Ségolène - Vislor Dog Trainer - Oxfordshire

Ségolène - Vislor's Oxfordshire Dog Trainer.

From a very young age, I’ve always been passionate about cinema and animals. I got lucky enough to meet the Vislor team, who made my dream of combining these two passions together come true.

I grew up with all sorts of animals, there was never a moment where the family home was inhabited by humans exclusively, welcoming dogs, cats, hamsters and even the ones we didn’t even know we had, like dormice in the attic!

After traveling and working in the film industry in France where I am from, I had the chance to join the Vislor team and learn from the best! I am now the proud owner of a lovely blue merle border collie named Java, a true French boy in his heart as his biggest passion in life is cheese and saucisson.

There is no greater feeling for me than training dogs and doing what I love with one the fabulous animals we work with.

Passionate About Animals & Cinema

Ségolène - Vislor Dog Trainer

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No need for months of attending group sessions. We teach you how to train your dog.

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Sport dog training

Training dogs for work and sport is our specialty at Vislor - Award winning IPO Trainers

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Residential Dog Training

Our 3 week intensive residential dog training programme - we train your dog for you.

Ségolène's Dog Training Reviews

Sarah & Calypso (Shitzu)

Positive: professionalism, quality, responsiveness, reliability

Sarah & her Shitzu dog Calypso training with Ségolène

Sego began training Calypso at age one. Not only was she able to teach Calypso many complex commands and work with her on her behaviour, but Calypso loved spending time with her. I trust Sego very much and Calypso would even stay with Sego overnight to go to dog shows and similar. Sego is responsible, has great communication skills and was an absolute pleasure to work with for both me and the small dog.

Lawrence, Bethan & Bailey (Cocker Spaniel)

Bailey Cocker Spaniel dog training with Ségolène

Ségolène was a fantastic handler for Bailey. She is incredibly patient and caring with the animals she works with, and Bailey clearly loved it too. He would always get very excited when Auntie Ségo came to the door, and she gave us some great new tricks and techniques to practice ready for his next job.

Ségolène and her colleagues always put the animals first, and whenever Bailey went out to work we always knew that he’d be kept safe, have a lot of fun, and come home nice and sleepy - we couldn’t ask for more!

Marie & Janet (GSD Cross)

Janet GSD Cross dog training

I handed over my 3 year old dog Janet to Ségolène for a week, so she could help with some issues I had with her ( Reactive to bikes, other dogs and cars). Ségolène is 100% dedicated to her mission and everything went extremely well. Janet made enormous progress and came back to me much calmer, and I know now how to channel her energy thanks to Ségolène’s expertise.

I recommend without hesitation.