Craig - Vislor Dog Trainer - Salisbury

Craig - Vislor's Salisbury Dog Trainer.

Craig was raised in the New Forest where his parents bred German Shepherd dogs. From an early age he has been surrounded by animals. Craig developed a passion for looking after the dogs which inspired him to become a breeder himself and now has over 30 years’ experience.

After graduating from Agricultural College, Craig spent several years farming livestock. During the early 90s he founded his own security business. Craig trained and bred security dogs and supplied general security solutions to businesses across the UK.

In 2000 Craig returned to farming and breeding German Shepherd dogs on his own small holding. Following an introduction to Vislor, he developed a passion for IGP and quickly fell in love with the dog sport. Craig now has his own dog training facilities in Wiltshire.

Craig doing dog sport

Passionate About IGP Dog Sport

Craig portrait
Craig sat with a GSD

Craig - Vislor Dog Trainer

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Craig's Dog Training Reviews

Bill Pearce & Cody

Positive: professionalism

Bill & Karen Pearce with their dog Cody at Vislor Dog Training Center - Salisbury.

Our dog Cody was totally out of control with his barking and disobedience we sent him away for 3 weeks, he has come back a completely different dog. I realise it’s mainly our fault that he turned out this way so we have hade to be educated too..

I’m sure we all will have a great life now without stress..

Many Thanks

Bill & Karen

Kat Dickson & Baxter

Craig and Kate have provided the much needed foundation and advice for our ongoing training, helping us most where we were really struggling. We felt we had almost hit a brick wall of progress, unable to move on because we couldn’t get nice lead walking. Since being home he’s doing really well, his lead walking is so much better, and I’m feeling more confident and relaxed taking him out knowing his overall behaviour is improving.

He also got a dapper groom while he was away.

Thank you!

Glenn Glenn & Woody

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Glen and his dog Woody following Dog Boot Camp course at Vislor Training Center- Salisbury

Amazing job, I was so worried about my boy Woody, but these guys made him feel at home and animals have a good instinct and Woody loves them.

Training in just three weeks was unbelievable, he now walks well and ignores other dogs and people, even football games!! He is more relaxed and happy, I would truly recommend these services to anyone. I will certainly put Woody with these guys when I go abroad and be very happy to do so.

Thank you, you have taken such a worry away from me.

Natasha Small & Sheeba

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Natasha Small and her German Shepherd Dog Sheba following residential dog training at Vislor Dog Training Center - Salisbury.

I first met Mo from Vislor at the beginning of May 2021, where he first met me and then Sheba, Sheba was so reactive she was at time uncontrollable!!! And that is being kind!!Mo advise residential, which at first I was very apprehensive about but he paired me with Craig and his family and I could not have asked for a better experience and pairing for Sheba.

Words can not describe what Craig and his family have done with the training they devoted, time and energy. Katie is so wonderful and understanding and developed a fabulous bond with Sheba. Their daughter and son dedicated so much time and training with Sheba along with Craig to really turn Sheba around and boy she is STUBBORN!! I would highly recommend Craig and his family for their time and training, they were supportive throughout the process and the aftercare has been second to non.

They recommended the vislor reactive training which I have also competed. Sheba is still work in progress but it such a different dog and developing every day! Thank you so Much to Craig and his family with out your training and dedication and devotion to training dogs, especially Sheba, we are both eternally thankful and grateful for meeting you guys and having you train Sheba. Helping me and Sheba to be the best we can be!!!

For Craig is all about getting your dog to be the best they can be, happy confident and calm. Vislor, Craig I would highly recommend for all aspects of dog training, I would not hesitate to recommend the residential training for all your doggy training needs. If you need any sort of help with your dog please contact Vislor. Even if your dog is Not problematic just contact Vislor who will assist you with all aspects of your dog.

Thanks again Craig and family, I will always be eternally thankful and grateful for all you did and continue to do for Sheba and I.

Findlay Ingram & Isla (Cocker Spaniel)

Findlay Ingram & Isla the Cocker Spaniel at Vislor Residential Training - Salisbury

Our six month old cocker spaniel suffered from eye issues in her first few months with us and after a few trips to the vet she completely lost trust in people and didn't like to be handled, especially anywhere near her face or neck - making it incredibly difficult to get eye drops in or even put her lead on for a walk.

She was also biting and barking a lot. We tried training her ourselves but we just weren't able to make progress with the biting and decided we needed help.

Kate sent us update videos and we were amazed to see the progress. Kate could apply eye drops and attach the collar&lead without any trouble at all. Amie (Craig & Kate's daughter) is a groomer and even managed to cut the hair around her face, which we could never have done before. Importantly, the biting (& barking) has stopped and she is so much more responsive to us when we say 'No!'. We couldn't believe the difference in a few weeks!

The training has been incredibly helpful and made every day so much more enjoyable! We can't thank Kate, Craig & Amie enough.

Juda Wolf & Otto (Beagle)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Juda & Otto (Beagle) at Vislor Dog Training - Salisbury.

Never had a problems with dogs in the past until we got Otto the Beagle. He wouldn’t listen, was stubborn and barked at everyone and everything. We tried local dog trainers to no avail, so we started researching residential dog training and came across Craig and Kate.

They explained everything and guided us on the process from start to finish. We decided to leave Otto in their care and hoped for the best! They kept us informed throughout the 3 week process on WhatsApp with video updates and calls from Craig explaining how the training was going.

When we finally came to collect Otto we were in shock. He was walking nicely by our side, not pulling on the lead, no barking at passers by and even walked past other dogs without problems! We were thrilled. They guided on how to carry on the training process with Otto, they explained he could revert back to his old ways without proper training continued.

Since he’s been home he’s been good as gold. Craig and Kate have since been in touch to find out how things are going.

All in all we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to correct any behaviour problems they might have with their dog, the results are worth the investment.

Thanks again guys!

Joe Roseman & Coal (GSD)

Joe Roseman & Coal (GSD) at Vislor Residential Dog Training - Salisbury

I live on a farm and it is surrounded by other farms. There are sheep and livestock everywhere. I know of two dogs owned by neighbours that have been shot by farmers because they wandered into neighbouring farms and chased and attacked sheep. I do not want this to happen to my dog.

Craig and the team understood my goals and trained my dog so that he would be able to have a very happy and safe life on my farm. He went to Craig as a stubborn GSD who very much wanted to do only what he decided, and that included chasing sheep, nipping the cats and definitely having bad intentions towards the chickens (one of which ended up momentarily in his mouth). He returned from Craig with a different mentality. Essentially he ignores the sheep now and has only a passing interest in the cats and chickens. He has learnt obedience.

Craig knows what he is doing. He has enormous experience with difficult dogs and he has done a superb job with my dog. The team provides constant updates via Whatsapp, with videos and commentary of progress. There is ongoing support after the handover. The 3 weeks is, really, just the start of the training. Having the ongoing support is important. I recommend Craig and the team with full confidence. I would also add that my dog is now WAY happier.

Rianna Hanif & Henry (1yr old Labrador)

Rianna Hanif & Henry (Labrador) handover at Vislor Residential Dog Training Salisbury.

I couldn’t recommend Vislor more highly!

We have an energetic 1 year old fox red Labrador who wanted to be ‘top dog’ in the house and wasn’t listening to any commands from myself or my partner. He also started excessively biting and lunging at us when he wanted attention or was bored. We tried working with other dog behaviourists as well as independently training him but nothing worked and his behaviour was getting worst. We had really ran out of options until I found Vislor.

From initially meeting with Mo to find out more about the process, we knew that these were the trainers for us. Mo clearly outlined what we should expect and made us feel totally confident in the decision to book residential training. Henry spent 3 weeks with Craig, Kate and their lovely family who all supported with training. It was a hard 3 weeks without our boy but it was more than worth it! Henry has come back a totally different dog, walking perfectly on the lead without pulling and in the house he finally respects us and listens to us with no biting or bad behaviour. He is a dream to be around and we now properly enjoy our life with Henry and he seems like a much happier and content dog.

Thank you Craig and Kate! You have helped us more than we can express

Tom Whitley & Luna (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality

Linda and het GSD Luna Vislor - Salisbury Residential Dog Training handover

We had just about ran out of options with our 15 month old GSD Luna via standard training methods during lockdowns (puppy classes and neighbours). Luna had become reactive to most cars, cyclists and 50/50 with other dogs generally pulling and barking going through several types of lead and collar trying to find "The Fix".

In just three weeks residential we have got back a more well rounded girl who we can walk without incident whilst on the lead. I was a bit gobsmacked on our first walk with zero reactions whilst on the short lead and even sat at the side of the road whilst half a dozen cars drove by to make sure it wasnt a fluke . Obviously there is still input and further training required by ourselves to get Luna fully trained, but the residential training has steered us all in the right direction.

Highly recommended 👍🐶

Jayne Hodgetts & Dexter

Jayne Hodgetts & Dexter at Vislor Residential Dog Bootcamp Salisbury

My dog has improved so much . He is a joy to walk . I highly recommend these people to train any dog . Thank you

Eleanor Radley & Griffin (10 month GSD)

Eleanor Radley & Griffin (10 month GSD) dog boot camp

Could not recommend Residential Training with Craig & Kate enough for anyone struggling with their dog.

To give a bit of background, Griffin is myself and my partners first dog and is a 10 month old GSD. With us not having much experience as Griffin started to get older and more importantly bigger... we ran into a number of issues. His lead walking was all over the place and it was beginning to become difficult for me to handle him out on walks. He was pretty much interested in everything apart from listening to me. In the home, he would bark at everything and anything that came past our house and overall lacked general house manners. He really struggled to be independent and would often bark for attention no matter how much we played/interacted with him.

When we started looking into residential training, it felt like a really big deal and almost like we failed him but it's the best thing we ever did.

Craig and Kate are so knowledgeable and we really felt comfortable leaving Griffin with them for 3 weeks (he hadn't previously spent a night away from me since we brought him home). In the initial meeting they spent a long time with us talking through everything and Griffins behaviours. 2 weeks later we dropped him off for his 3 week residential stay.

We were apprehensive about the changes we would see and how we would continue it at home but I can honestly say we can't believe the difference. We had a lengthy handover with Craig and Kate when we picked Griffin up and were amazed at how much better his lead walking was. He can now walk at a heel! Not only that but he is SO much more engaged with us, for a variety of commands, including the word NO!

It has truly changed our day to day more than we can explain. We now have a much happier dog and a happier home and feel positive about the future with our four legged family member. Craig and Kate put in the ground work and have given us all the tips and instructions for how to continue with his training at home.

There is also a WhatsApp group set up at the start of the residential stay, where they sent videos and updates of how Griffin was getting on. They have also left this open for any further questions we have.

It is really hard to try and summarise this review but I hope this helps anyone considering residential training and finally, thanks again Craig and Kate.

Ella, Harvey and Griffin :)

Janey Wayne & Bailey (GSD)

Positive: quality, responsiveness

Janey Wayne, family & Bailey (GSD) at Residential Dog Training - Vislor Salisbury

We had an almost 1 year old German Shepherd who would pull our arms whilst walking on a lead, always needing to be at the front, and would jump and nip our 12 year old son when in certain situations. We weren’t certain about being without our dog for 3 weeks, but after speaking to Mo and then Craig at Vislor, we felt confident that Craig had a wealth of experience that could help us with our particular concern of lead walking. We weren’t wrong.

During our dog’s time away, we received an occasional video and could see the progress by week 2. By the time of our handover at the end of week 3, the difference was immense. Our dog was walking on lead, by our side, listening to commands and no longer walking us! This is with every member of our family, including our son.

It is still a work in progress but we have a comfortable, solid foundation to work with. We can highly recommend Craig and his family and are really happy with the results achieved in just three weeks.

Molly Debney & Loki (GSD)

Positive: professionalism

Molly Debney and her GSD Loki at Vislor Dog Boot Camp Salisbury

My German shepherd dog has been with Kate and Craig for 4 weeks on residential stay. He has always been very anxious and reactive around other dogs. on collection they took me through everything step by step. The change in my boys behaviour is unbelievable I can honestly say they have been amazing.

Adam & Monty

Adam & Monty his Collie Dog Boot Camp Vislor

Craig took our young dog for an initial 3 week residential, and subsequently we have had some 1-2-1 follow up sessions too. Our dog is a rescue and he is particularly challenging; after trying lots of different methods and trainers, we felt like we had to undergo intense training as he was becoming too much for us.

After a difficult start (even by Craig's standards), he started to get through to him and by the end of the 3 weeks he was a completely different dog. Also, importantly for us as owners, we are in a much better position to train our dog too. It has been good to have Craig available to discuss our progress with, and we are thankful that we no longer worry as to whether we can keep our dog or not.

We can only imagine the progress a less challenging dog can make in a relatively short period of time.

Ali Evason & Zelda (8 month GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Ali, Zelda (GSD) & Craig at Dog Boot Camp handover

We acquired Zelda our beautiful GSD at the age of 9 weeks old. We had waited 6 years after losing our previous GSD at an amazing 14 years old. We considered ourselves to be experienced as we have had 3 over many years but Zelda changed our opinion of ourselves. She was the most fabulous dog in the house. We have never experienced any chewing or mess and she is wonderful with our grandchildren.

This all changed dramatically as soon as you put on her lead to take her out. She would start barking furiously as soon as she got outside...... just in case someone was there. It didn't matter if anyone was or not. She would pull so hard on the lead that your arm would feel like it was coming off. She would lunge at anything on wheels, cars, vans, bikes, scooters. You name it, if it had wheels she just had to go for it. Then if we saw another dog coming we felt we had to change direction or hide as she would rear up and bark trying to get to the other dog. We had tried training but nothing seemed to work, she was getting no better. We now know as it was group training it was never going to. We were advised by one trainer to use a Gencon collar but this only made matters worse. We were by now at our wits end having spent a lot of time and money to no avail.

This is when we discovered Vislor and I am so thrilled that we did.Zelda was 8 months old by now and a very big boned dog, already weighing 28 kgs. She had pulled me over going for another dog and I had suffered a broken finger. From the first contact with Lorraine the whole experience has been amazing. She responded so quickly and put us in touch with Mo to have Zelda assessed. Mo put us at ease immediately and made us feel so much better by assuring us that it wasn't our fault or anything we were doing wrong. We had actually got to the point where we were feeling that so his reassurance really helped.

Mo recommended 3 weeks residential training with Craig and Kate in Salisbury and it is the best thing we ever did. We were kept up to date with videos and messages which helped enormously as we missed her so much. We met Craig and Kate for the handover in our local park. We had thought it would be a quick handover with a few pointers but how wrong were we? We were not rushed and we walked together for a good hour whilst we were shown how to carry on with the training so that the progress gained would not be lost. The change in Zelda is truly amazing. She walks nicely to heel, no pulling. She now walks past dogs with no reaction. She even ignored squirrels yesterday!! I am thoroughly enjoying my time out with her now.

There is still a lot of work to do from our end but Vislor and Craig and Kate have been wonderful and I would very highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling as there really is no need to. We have already booked another week with Craig and Kate for July plus they are always there to take our call should we be unsure of anything. Absolutely so grateful for everything you have done.

Thank you and a big thank you from Zelda too

Sam Grant & Copper (GSD)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

We picked up our 16month old GSD just before lockdown hit. Things were going great as I have always had dogs in my life I had a good understanding of basic training etc.. no one quite knew what was coming with the pandemic and the world closing meant life for a dog changed dramatically. We live rurally so finding other people and other dogs was a chore at the best of times let alone with the world locking itself indoors. This meant for our poor dog socialising was non existent as was any type of socialising classes or chances to meet with friends and family. Month 6 rolled around pretty fast and before we knew it Copper's behaviour was rapidly changing, a bad Experience with an off lead dog on a walk in which Copper got bit changed the way he behaved towards his surroundings forever… or so we thought. Things quickly became uncontrollable with Copper's behaviour deteriorating by the day, he was highly reactive to just about everything and would do just about anything to protect our home and us by lunging at cars, people and any animal we came across. He meant no harm and never came across as aggressive but the fear of the unknown meant we had to take action.

Most trainers we spoke to were either not taking on clients due to the pandemic or simply said Copper's behaviour was too intense that training him would take years to change whether they could even change it at all. We knew that Copper needed a very special type of trainer, one that would take time and understand our very needs. This is when we found Vislor, in particular Craig, we quickly learnt that Craig lives in a very similar environment to ourselves surrounded by animals and children in the home (very important to us woth little ones running riot Within our family) so we knew we had found the perfect match. We wasted no time and got it booked.

From the off Craig filled me with confidence that we could get copper where he needs to be. After week one the videos began to roll in with Craig showing us incredible behaviour changes and a dog we barely recognised. Unfortunately midway through week 3 Copper became very ill and a phone call from Craig meant training had to stop immediately and Craig had to bring him home and emergency vet appointment booked. We discovered Copper had a digestive condition causing tummy upset and Craig was always ringing for updates and it was so apparent how much love he had for dogs. A few days later with Copper on the mend and on antibiotics Craig returned to our home and did the sessions from our house instead which in hindsight was a blessing in disguise as Copper was so much more relaxed with this. We honestly could not believe the change in his behaviour, we finally had the family pet we always wanted.

Craig and his wife have well and truly changed our lives and that is no exaggeration. My partner dreaded coming home to a dog that would bark at her, bite her continuously and make life hell. All of this has vanished and the behaviour is only getting better by the day. If you are struggling with a pet and you think there is no hope, look no further than Craig. Trust the process and your lives will never be the same again.

So from us, Thank you Craig for reminding us to never give up and for giving copper the second chance he deserves, we are eternally grateful.

Tina Langdown & Zero (Dobermann)

Positive: professionalism, value, reliability

Tina, Craig & Zero the Dobermann

Had a three week residential course with Craig from Visor Dog Training for my 16 month old Dobermann. Craig was amazing from the start and reassured me that Zero would be ok, as we have never been separated before! I was nervous in sending him away but I knew it was the correct thing to do for Zero. Craig kept me up to date with phone calls and messages. Also sent me little videos of how Zero was doing. It was great to see Zero happy with his tail up and enjoying the training with Craig.

Zero came home after the three weeks and the change in him is amazing. Craig showed me how to carry on with the training while at home. Craig is also on the end of the phone anytime that I need that extra encouragement or help while I continue to train.

I would definitely recommend Craig to anyone who wants their dog baby trained! Thank goodness I found Vislor and Craig, as I would never have trained Zero the way Craig has trained him. I also have a younger Dobermann, that I will be sending to Craig as soon as the puppy is old enough. Can’t wait to be walking with two well trained and obedient dogs that won’t pull on their leads and have that perfect recall. Craig has done that for Zero. He is an absolute pleasure to take out and walk anywhere.

Thank you Craig.

Sarah Hancock & Marley (Labradoodle)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value, reliability

Sarah Hancock & Marley the Labradoodle Vislor Dog Triaining Salisbury

If you are on this website, reading these reviews, then you know what it’s like to have a reactive dog and are probably at your wits end. We rescued Marley, our labradoodle a year ago, having not been given his full background we quickly found out he was very reactive to dogs, people, moving vehicles. We got a basic trainer, but that soon proved that Marley needed more and this is where Vislor quite literally turned our lives around. I had done extensive research in residential training, but none quite had what I was looking for. I then found Vislor, their videos of them training other reactive dogs, who behaved just like Marley, straight away made me feel like I had found the right place. I contacted Lorraine, who promptly got in touch and provided me with all the info. Within weeks Marley was off to stay with Craig, his wife and their family.

The moment we met Craig, we knew he would be so good for Marley. Even though I was handing over my fur baby, yes I did cry, he was very reassuring and I knew he would be well looked after. We were sent messages to keep us updated and it is not an exaggeration to say that by the first video of Marley with other dogs, I was blown away by the progress he had made! We looked forward to all the following videos and it was so exciting to see the transformation in Marley.

The handover was so good, Craig will not rush you and will stay as long as you need until you feel confident. Craig was also really good at explaining all the things that were in place for Marley, answering any questions. Marley has a been home with us for three weeks now. We can walk Marley anywhere we like, anytime. I no longer have to turn and hide from other dogs. Marley is a new dog, a pleasure to walk. He walks beautifully by my side, no pulling. We can go past people, children and vehicles no problem. Marley will always be aware of other dogs, but we know now he is anxious, the difference being Craig has made it possible for Marley to relax and know that we are in control, this making the walks enjoyable- something I never thought would happen!! We still chat with Craig and we know that he and the Vislor team will be there for us at anytime.

I cannot recommend these guys enough and will happily send Marley back to Craig, not only for top up training but because I know how much Marley has enjoyed his time with Craig and the family.

Thank you ? ?

Jo & Archie (GSD)

Jo & Archie GSD

It’s not an exaggeration to say we were desperate for help when we turned to Vislor. We had an 11 month old German Shepherd who was jumping up, mouthing us, walking him was becoming impossible and dangerous he pulled so much and was very reactive to other dogs. He hit life at 1000mph all day long and was experimenting with and indeed pushing every boundary. He spent just over 3 weeks with Craig and his family and the dog Craig returned to us was honestly non recognisable. Archie walks now beautifully on a loose lead, he’s not reactive to other dogs , he’s been calm in the house and finally understands 2 essential commands .... no and down (lie down). Just these 2 words have given us back control of a head strong, full of life, young GSD who is now asleep on the kitchen floor in front of me, definitely a calmer and happier dog and a calmer and happier owner.

Thank you Craig and Vislor you really are amazing - thank you from Archie to.

** PS **

To be honest I couldn’t properly articulate in writing just how amazed and grateful we are. It’s too incredible to believe. Archie has never sat on his mat in the kitchen without a chew used for bribery and once he’s eaten it he’s up and off again. We brought him into the kitchen and he was calm and took himself to his mat and just played with a teddy ( not destroyed it in a frenzy) and fell asleep. I wanted to check he pulse to make sure he was still alive. Mind blowing. I can’t express how grateful we are. I understand he may push boundaries again but we now have the training to use the tools and advice given. I’m excited about the future now with Archie.