parsons & Grace (GSD)

I would highly recommend Travis and his training methodology. Professional, passionate and friendly - a true expert. I travel 2.5hrs each way to work with Travis, time and money well spent. IPG is a new sport form and am looking forward to progressing with the training. Each time I come, I leave enthused, and looking forward to the next session! Highly recommended!